Writing about Norway and the Nordic countries; Our Culture, History and Traditions of course includes drinking Habits. To me what to drink is an important part of our culture often combined with food or special occasions. So when invited by the one and only; Mrs. Lifecruiser at her Travel Blog for a Drinks Round the World meme, I could not refuse and wanted to party with her and her co-host: Travel Experta. Of course I do it with a personal touch, so here is more to the reason why, than the drink itself:

Celebrating Hole In One:

My wife cheers with me after my first Hole In One.

The habits might various, but it’s normal to spend champagne on the flight (your fellow players) when you’ve made a Hole In One and I made it in July the 12th 2005. Since it was only me and Diane in the flight, we had a blast of a party :lol:

Norwegian Champagne:
You might ask what kind of champagne it was, but to be honest; I can’t remember. But while I’m at it – about food and drinks and habit and of course culture – let me tell you what Norwegian Champagne is: Moonshine and alkaziser (a kind of mineral salt). Yea, you know we Vikings could be rather rough, close to the nature and clever to make use of its resources :lol:

I take it you know what it is and in older times it was quite normal to make your own spirits in Norway. It is illegal, but let me explain the dilation by a saying of a Danish friend of mine: No Norwegians admit they make moonshine, but everyone seams to know some that does! :lol:

This ‘Drinks Round the World’ meme is all about having fun together, so you can just show us a photo and/or write something. Then visit Mrs. Lifecruiser’s and leave a link to your drink post in the comments, so we all can come over and have a sip!

Cheers – or in Norwegian; Skål!


  1. That sounds different and absolutely delicious. I’ve had a version of moonshine in the states once. Once, is all you need. that stuff practically knocked me out:)

  2. Champagne. Yum, yes that’s a favorite for me as every one knows…

    Ha ha ha! Yes, we have Moonshine over here too! Drinks made of moonshine mostly is with moonshine and only a touch of something else. A couple of berries maybe :-)

  3. I’ve never had moonshine Norwegian or otherwise. What does the Norwegian version taste like?

  4. Norwegian champagne sounds a bit scary. I’ve gone for a Pisco Sour at Mrs Lifecruiser’s worldwide cocktail party.

  5. Champagne is my very favorite adult beverage. Moonshine is some rough stuff in any country. Yikes. Burn a hole in the bottom of your shoes king of rough.

    Way cool on the hole in one. That’s not easy to do.

    I should probably do this meme too. I’m already doing one for Monday though. I could do both I suppose.

    Have a terrific day. Big hug to you and Diane. :)

  6. I love champagne ever since I first tasted it in Paris. I heard about moonshine before but havent tasted it. Anyway, I havent open or updated my blog ever since I got back home. I still have tons of stuff to do settle. Hope to see you in Oslo soon since Odd and I are going to Fredrikstad later this month.

  7. Sounds great. Looks like you indeed had lotsa fun. Thanks for stopping by my blog, and for your kind words of support :)

  8. Aren’t hole in one’s like winning the lottery? You are never really sure if it was supposed to happen. ;-) Toasting to you!

  9. Hole in one! Cheers to that!
    I would like a sip of that Norwegian champagne. :)

  10. we drink champagne sometimes + Liquor of fruits. When I was a little girl people could make their own spirit. It was the good old time!

  11. Ahhh champagne!! I love champagne on an airplane because it makes the flight so much more enjoyable. My favorite drink is a dirty martini so if you would like to try something a little different here is the recipe http://www.howcast.com/videos/90-How-To-Make-a-Dirty-Martini

  12. Thanks for sharing, Renny:
    I have tasted Finnish moonshine “pontikka” once and only once. That was enough. Some national moonshines are quite well-known, e.g. Italian grappa.

    Everyone knows Irish Coffee, but I’d like offer recipe for the Finnish Coffee. It is coffee with vodka, but the mixing ratio is quite delicate:

    Put a coin on the bottom of a cup and pour coffee on so much that you so not see the coin.
    Then pour vodka so much that you will see the coin again.

  13. A finishing touch with nothing but the best Irish Coffee. Great post, thanks for sharing and visiting my blogs…have a good one.

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