Earth Hour in 2009 is being taken to the next level, with the goal of 1 billion people switching off their lights as part of a world wide vote the 28th of March. Unlike any other election, it is not about what country you’re from, but instead, what planet you’re from. VOTE EARTH is a global call to action for every individual, every business, every community and organisations – even bloggers! A call to stand up and take control over the future of our planet!

Click for more at PhotobucketWWF are urging the world to VOTE EARTH and reach the target of 1 billion votes, which will be presented to world leaders at the Global Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen 2009. Earth Hour Executive Director, Mr Andy Ridley, said that Earth Hour signals the beginning of the journey to Copenhagen, where the future of the planet rests with world leaders.
It will focus global attention on addressing the issue of climate change and ask one billion people to take part in what is essentially the first global vote for action on climate change by turning off their lights for one hour and casting a vote for earth. Earth Hour hopes to provide a global mandate for action on climate change to the world’s leaders at the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen in December this year, where an agreement will be made to supersede the Kyoto Protocol.

Wave of participation – in Norway too:
All over the world; 2,848 cities, towns and municipalities in 84 countries have already committed to VOTE EARTH for Earth Hour, including 6,500 organisations and 21,000 businesses.
In Norway most every town and municipalities as well as our Parliament, all governmental buildings, our Royal Castle and other public building are involved. Even more; all significant organisations, political parties, some hotel chains and most sports arenas etc. take part too. There is a group for Norwegians on Facebook too of course, with almost 30,000 members. Notice also that all this figures increases every minute around the globe!

Blogging empowering people:
This all my dear friends in Blogsphere, presents an opportunity for every person in the world to have a say in that agreement’s outcome and ensure it isn’t merely an insubstantial token effort by our world’s leaders! Let’s use our power to spread the word and urge each other and all our readers to turn off the lights an hour from 8:30PM the 28th of March. You may also click the banner to cast your vote here:


For those of you who make a post about this, I ask you please to let me know in comments and I’ll update this post with a link to yours. Let’s make a Link Love Chain to show the world Bloggers Care for The Earth too!

Blogger’s Earth Hour Link Love Chain:
Norway: RennyBA’s Terella – The host of this list.
Philippines: Heart of Rachel: Vote Earth! and Fun Heart Hour 2009.
Singapore: EastCoastLife put up the banner and a separate post!
Norway: CultureSchock – Vote Earth!
France: A. at A Changing Life – Earth Hour 2009.
USA: Scarty at My Daily Life Experience – Earth Hour 2009 in Chicago.
Sweden: Lifecruiser – Earth Hour Stockholm City 2009.
Malaysia: Life Ramblings – Earth Hour 2009.
Philippines: FiliPina Jade – Do you think our planet is worth saving?
Philippines: MArites at Me, the islands and the world – Yes For Earth Hour.
Globetrotter: JH at Photojournalist – Please Continue the Movement of Earth Hour
Filipina: Teacher Julie – Earth Hour in our Home
Globetrotter: iWalk,,U2 – To See How The Earth Changed


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  2. You know I am always with you!

    Thanks Maribeth, your always so positive and supportive!

  3. It’s a very good thinking behind this event.
    What worries me is the fact that the world really must demonstrated such an obvious thing:
    You do not need light in a room you are absent from.
    Or, can we live with less A/C and heating?

    Have an excellent weekend to come.
    We will stay at home. No vernissage. Just relaxing.

    I do agree, but the fact that we all are able to demonstrate – each and every one of us! – is uplifting I think.
    Wishing you the same and maybe we can meet for a nice walk?

  4. Nearly forgot! Thanks for the reminder. I’ll return with the link, but possibly not until Saturday morning. Busy day tomorrow.

    Glad to remind you and welcome back with your link!

  5. I’m a member of the global Facebook group for this cause already and have it noted in the calendar for sure :-)

    I’m not sure if I’ll do a post about it or not, we’ll see – I’ll come back here in that case.

