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Natural spring recreation on a beach in Oslo Norway

Nature, the origin from which all is created gives inspiration, perspectives, new visions and recharges your lifetime batteries. We are influenced by everything that surrounds us – some disturb us while other gives us relaxation.

I had another quality time with Diane (my wife) today as we took a nice walk on the nearby beach, searching for a taste spring – and of course I would love to share these precious moments with you. Let’s start with a picture to set the mood and hopefully start inspiring you too (click all picks to bigify and enjoy!):

Relax on spring beach in Norway #1
Sitting on a bench in the sun at the beach where the snow has start melting and the air is crisp and fresh; is there anything more recreational?

This beach is close to Oslo city (only 20 minutes drive) and since searching for spring there a week ago – read the post: A creamy taste of spring at Karl Johan in Oslo Norway – I gladly show you some changes in the season from our country side. Oslo has it all you know; a lively, modern city (even with a couple of malls :lol: ) and from a distance of 20 min with public transportation, you reach the Fjord with beaches, can go deep into the Forests or bring yourself high up in the Mountains. But for now, let’s go back to the beach in spring again. Sit down on a bench with my wife and I – calm down, relax, take a deep breath – and enjoy the view:
Relax on spring beach in Norway #5
A lot of people are walking by: The whole family is out (see the girl to the left on a sled), the smallest in a carriage and Dad with a backpack as well. Yea, they are walking on the beach, or actually on the ice at the sea shore.

Some families do it another way:
Relax on spring beach in Norway #6
The back bag is also a carrier – a wonderful invention (I used it a lot when my children were small) – so there you have an all in one for a nice beach walk and picnic.

Norwegians might be a bit old fashion or country side type of people. Sunday is a day for outdoors activities – whatever the season (remember my saying; ‘There is no bad weather, only bad clothes’) and of course on a sunny day like this with temp around 10C (50F), even wild horses could not drag them away :lol:

So let’s take another look at this beach in spring, with people charging their batteries:
Relax on spring beach in Norway #3 Relax on spring beach in Norway #7
Left: Snow men. Right: Happy while dressed and carried right.

While leaving the beach, nearby, there is a marina and I saw a lot of birds there as the ice had started to break up. I was thinking; another sign of spring to share with my friends in the Blogsphere:
Relax on spring beach in Norway #2

So what could be a better recreation than a natural adventure good for both body and soul? I’ve said it before; Offer me whatever amusement park, the world’s largest shopping mall or the most sophisticated gym for that matter. I would never exchange it for a walk in the nature – at least not to charge my lifetime batteries. As an added bonus; A day in the natures gives an even better and good night sleep – so then you are on the good and positive spiral in life :-)

Have a wonderful week ahead – wherever you are out there on our beautiful planet!

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  1. It was about the same temp here today, and sunny, but a bit windy this morning. No ice here right now though.

    With temps that high wasn’t it a bit risky to be out on the ice? I’d be fearful that the ice would break through!

    Lovely pics as usual and I especially like the one with the water birds.

    Spring is just around the corner for you, and it’s in full bloom here in my part of the world. :-)

    Have a great new week, Renny.
    Love and hugs,

    Yea, nothing is as fresh as spring weather and I know you are a bit ahead of us.
    No risk on the ice, yet; we’ve had almost 4 month below freezing mostly.
    Enjoy your spring – we’ll have flowers soon and I’ll keep you posted :-)
    Wish you the same with tons of hugs back!

  2. Tulsa had a 7 inch snowfall yesterday, a record snowfall for this late in the season. It is almost all gone this afternoon, but for a little while we looked a bit like Norway. Here is to Springtime!

    We had a few a week ago and might get more – still. Glad you had a Norwegian look for a while then :) I cheer with you of course!

  3. Wow – those are such beautiful photos and something I miss doing all the time in Switzerland. It’s great to be outside, especially enjoying the sunshine!

    I know this take you down the memory lane ET – hope at least you can come and visit one winter or spring!

  4. Hi Renny thanks for the visit. It looks very cold there. brrrr

    Your welcome Bill and thanks for returning the favour!
    It’s not cold at all – as long as you know how to dress the proper way :-)

  5. Hei takk for besøk! – Det der så deilig ut! Jeg har satt meg som mål å grave frem terrassen før påske – vi bor midt i skauen, så vi har litt sen vår, men så lenge det er museører på bjørka til 17.mai, er alt i orden…
    Bombesikkert værtegn: Når elefantene går på skaren i juni – DA blir det sen vår.

