Natural spring recreation on a beach in Oslo Norway

Nature, the origin from which all is created gives inspiration, perspectives, new visions and recharges your lifetime batteries. We are influenced by everything that surrounds us – some disturb us while other gives us relaxation.

I had another quality time with Diane (my wife) today as we took a nice walk on the nearby beach, searching for a taste spring – and of course I would love to share these precious moments with you. Let’s start with a picture to set the mood and hopefully start inspiring you too (click all picks to bigify and enjoy!):

Relax on spring beach in Norway #1
Sitting on a bench in the sun at the beach where the snow has start melting and the air is crisp and fresh; is there anything more recreational?

This beach is close to Oslo city (only 20 minutes drive) and since searching for spring there a week ago – read the post: A creamy taste of spring at Karl Johan in Oslo Norway – I gladly show you some changes in the season from our country side. Oslo has it all you know; a lively, modern city (even with a couple of malls :lol: ) and from a distance of 20 min with public transportation, you reach the Fjord with beaches, can go deep into the Forests or bring yourself high up in the Mountains. But for now, let’s go back to the beach in spring again. Sit down on a bench with my wife and I – calm down, relax, take a deep breath – and enjoy the view:
Relax on spring beach in Norway #5
A lot of people are walking by: The whole family is out (see the girl to the left on a sled), the smallest in a carriage and Dad with a backpack as well. Yea, they are walking on the beach, or actually on the ice at the sea shore.

Some families do it another way:
Relax on spring beach in Norway #6
The back bag is also a carrier – a wonderful invention (I used it a lot when my children were small) – so there you have an all in one for a nice beach walk and picnic.

Norwegians might be a bit old fashion or country side type of people. Sunday is a day for outdoors activities – whatever the season (remember my saying; ‘There is no bad weather, only bad clothes’) and of course on a sunny day like this with temp around 10C (50F), even wild horses could not drag them away :lol:

So let’s take another look at this beach in spring, with people charging their batteries:
Relax on spring beach in Norway #3 Relax on spring beach in Norway #7
Left: Snow men. Right: Happy while dressed and carried right.

While leaving the beach, nearby, there is a marina and I saw a lot of birds there as the ice had started to break up. I was thinking; another sign of spring to share with my friends in the Blogsphere:
Relax on spring beach in Norway #2

So what could be a better recreation than a natural adventure good for both body and soul? I’ve said it before; Offer me whatever amusement park, the world’s largest shopping mall or the most sophisticated gym for that matter. I would never exchange it for a walk in the nature – at least not to charge my lifetime batteries. As an added bonus; A day in the natures gives an even better and good night sleep – so then you are on the good and positive spiral in life :-)

Have a wonderful week ahead – wherever you are out there on our beautiful planet!