Play at work with Lego and then Golf

This post is actually a contribution to my beloved wife, Diane and of course I’ll get back to that – because she is worth it! Besides, this is to be an easy and carefree post without a lot of facts and history, just playful and fun:

Let’s start with a glimpse into my professional life; not that it happens that often, but I had a meeting with daVinci, a consulting company and part of the international Devoteam consulting group. What I like best about them, is that they challenge their customers perception of what is possible, to let creativity flow, spread enthusiasm, and generate activity, while at the same time taking responsibility for the change process.
We met Alex Kielland who is their CKO (can you figure out what that title mean?) and Catherine Janson who is an excellent work group facilitator and calls herself an enthusiasm-evangelist. Typical for daVinci; in front of their conference room, they have a table full of Legos and I was thinking: I just have to share this with my blog friends:

Working Creative with Lego
RennyBA warming up with Lego before a meeting.

Then back to Diane; you see she has something to celebrate and I called it a week a bit early this afternoon to share some quality time at the local golf course. You know I love my wife and I love being out in the nature – as well as sharing some precious moments and views with you. So at some of the tee’s I grabbed my Nokia N82 mobile phone to share it with you:
Golf in Norway at Spring #1 Golf in Norway at Spring #2
At Haga golf course in Bærum, close to Oslo, Norway.

Whether you like golf or not: admit that this course out in the forests gives a recreational atmosphere. Its just 10 minutes drive from our house and these wonderful hills is a great ski trails in the winter time.

Last evening, we had a champagne celebration. You see what we are celebrating is that Diane has delivered her master thesis which she has been working on for about a year! So please click; go visit her and congratulate her with achieving an important goal in her life!

There are more celebrations to come. Sunday is the 17th of May and that’s not just an ordinary date in Norway: It’s our constitutional or National Day. My regular readers know I have posted about it for four years. So those who want to recall – or those who want to read how we celebrate this day the Norwegian way – read my last posts:

17th of May Parade in Norway
17th of May – Norway’s National Day in Oslo
17th of May – Norwegian Constitution Day

So stay tuned: There will be a new 17th of May post and this time from Oslo, our capital. I know King Harald and Queen Sonja will be there too!