My Terella is about Norway and the Nordic countries; our Culture, Traditions and Habits. For more than three years I’ve had the privilege of sharing my daily life in Blogsphere. With a lot of readers, an increasingly bunch of blog friends and plenty of comments, it really enriches my life. First of all it inspires me to do research to make the post more substantial. I like my readers to learn something from visiting and mind you; I learn a lot myself too. It’s a Giver’s Gain you know. Even more; I’ve become much more aware of what happens in my daily life – both big events, but also small anecdotes – and I often think; I have to tell my blog friends this and that!

It also connect me to people I’m passing by too as I often lurk around with my Nokia mobile phone (with a great cam) at hand. I always ask people before I publish pictures and that lead to questions and answers and sometimes interesting conversation too. Just like it did on my way from the bus to my office this morning when I spotted this girl photo hunting: What on earth was she shooting at? The only thing I could see was just an ordinary side walk (click all pics to bigify and enjoy!):

Photo Hunt in Oslo city Norway #1

I mean, you don’t shot a picture of a person like this and just run away. So, actually before I took this first picture, I asked as polite as I could: ‘What are you searching for through your lenses? She happens to be a very nice, cute and open-minded young woman who gladly told me she was a student at a media collage a few blocks away and that she did a project on the theme ‘Blue’. So if you take a closer look at the down, left side of the picture, you might see a blue plastic foot print :-)

Then I told her about my blog which she thought was fascinating and I got a lecture about photography and her studies, which I thought was fascinating. Did I mention something about Giver’s Gain? So before I continued to my office, I told her how to find me on the net (just Google RennyBA of course), took some more pics and wished her good luck with her project:

Photo Hunt in Oslo city Norway #2 Photo Hunt in Oslo city Norway #3
I had difficult back light, but I hope you get the idea.

More about this day of my life:
I had a visit from the director of my company’s board today and he offered me a ride home. He has a BMW Z3 and that’s a convertible! He is as crazy as I am and we both are Norwegians you know, so we decided to drive home in an open car:
BMW Z3 at spring in Norway
It was about 15C (60F) and sunny, so we wanted to literary feel spring is in the air :lol:

Blogging Connecting People:
This weekend I’ve invited my wife Diane, with to a business meeting. I’m attending the CEPIS (The Council of European Professional Informatics Societies) Council Meeting in Brussels. That gives me the opportunity to mingle among representatives from about 30 European countries and as a network evangelist; to me it’s an Eldorado. The meeting will take place on Saturday when my wife has agreed to meet our blog friend Gattina in Waterloo (only 30 minutes ride by train). On Sunday we’ll spend the whole day together in Brussels. Do we know how to mix business with pleasure?

So stay tuned for more of our daily life adventures. We will be very busy the coming days however, so please don’t feel neglected if we don’t get around to visit or comment on all of you!


  1. I first discovered your blog by accident while clicking on the “Next Blog” button at the top of any Blogspot page. When I ran across yours I stopped for a look, then read the text, then started reading the older posts and finally bookmarked it.

    Your blog and several others inspired me to create my own blog with roughly the same format — photos and comments about what I see and do here in Tulsa. While my life may not be as interesting, it has been fun for me and I have made some nice friends, some of whom have been inspired to start blogs of their own. As you say, it is a giver’s gain.

    Dear Bill, that’s the dynamic in Blogsphere and I’m so very happy you stopped by and made one of my regular reader and commenter – they always enriches the subject!
    It’s an honour to inspire you and I love to read about the daily life on your side too!
    Don’t stop encouraging your wife – mine was a bit reluctant in the beginning too!

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  3. MMMMM yummy car. It looks good on you, you should get one!!

  4. *VRRRROOOOOOOAAAM* Leaving in a dust cloud hah? *giggles*

    Oh, how fun that some of my cruisers are gonna meet up!!!! I love when that happens :-)

    Have FUN…..

  5. Ahah! I now have a mobile with a camera now, so I can take shots wherever I am. I love those photos and that young lady (whom you noticed was cute…lol) was very obliging for you.

    Looove the sports car…gotta have the top down unless it’s bucketing down with rain. Have fun at your convention and no doubt Gattina will blog about meeting Diane.

  6. Sixty degrees is good. Like the BMW, but I’m a Mercedes kind of gal. Glad you enjoyed yourself.

    Have a fun weekend and tell Gattina hello. How fun.