    Det samme til deg! – Jeg så du var igang med utgravingen på bloggen og det er enda en uke igjen – museørene kommer nok også i tide i år også…
    Et annet: Når den bærer en voksen mann St. Hans, blir det visstnok også seeeen vår :-)

  6. I am ready for spring. No snow, warm temperatures and bright sun. Today? No we have rain, cold and mud!

    As you can see; We are quite ready in Norway too. Yea; spring can bring all kinds of weather :-)

  7. ah, that looks like it was a beautiful day. even though there’s still lots of snow there was sun shining. that’s what i have missed this winter. we’ve been utterly gray and overcast.

    It was – the sun makes all the different you know. I can assure you, we’ve had our share of gray and overcast too.

  8. What a wonderful late winter/early spring at the beach.
    We wanted to go for a walk as well, but my toe is still not fit for walks besides Anna got the flu again. Grrr.

    Great Photos my friend.

    I was just wonderful, so I could not resist sharing.
    Hope both your toe and Anna get well soon!

  9. Oh everywhere I have been so far this morning has me yearning for Maine.

    This is simply a marvellous tour you have shared with us Renny.

    After having lived in a very similar climate I realize that 50f, with sun reflecting on the snow, is actually quite a glorious day to be out.

    Thanks for taking and sharing all of these marvelous pictures with us. There all just super. My favorite is the birds at the harbor.

    Oh I think you are very lucky to live where you do.

    Fantastic photos and share!!

    ~Jackie :-)

    Thanks for the compliment – happy to share with you too you know!
    50f is more than enough as sun gives spring spirit in itself you know.
    The bird pics seams to be quite popular :-)

  10. Wow! You guys sure do have a lot of snow!

    It’s 5C and sunny here today … all our snow has gone. Yay!

    I know this white powder isn’t your cup of tea – so enjoy the seasons to come then :lol:

  11. What can I see Renny…everything so clean & white just like cotton… ;)

    Do you need special boots as I believe it can be quite slippery ya.

    Yea, very little pollution in the airia you know ;)
    Ordinary winter boots are fine and when you get used to it, you’ll find out how to balance anyway.

  12. Nice pictures. Yet it still feels winter to me. In my city, south of China, it’s getting into spring, with willows green and blossoms around. But I guess the inspirations of the season is similar. : )

    I don’t blame you and everything is relatively you know – but the inspiration is the same : )

  13. My boyfriend and I went up to the mountains Sunday as well and it was wonderful! Spring is definitely on its way! :)

    Glad to hear you had a great nature recreation adventure to then! :)

  14. Colors are very crisp, it’s besautiful!

    It reminds me a bit of the Canal in Ottawa, looks like the same setting.

    So you are still in winter… almost spring?

  15. Now that certainly changes me idea of a “beach day” but just look at that stunning landscape, how awe inspiring – you are right this sort of place is good for the soul


  16. I agree with you, Renny. Going for a walk and enjoying the beautiful weather does recharge one’s batteries. Your country is certainly beautiful, no matter what the season and I enjoy looking at the glimpses you give us through your blog.

  17. I never would have thought to bring a lawn chair to sit at a snow-covered lake.

    Nice capture of the birds on opening water, Renny.

  18. I am totally on the same page with you, Renny, about Nature. Just think how much money we’d save if we had all our children going THERE to play instead of elsewhere!!!

  19. I think that this is in fact the “healthiest” time of the year! Everyone is anxious to feel the sun and the cold is not so cold! Flowers are beginning to bloom and there is korv to be grilled! ( watch out for the falu korv…;) )

  20. I am freezing when I look at your pictures ! It looks like the northpole to me ! You will be lucky when you are coming on Saturday, they announce 17° sunshine with some clouds, Waterloo started to bloom and it’s the perfect weather for two girls to do some sightseeing and maybe shopping !
    You poor guy has to work, lol !

  21. Real, classical Norwegian Easter atmosphere. To me however, About (or rather a long time ago) I prefer more of the “green” stuff” and less of the “white stuff”.

    Happy Easter!

  22. Renny,

    I totally agree with: this is better than going to malls :)! The Portuguese should learn from the Norwegians :D!

    I loved the family stroll: it is such a beautiful sight!

    I could tell that Spring is coming to you guys, and Norway is beautiful during the four seasons!


  23. Hi Renny, this looks like a nice break from winter…and spring is in the air….How nice to get out of the house with your wife and enjoy the sunshine! We have really been enjoying the outdoors as well…but unfortunately here, when it warms up, we have storms. It is storming here as I type this…. but it’s still great to see the sun!

    Have a wonderful rest of the week
    Love, Jess

  24. i love the last picture :) lovely shot.. amazing still lots of snow there (that time you post the blog)
    but the people were so relaxed and calm sitting as if they were looking at the blue waters already ;)

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