    Here in Stockholm we’re even reminded about it when drinking milk – our milk packages suddenly turned black about a week ago with an urge about Earth hour on them!!!

    Yea and the G FB group has about half a mill members. Please report back if you make a post too!
    A reminder on your milk package was creative!

  6. I will mobile blog in the dark !!!

    Hi Renny, thanks for the heads up ;-)

    Remember to charge batteries first then !!!
    Your welcome Eric ;-)

  7. We’ll be participating!

    Great, and remember to report back if you make a post!

  8. I put up the banner on my blog early this month. I’m participating too. I have programmes lined up for my family. :)

    That’s great ECL and I’ve updated with a Link Love of course :)

  9. We had an announcement via email on the tips to help conserve… It is nice, but since I don’t have many lights, I’m not sure what else I can take out.. Candles?

    Another great contribution ET!
    I think lightening candles must be okay – and even make the evening more romantic ;-)

  10. I’m all for it and support the Whole Earth view – But, I may be a bit cynic when i comes to what effect it may have some of the worst offenders are supporting it! It might mean that it will be one hour of darkness – and that’s all.

    Do you think that the right-wing populist politicians with their diesel-guzzling SUVs will give up one DL of diesel for such a cause – or any other environmental cause?

    I do understand you scepticism, but if we don’t try……. !?!
    I hope even the populists will wake up before it’s too late!

  11. I ‘ll check what’s planned in my area of the world :)
    We have started at home, reducing the stand-by electric appliances.

    Great and get back if you post about it!
    A good thing to start with ourself Mar!

    • By all means – something is better than nothing and we have all got to start somewhere.

      PS Rereading my previous comment appals me. I can do better writing than that. Finger trouble or….

  12. We have a really gray day over here today, but I’m not so depressed about it since we just ordered a trip again… First week in May we’re going to the secret destination we promised Jane. To the warmth since that was her wish. Hoooooray!!!

    But she doesn’t know anything else than the date…. More fun that way!

    We have a snowstorm today, so you better stay at your place this weekend!
    Another trip – again – your hopelessly travel devoted :lol:
    I will look it up at TripIt, but of course not tell anyone ;-)

  13. Oh, I saw that you had a couple of trips planned too, I’m looking forward to read all about them :-)

    Yea, a network evangelist have no travel secrets you know. Everyone can follow me at TripIt!

  14. Thanks for the link love, Renny. I’ll post about Earth Hour celebrations in Singapore and I’ll link you and add other participants from all over the world!

    Bloggers Care For The Earth!

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  16. Wow, this one heck of a movement. I will try and comply. Actually I will be at a play, so all of my lights will be out.

    I am just making the rounds to SlogBite member sites and using SlogBite’s new game to make the site choices for me. If you haven’t tried it you really should give it whirl.

  17. I posted! :)

    The post is rather brief but the message is there.

  18. oh Mr Renny i’d never though of you forgetting and i would never do that coz i know you never forget your friends hehehe. I’m interested to cast my vote. happy weekend as well :)

  19. What with the time zones? So we will not switch our lights off at the same time?
    Anyway… have fun in the darkness, Renny! Sure you will ;-)

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  21. Well, you can count me in! Will be interesting. I would love to see the sattelite shots of the Earth as lights go out one hour at a time depending on which time zone….will be cool.


  22. Hi Renny. Great to hear Norway is participating in Earth Hour, too. It’s a great cause and hopefully our politicians will listen and maybe do something. We can only hope. The thing is with politicians…they’re all hot air and their collective carbon footprint is probably the biggest contributor to global warming, climate change or whatever!

  23. Hi. I’m Rachel from the Philippines and I support this cause together with the rest of the world.

  24. You go guys! We just finished it here, on the opposite side of the world :-)

  25. Thanks for your comment at my blog.

    Good to go through an entire post about the same topic.

