Mixing Business with Pleasure one night in Brussels Belgium

Brussels in Belgium is the de facto capital city of the European Union (EU). Even more; its an important centre for international politics as it also hosts the headquarters of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Thus, Brussels is the polyglot home of many international organisations, politicians, diplomats and civil servants. So for me, a network evangelist from Norway; going there is like an Eldorado. Adding to that, last weekend, I invited my wife with, so don’t tell me I don’t know how to mix business with pleasure. I was attending CEPIS (The Council of European Professional Informatics Societies) 42nd council meeting on Saturday, but Diane and I arrived Friday afternoon. Another quality time for us and we gladly share some with you:

Let’s start with our hotel: Le Châtelain in Center at Rue du Chatelain, strikes the perfect balance between gracious hospitality, exceptional comfort and State-of-the-Art technology. Of course the last appealed to me – I just love it when I can connect WiFi with both my Nokia mobile phone and computer you know :lol: The suit we had was really nice, so we invite you in (click all pics to bigify and enjoy!):

One night in Brussels with Wife #6
Bed, desk and sitting aria.

One night in Brussels with Wife #8 One night in Brussels with Wife #7
Bar and the bathroom.

Although it was nice in the hotel, we wanted to explore the neighbourhood and took a walk. We left Oslo, Norway in 12C (54F) and entered the streets here in the afternoon in almost 20C (68F). Soon we found lots of cafés and restaurants and most of them with outdoor servings:
One night in Brussels with Wife #1

To a Norwegian, that’s also an Eldorado at this time of the year. I mean, to have your dinner in the evening the 4th of April outdoors, is only for Vikings in the Nordic aria :-) So we found a nice table on the sidewalk and asked one servant to help us capturing this magic moment with our Nikon S2:
One night in Brussels with Wife #2

Sitting there, relaxing and talking about how lucky we are to be able to stay in the present and share this moment of happiness – I mean: if that isn’t quality time? So we order our food and that was delicious too:
One night in Brussels with Wife #3 One night in Brussels with Wife #4
Left: I had Fruits de Mare (I love seafood you know!). Right: Diane had Pasta Carbonara.

Since we where in Belgium, we had beer of course; Leffe, which is my favourite. You see, The Belgian Breweries is one of the oldest professional associations of the world, since it was founded in the 14th century. All Belgian breweries belong to the association. From then and onwards, the first stone houses on the Brussels “Grote Markt”(means “large marketplace”) were built on the South side, the side on which the splendid Brussels town hall was built. I’ve also heard that Belgium holds the most breweries per capita in the world and the variety of taste and flavour is amazing. Did I hear another good reason to go to Belgium? :lol:

Well, all things must pass and we walked to our hotel, heading for our suite. However, passing the reception, we found this charming fire side launch. So Diane ordered caffe latte and some bisects while I picked up a book for her and the computer for me:
One night in Brussels with Wife #5
I just had to check my mail, the Blogsphere and what was going on in different social media you know!

Then off to bed and you’ve already seen that ;-) The day after, as I’ve told you before; Diane met our blog friend Gattina in Waterloo. Don’t miss that part, so click them! – And I had the meeting – That was the business part of the trip if you have missed it :lol:

On Saturday evening, we had the loveliest dinner at Basil & Co. Restaurant and on Sunday we had another adventure at Brussels city – so stay tuned!