A creamy taste of spring at Karl Johan in Oslo Norway

I’ve had another quality time with my wife Diane. Since King Winter still endures in our neighbourhood, we decided to chase for spring in the city. We started on top Karl Johan, Oslo’s parade street, where you find The Royal Palace (click all pics to bigify and enjoy):

Oslo creamy taste of spring #10
Any sing of spring? Well, it was at least above freezing and small creaks were running down the street, so at least the ice and snow was melting. However, if you look at peoples clothing, it’s still far from bikini weather!

Then we turned around, heading down Karl Johan Street:
Oslo creamy taste of spring #9
No buds or beginning of leaves on the trees, so the nature still struggle to get out of hibernation.

We then crossed the street to the right, heading for Oslo’s ‘meeting point’, behind The National Theatre:
Oslo creamy taste of spring #8
Down left, you see a fontanelle, but still no spring water – so actually not the real spring feeling yet.

Then back on Karl Johan again, we heard some great trumpet music. I don’t know about you, but to me, seeing a street musician, is a typical urban sign of spring. As you can see, there where lots of others photo hunting signs of spring too:
Oslo creamy taste of spring #7
There are lots troubadours and other entertainers from all over the world in the summer time. First of all as it’s hard to perform when you freeze your butt of and secondly as Oslo is the capital and they can make a fortune, compares to their standard of living.

My wife and I wasn’t satisfied however and sat down on a bench at the fountain behind Karl Johan, in front of the parliament; a place they make into a skating rank in the winter time:
Oslo creamy taste of spring #5
Well, the snow has almost gone, but they are still skating!

My wife asked me what was the ultimate urban spring sign to me? After giving it a thought, I said; People eating ice cream and sitting on sidewalk cafés. My wife then made me aware of the bench next to ours and there it was; A creamy taste of spring:
Oslo creamy taste of spring #1
I wanted to give you the closest look of these ice creams eating people, so before shooting, I said I was chasing for the proof of spring and asked politely if I could take a picture of them. They said sure and asked if they would become famous and get on the TV news? I said; you would be famous worldwide, as you will be the proof of spring on my blog :lol:

Then, as if this wasn’t the ultimate proof, when we turned around and looked across Karl Johan street again: A Mövenpick café, brave enough to furnish the sidewalk. At first I took a picture from the distance:
Oslo creamy taste of spring #4

Then I was thinking you might not see the creamy proof, so I asked the children and their Mom’s if I could take another (explained the same reason of course) and they where more than willing to pose for me:
Oslo creamy taste of spring #3

So this was our first taste of spring in Oslo this year and I hope you enjoy as much as I do sharing. In a few months, this Parade Street and city will turn into a green and summerly town. I promise to get back to that of course, and for those who can’t wait, click to check how the ice rank looks like in the summer time.