RennyBA blogging and Social Media active with Business Card

To me, posting about Norway and the Nordic countries; Our Culture, Traditions and Habits, is a hobby. Being active in other Social Media is almost for the same reason. Of course I gain a lot – both personally and socially – as I learn, experience and achieve competence as well as skills which become very useful in my business too. Looking at myself as a network evangelist, I easily combine these rolls since it’s all about connecting with people. So I feel lucky and just love it.

I try to be discreet in exposing persons without their acceptance, if not in public places and in official or general situations. However, sometimes it’s part of a way to document the story and then of course I ask before posting. When I tell the reason, very few are negative and most people becomes more than willing to pose when I explain my agenda. In those situations, like in business, it’s useful to have a card. It gives a more serious look and people always want to know where they can find the result or get back to you. So I’ve made a business card as a blogger:

RennyBA's Terella Business Card

I got the idea when the one and only; Olga the Traveling Bra was visiting. Since I then guided her around in Oslo, Norway – as well as Kiel, Germany – it was good to show how many nice people she met. Her passport and her card were then very useful in convincing them.
I while ago, my blogfriends Zhu at Correr Es Mi Destino in Canada, explicitly asked me if I had a card like this, since people so willingly was posing for my blog. That was the last little push I needed.

In many settings, both private and in business, the subject blogging comes up and people ask how to find mine. That is flattering of course – we are all a bit exhibitionists, aren’t we :-) – and then it’s very convenient just to hand out a card like this instead of having them write down a cryptic url-address.

So how about you; If you feel you should have a picture of people to document your post; Do you ask them and if so; how? And do you have, or consider making a blog business card?