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RennyBA blogging and Social Media active with Business Card

To me, posting about Norway and the Nordic countries; Our Culture, Traditions and Habits, is a hobby. Being active in other Social Media is almost for the same reason. Of course I gain a lot – both personally and socially – as I learn, experience and achieve competence as well as skills which become very useful in my business too. Looking at myself as a network evangelist, I easily combine these rolls since it’s all about connecting with people. So I feel lucky and just love it.

I try to be discreet in exposing persons without their acceptance, if not in public places and in official or general situations. However, sometimes it’s part of a way to document the story and then of course I ask before posting. When I tell the reason, very few are negative and most people becomes more than willing to pose when I explain my agenda. In those situations, like in business, it’s useful to have a card. It gives a more serious look and people always want to know where they can find the result or get back to you. So I’ve made a business card as a blogger:

RennyBA's Terella Business Card

I got the idea when the one and only; Olga the Traveling Bra was visiting. Since I then guided her around in Oslo, Norway – as well as Kiel, Germany – it was good to show how many nice people she met. Her passport and her card were then very useful in convincing them.
I while ago, my blogfriends Zhu at Correr Es Mi Destino in Canada, explicitly asked me if I had a card like this, since people so willingly was posing for my blog. That was the last little push I needed.

In many settings, both private and in business, the subject blogging comes up and people ask how to find mine. That is flattering of course – we are all a bit exhibitionists, aren’t we :-) – and then it’s very convenient just to hand out a card like this instead of having them write down a cryptic url-address.

So how about you; If you feel you should have a picture of people to document your post; Do you ask them and if so; how? And do you have, or consider making a blog business card?

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  1. very smart design Renny…
    and very good points :)
    which reminds me I have to design a new card with my new address and URL…. :) :)

  2. Way cool Renny. I don’t give out very much information to many folks, but some. This is really great.

    Have a terrific day. Big hug to you and Diane. :)

  3. Awesome!

    Great decision I think, since once people understand what we do, they tend to pose more freely for pictures and understand why we do it.

    Right before traveling, I made a set of mini cards. Each one has one of my travel picture on one side, and very basic info on the other (name, last name, email and website). I find it great to network and explain what you do, especially that thanks to these cards, I can show a sample of my pictures (since they are printed on the cards).

    I used to be really private about my blog, but now I’m more open and invite people that I know to see it. There is nothing too personal (i.e it’s not a journal) and I think it looks “professional” enough that I’m not ashamed it it.

    You gotta mail me one of your cards now! ;-)

    Thanks for your contribution to enrich the discussion!
    I do agree, it’s a connecting opener and of course a good, old business tricks. I can tell you are a pro networker too :-)
    The idea of printing your pic on one side is good. However, when I don’t do it, it’s because people sometimes wants to make notes and therefore I leave the back side blank. Another business trick I’ve learned.
    My card is sent by mail. Even if we live in different continents, I’m only a click away :-)

  4. I usually give fake names unless they are also bloggers and dont mind. People pics are most interesting!

    As for a card, no, I dont do that because my blog isnt so informative about a culture, a country, or whatnot. It’s just a fun thing for me to do. I mostly blog for my own memories….

  5. What a great idea, Renny. It was a good idea to use the same graphic as in your blog header.

    I don’t have a card or other way to share my blog address. My blog doesn’t have the readership that you have and I don’t really need a card, but it’s good for those of you who do.

    Have a great rest of your week. Hope you’re enjoying Spring in Norway. :-)

    Love and hugs,


  6. I usually take pictures that do not feature individuals unless I know them. But if I do I will ask permission. Sometimes people will be interested to know why I am taking pictures and I tell them it is for a blog. In either case it would be good to have a card to hand them and invite them to visit the blog. I have a personal card but it has more information on it than I would care to give to just anyone.

    The mini card is a good idea. Hey, if its good enough for Zhu then its good enough for me. I just ordered a set of Mini Moo cards and will post a sample on my blog when they arrive.

  7. By the way, I’m afraid that if Renny were to pass out his trademark picture of the naked angry boy here in Oklahoma he might be arrested as a pervert. Tulsa is known as the buckle on the bible belt. Rather conservative these Okies, with no sense of humor.

    Interesting point of view; Perhaps they even would put pants on the statue :lol:
    Maybe that’s also the reason why this is the most photographed object by tourists in Norway.

  8. I have university background where cards are a must. My blogs are mostly photos without people and just small mention about myself. Although I’m not difficult to find, I also find that this “anonymity” should be extended to other people. If I want to post a picture of somebody I know or meet, I simply ask them.

  9. No… I only ask if I have doubts… mean looking guys, police officers… ;-)

    Yes…I should make a business card for my blog…when I have one…lets exchange our cards! :-)

  10. I don’t have one, but have been seriously thinking of getting one, since it get so tiring repeating the blog address to people :-)

    Now on to something equally important ;-)

    We want to invite YOU ALL to an international cocktail party meme that soon will start: Drinks Round the World.

    It’s taking place the 1st every month where we all post text and/or photo about a drink we have been or are experiencing somewhere around the world.

    EVERYBODY is welcome, so bring all your party animals (friends) too, the more the merrier!

    Cheers ;-)

  11. Cool design indeed. I haven’t thought about making a blog business card – but maybe I should. Nice to have come across your blog btw :)

  12. Renny, cool and v. Norwegian with the Vigeland, my personal favourties. Of course, I must remain anonymous due to my inulding slanders and pending law suits!

    Hey Renny, have you ever though of getting the Norwegian bloggers (including expats) together for a beer in Oslo sentrum? I think it would be cool. What do you think?

  13. Oh, my dear friend,
    I can hear your voice when writing this post.
    It’s you. And believe me when I say:
    I very well remember the travelling bra, with you as host in Oslo. At the top of the Oslo Opera House.

    By the way, you are invited on Monday, June 8 (Datateam)

    I must admit, it’s some times ago we actually did meet.

  14. wow!a business card!thats awesome,Renny!i think it fits you as well being a computer evangelist. :)

    happy weekend!

  15. You have a very businesslike and professional looking card there, Renny. I don’t take pictures of people unless they are sufficiently in the distance not to be recognisable. I can see that it’s restricting me butI keep my blogging life very private, or at least I do at the moment. :)

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  17. I’m packing my bags! After checking out your blog, I want to visit!
    I’ll bring my camera and write the trip off as a photo shoot!

    P.S. I got lucky with a hole in one several years ago. Keep swinging!

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