    I fully support the cause.

    Cheers !!

  26. i have linked you. please click the below URL.

    thanks for visiting.

  27. Thank you RennyBA for your invitation, i fully support the cause and i am really looking towards it. well i am from a place called nagaland and we as people of nagaland in general have decided to observe this events.

    here are some excerpt from one of our leading Nagaland newspaper website:

    “Nagaland will observe Earth Hour for the first time as an earnest effort to join the global event to raise awareness on the need to act on global environmental change and preserving the planet’s energy resources. ”

    so in brief just like what you have mention, you guys are doing good in Norway, so do catch us in Nagaland.

    Thank you

  28. Hi, I’m henny from Indonesia and support this action. I believe together we can save our beloved planet EARTH!

  29. All the best RennyBA and to other world citizens for tonight’s Earth Hour from here in the UK!

  30. So how was your Earth Hour….?

    You can read about our here:
    Earth Hour Stockholm City 2009

  31. This event was very well followed in France too but me i was at a jazz concert at 20.30. But I am a supporter of course! We have to work for our planet and for the future generations.

  32. I must admit I didn’t do it. Yes, I’m cynical… I think it’s a bit hypocrite in Canada that household are ask to turn off the power, while gov’ buildings and private companies don’t even try. Industries are major power users…

    Respect to all those who turned off the lights though, not criticizing! :-)

    That said, I do try to limit my power use everyday of the year.

  33. I’m very happy that my family and I took part of this momentous event. We had a wonderful time last night.

    Here’s my family’s way of spending Earth Hour 2009:

  34. Hi Renny

    It was great to be part of this wonderful worldwide event, looking at Earth Hour events in different parts of the world, it does unite all of us from different cultures and religions for a common cause.

    Do take a look at my post here too !


  35. Yes, I was computering in the dark last night. Except for the solar lights in the garden, there was not a light to be seen. We could even see the stars…it was magic.

  36. Here’s how we celebrated the Earth Hour in our home in Cainta, Rizal, Philippines:

  37. I’ve updated my post with the link love now. Too tired yesterday to think of it :-)

  38. awesome event indeed! totally amazed on people’s reaction and their willingness to do their share:)

  39. My family and I participated this year and this will only be the beginning. There were media coverage in the Manila, Phils. and it was heartwarming that even the biggest department store chain turned off their lights. I hope we can spread the awareness more.

  40. Hi renny, this is a great inititative. I am glad to see so many bloggers taking part in this global election! I do think we can do it if we all work together.

  41. I really hope this Earth Hour activity will continue and encourage more people to do more in addressing the global warming. I did a post about it too..

  42. Renny, this is an important event and I hope the messege will be understood by the world leaders.

    BTW, BloggersUnite has event for this stuff and Earth Hour is listed there. Check my latest tweet and you’ll find a link for this site.

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  44. Included the Bloggers Earth Hour Link Love Chain in my post. Hope i get included in the list. :)

  45. Hi Renny

    I had participated in the Bloggers Earth Hour Love Link Chain too !

    This is my post !


  46. Thanks for the visit, RennyBa :)

    I hope we have Earth Hour regularly and not just once a year :)

  47. Hi Renny:

    Sorry for the late! I can’t visit many sites these days, including my own blog! Thank god it’s okay again!

    I want participated in your Bloggers Earth Hour Love Link Chain too !

    This is my post !

  48. Great to see the cause being shown solidarity by billions across the globe. Am in the facebook wherein I have started a group called Earth Hour ’09- Nagaland.
    Best wishes

  49. Thanks for the message, Renny!


    I think it’s not a topic for just one hour or one day, It’s the topic of all our life time!

  50. Looking forward to join Earth Hour next year and the years that follow. :)

    Hawaiian Cruise

  51. you are right iwalk this topic is for life time.

  52. As in “A study of e-participation projects in third-wave democracies”?

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