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Networking in Social Media is driven by content and collaboration; Cool stuff shared with Cool people. Actually, Web 2.0 changes the way news is delivered. People turn to these websites for information instead of TV. Let me give an example of the more dramatic kind: Twitter and Flickr became the significant medium of the Mumbai’s attack. Yet, other social media networks also were witnesses of the transcending action of human kind all around the world; an hour after the attack, never before seen pictures were posted in Flickr and was viewed 110, 000 the first day. Indeed, Social Media and Web 2.0 is not a waste of time. It changes lives. It radically changes the way news is delivered and acquired.

Flickr, with more than 35 million members and a staggering 3.5 billion photos, is an immense social network, full of friendship data. People comment, join groups, declare friends and click on favourite photos. To me as a network evangelist, this of course is an Eldorado. It allows me to share about Norway and the Nordic countries; our culture, traditions and habits. This began almost four years ago, when I started RennyBA’s Terella and got my first Nokia with a fairly good camera. It gave me a handy way – as a Happy Amateur – to document my daily life in pictures and my blog as well as other Social Media allows me to share it throughout the whole world. So far, my contributions is 1, 042 pictures with more than 80, 000 views. Here is my four most popular at Flickr (as always; click to bigify and enjoy):

Oslo Opera House #1 Hardangervidda-15
Relax on spring beach in Norway #1 Arctic Adventure Resort #2

To me, it’s an encouragement and of course the advantage of using a digital camera, is that you can shoot as much as you like and just save the best (for me, often less than half). I hunt scoops everywhere and often while driving with my lovely wife Diane, she says: Look at that!!! and I step on the brakes and jump out of the car – well, most often in that order :lol: This is one in a million shot – at least in my opinion:

Horse in spring water at a ranch
By a Ranch at a horse track on the way to our vacation house in Sweden. It’s taken April 6th and as you can see: the spring thaw was at its peak.

The real key to Social Media is of course contributing to the conversation. So please give me feedback on this picture taken with my Nokia N82. What about it do you like and why – what can I do next time to make it an even better shot?

Talking about connecting on Social Media; Those of you who aren’t already – You are welcome to hook up with me everywhere and my nick is always RennyBA at:


and of course, networking play good role in business too so here you’ll find me at LinkedIn.

I’m looking forward to your comments and to network with you in mutual trust for equal opportunities.