    Big hug to you and Diane. :)

  7. I find it funny sometimes watching people take pictures. I look at where they are aiming their cameras … and don’t see anything.

  8. What Great Pics. But I’m utterly jealous of your nice weather! I hope it finally comes to us this weekend. Very interesting finds walking around. I want my camera back and fixed! :)

  9. While you are swimming in your Eldorado the whole day, your dear wife and I will put Waterloo upside down !
    and we will even connect to Wellington and Napoleon !!

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  11. Wishing Dianne and you a wonderful time in Belgium!! I met a British blogfriend last night, had a wonderful time together and we even forgot to take pictures! (they wouldn’t have been published anyway) it was like meeting an old ladyfriend again, a wonderful feeling.

  12. Not only can blogging connect you to total strangers but it can give you a totally different insight to people you already know.

    Have fun in Belguim and eat some waffles for me!

  13. Hello Renny,

    How are you? Been a long time since my last visit here. :)

    Photographers really have a different way of looking at things. :)

    By the way, I’m still looking for Spring. Did it arrive already? :)

    Nevertheless, have a great weekend!

  14. there are so many interesting people to meet and things to learn if you are open. i hope you and diane have a great time in brussels.

  15. My doctor in America bought one of those just before I left, lol! Great photos and I still have not bought a Nokia phone, even for the great camera! Have a great trip and remember to take photos! ;)

  16. How cool to be able to run into people and find out so much! :)

    Wonderful pics and what a cool car to ride home in!

  17. That’s a awesome car you’re riding in!

    Wow! How lovely to meet up with a blogger friend in another country! Give Gattina my regards, I read and comment at her blogs too.

  18. Renny, thank goodness for your blog. I send blogers here to discover the real Norway after I have trashed it on my blog. P.S. What is a Terella? BB

  19. In photography, it’s often the “unseen” details that gives the best results.
    It was a great idea to bring your lovely wife with you to Bruxelles and Waterloo. I’m sure the ladies will have a smashing time together.

    Have a great stay and excellent meeting

  20. hahaha the girl makes me laugh coz i’d do that too taking pictures on something you know what it is :D

    nice car Mr. Renny! Happy weekend!

  21. Hi Renny

    Your blog is connecting with us too !!! From the other side of the world !!

    Oh …. I have a Friends Award for you !


  22. Congratiolations really. With blogging you can meet al kind of people and many interesting persons. So keep blogging.

  23. 60F sounds HOT right now to me … :-)

    Awesome photo in the car Renny

  24. Yup!I so agree with you renny!This is why I can’t give up blogging because it is helping me grow intellectually as well.

    Have a lovely easter holiday! so where are you heading with this wowy convertible this easter ? :) enjoy!

  25. it’s called photographing the photographer…typical photo assignment…i just wih i enrolled in a photo class

  26. What a fun car! Hope you and Diane have fun in Belgium.

  27. I’m itching to get my convertible out of storage! Top down, windows up, heater on…I’ve done it many a time!

  28. How interesting Renny to make new friend along the way. It is indeed a pleasure to see through others’s perspective through their lens :)

    So cool ride there..wish I was there once again :D

  29. I’m also always curious when I see people shooting something that I can’t see! ;-)

    How do you give people your blog url? Do you have it printed on a business card? Just curious. I find most urls hard to spell or to remember, and recently I printed some Moo cards from Flickr (tiny business cards with my pics at the back) and I find it great to exchange blog or websites’ urls.

  30. This is very sweet, Renny. This post placed a big simle upon my face becuase people are people everywhere :)

  31. That’s a nice ride. Nothing like having the top down. Weather that warm already or taking in a little adventure?

  32. so about the convertible – well i’m sure your boss would like to make the most of that car, after all he can only use it during the summer months ;D when its not chilly and snowy. i wonder if he has to pay tax for it the whole year???

    oh yeah, i heard about the meeting with gattina :) was great fun – they did a lot of things in one day! culture, shopping, sightseeing and coffee :)

  33. I admire how you take time to talk to people you encounter and share things about your blog.

    I love how blogging intertwines people. I think that one of blogging’s greatest rewards is meeting wonderful friends. It feels great to meet bloggers in person. In fact, just the other night I had dinner with a group of blog friends. I had a great time with them.

    Regards to Gattina. I visit her site too.

  34. Funny story about that girl!
    Welcome to Belgium… next time try to visit when I am back home ! ;-)

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