Gastronomic sensation at Basil & Co in Brussels

Brussels in Belgium, the de facto capital city of the European Union (EU), offers a lot of cultural, historical and even gastronomic adventures. Last weekend I was there to attend a meeting at CEPIS ((The Council of European Professional Informatics Societies), we where invited for dinner in the evening at Basil & Co. There where representatives from Computer Societies all over Europe and as a network evangelist, I just love this possibilities to mix business and pleasure. Adding to that, my wife joined me on this trip so that doubled the fun and increases our adventures. I had my Nokia N82 at hand of course, and as often would love to share this culinary sensation with you:

Culinary adventure at Basil&Co in Brussels #1Basil & Co at 156 Avenue Louise is a Spanish, French, International & Fusion restaurant with excellent service, a sensational wine cellar and mansion atmosphere. I was told the house was from the 1800s and originally owned by a brewery family. Their historical exclusive restaurant, helps your gastronomic dreams come true and connoisseurs will enjoy the food as well as the atmosphere. I would say a perfect match of culture, architecture, history and food.

When arriving, our table was already set in the dinning room on the first floor and this picture (click all to bigify and enjoy) hopefully gives you an idea of the atmosphere:

Culinary adventure at Basil&Co in Brussels #2
To the right, you see a fire place and behind that: a piano.

After a glass of champagne, we set down at the table and had great conversations about IT Professionalism, skills and required competence as well as Brussels, culture, the news of today and of course food. On my right side, I had the pleasure of getting to know CEPIS’s Policy and Communications Executive and of course we talked a lot about how to use Social Media to promote our services to our members and the societies. To my left, I had interesting conversations with the Irish representative of the British Computer Society.

But now I assume you are starving and so where we – so lets enjoy the servings:
Culinary adventure at Basil&Co in Brussels #3
Salad with Serrano ham, dried tomatoes and rucola. Wine: Terret-Sauvingnon 2006 by Jean-Francois.

Culinary adventure at Basil&Co in Brussels #2
Leg of lamb with “Tierenteyn” mustard and parsley, wokked vegitables in rice paper and Risotto with mushrooms. Wine: Abadia Real Tempranillo 2006 de Castilla Y Leon

Culinary adventure at Basil&Co in Brussels #5
Ice cold nougat with raspberry juice (sorry I had some before I took the picture :-) )

Since pictures says more than a thousand word, I think I leave it there and just hope you enjoyed!

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