Blogging Connecting RennyBA in his daily life in Norway

My Terella is about Norway and the Nordic countries; our Culture, Traditions and Habits. For more than three years I’ve had the privilege of sharing my daily life in Blogsphere. With a lot of readers, an increasingly bunch of blog friends and plenty of comments, it really enriches my life. First of all it inspires me to do research to make the post more substantial. I like my readers to learn something from visiting and mind you; I learn a lot myself too. It’s a Giver’s Gain you know. Even more; I’ve become much more aware of what happens in my daily life – both big events, but also small anecdotes – and I often think; I have to tell my blog friends this and that!

It also connect me to people I’m passing by too as I often lurk around with my Nokia mobile phone (with a great cam) at hand. I always ask people before I publish pictures and that lead to questions and answers and sometimes interesting conversation too. Just like it did on my way from the bus to my office this morning when I spotted this girl photo hunting: What on earth was she shooting at? The only thing I could see was just an ordinary side walk (click all pics to bigify and enjoy!):

Photo Hunt in Oslo city Norway #1

I mean, you don’t shot a picture of a person like this and just run away. So, actually before I took this first picture, I asked as polite as I could: ‘What are you searching for through your lenses? She happens to be a very nice, cute and open-minded young woman who gladly told me she was a student at a media collage a few blocks away and that she did a project on the theme ‘Blue’. So if you take a closer look at the down, left side of the picture, you might see a blue plastic foot print :-)

Then I told her about my blog which she thought was fascinating and I got a lecture about photography and her studies, which I thought was fascinating. Did I mention something about Giver’s Gain? So before I continued to my office, I told her how to find me on the net (just Google RennyBA of course), took some more pics and wished her good luck with her project:

Photo Hunt in Oslo city Norway #2 Photo Hunt in Oslo city Norway #3
I had difficult back light, but I hope you get the idea.

More about this day of my life:
I had a visit from the director of my company’s board today and he offered me a ride home. He has a BMW Z3 and that’s a convertible! He is as crazy as I am and we both are Norwegians you know, so we decided to drive home in an open car:
BMW Z3 at spring in Norway
It was about 15C (60F) and sunny, so we wanted to literary feel spring is in the air :lol:

Blogging Connecting People:
This weekend I’ve invited my wife Diane, with to a business meeting. I’m attending the CEPIS (The Council of European Professional Informatics Societies) Council Meeting in Brussels. That gives me the opportunity to mingle among representatives from about 30 European countries and as a network evangelist; to me it’s an Eldorado. The meeting will take place on Saturday when my wife has agreed to meet our blog friend Gattina in Waterloo (only 30 minutes ride by train). On Sunday we’ll spend the whole day together in Brussels. Do we know how to mix business with pleasure?

So stay tuned for more of our daily life adventures. We will be very busy the coming days however, so please don’t feel neglected if we don’t get around to visit or comment on all of you!