Today is Summer Solstice; In the northern hemisphere, the longest day of the year when the Sun is farthest north. In the southern hemisphere, winter and summer solstices are of course exchanged. The declination of the Sun on the (northern) summer solstice is known as the tropic of cancer (23° 27′) north of the equator. North of this latitude are the subtropics and Northern Temperate Zone. The equivalent line of latitude south of the equator is called the Tropic of Capricorn, and the region between the two, centred on the equator, is known as the tropics. The summer solstice marks the first day of the season of summer and I guess this calendar milestone are more marked or celebrated the more north you go. The reason why can be the significant difference of the longest, respectively the shortest days in the season.

Since my blog primarily is about Norway and the Nordic countries and our significant four seasons, let me give you my reflection along with some pictures taken with my mobile phone:

Summer Solstice or Midsummer:
Taken last night at 10:30PM, just before sunset (click all pics to bigify and enjoy):

MidSummer or Summer Solstice in Scandinavia #2

This is our favourite Ekudden beach in Mariestad, Sweden. We are almost at the same latitude – around 60° – as Stockholm in Sweden or Oslo in Norway and to give you a comparison for North America; as Hudson Bay in Canada.
Today the sun rises at 3:54AM and the sets at 10:44PM which gives us 19 hours of daylight.

Winter Solstice:
This picture is taken the 1st of January this year at 4:30PM – also around sunset:
Red Sky on Scandinavian Beach #1
The same favourite beach, but this time in 5 hours daylight and with a frozen lake.

Enjoying the Midsummer Day:
Since pictures say more than a thousand words, let me give you some more examples from last night and today at Ekudden beach:
MidSummer or Summer Solstice in Scandinavia #3 MidSummer or Summer Solstice in Scandinavia #4
Left: A romantic sunset. Right: Enjoying the beach with a nice swim the day after.

MidSummer or Summer Solstice in Scandinavia #5 MidSummer or Summer Solstice in Scandinavia #8
Left: Sunset romance. Right: Children jumping into the lake the next day (18C – 65F).

You might wonder why the Scandinavians are so enthusiastic about the beach, tanning and swimming at this time of the year. Well, remember then; about 3 month ago, this lake was frozen and covered with snow. So at that time they were skiing or skating on the very same lake.

Did I say anything about significant seasons and the reason why we are so eager to take advantage of the sun when we’ve first got it? :lol:


  1. Yes, after a winter when lakes and seas a frozen and the days are so short, I’d be looking forward to summer, too.

    Great photos, Renny. Your sunsets are beautiful, but sunsets are anyway, aren’t they?

  2. I always love when you do exact spot comparisons. Then I think if I werent so lazy and walked a few streets away to take a few photos… :)

    Lovely. Last night I was lying in bed thinking of the summer solstice and the post you might write.. Really it is true. I was also thinking oh no, the days get shorter.. As you know I love the long days and don’t relish the short nights. But mostly it has to do with my love for light!

  3. Amazing sunsets! I had to look at the time twice for the first picture, I always forget you are so North! :lol:

    The change of season is amazing… I least, you don’t get bored!

  4. If the air temperature is 18C or 65F, what is the water temperature? You guys are pretty tough.

    Well, it was the water temperature that was 18 – the air temp was around 25C (77F). But thanks for the compliments anyway :-)

  5. Ooosh!! That 65F sounds awful chilly for swimming to me! It was 100F here today and is to be 100F+ every day for the next week. :-( Too hot for this old gal, lol.

    Enjoy your Summer. Winter’s coming with it’s mostly dark days. :-)

    Happy (belated) Father’s Day, Renny!

    Love and hugs,

    Well, as I commented to Tulsa Gentleman, 18 was the water temperature :-)

    Thanks for the greetings Diane!

  6. I enjoined this awesome panoramas

  7. It’s so surreal. Great shots.

  8. Beautiful! We barely had a sunset last night due to the bad weather, but in the end, the pink rays came through! Ah how wonderful, now lets get some warmth!

  9. i can well imagine the glee over those golden rays and savoring the golden moments. :)

  10. this is beautiful and dreamy

  11. “Today the sun rises at 3:54AM and the sets at 10:44PM which gives us 19 hours of daylight.”

    wow! I wish everyday was like that here in Ro.

    Beautiful shots, Renny :)

  12. 19 hours of daylight! I could use those hours to do lots of stuff! :D

  13. It’s terribly warm here in Singapore, average 36 degree Celsius daily. I hope your summer is not so hot.

  14. just beautiful! :D

  15. I love the longest day of the year!

    We spent it in Niagara Falls! It was gorgeous!

  16. Oh, those pictures are so beautiful. Like I was saying somewhere else, the meeting of the heavens and earth makes for a pretty picture at any time.

  17. Great comparisons. Well, you know what I prefer!!!!! That’s also why we’re outdoors more now, not as much at the coimputer visiting blog friends commenting!

    Yesterday we were taking a golf round. My mistake. WHY do I think I’m superwoman? I know that my back can’t handle 18 holes rounds even though I’m only walking along, so why do I repeatedly think I can? WHY don’t I stop at 9? I’m so d*rn stubborn! Ehrm, I mean stupid! *giggles*

    Hope you’re having as wonderful summer weather as we are right now, the very best Sweden can offer. 22C in the morning, I wonder how hot it will be today. Not too hot I hope. We’re meeting my sister in the city.

  18. Wow that’s amazing!!! I bet that water is cold and refreshing! :D

    Hapy Summer Solstice!

  19. great pictures……..sunsets are so beautiful!! Hope u r having a great summer!

  20. Hi RennyBa,

    Great showing of a a tree with character, nice captured , I love the lights , all good , welldone,

    Thanks for your visit at ,my blog
    Greetings JoAnn Holland (photographer)

  21. i love seeing all the photos Renny. You have an eye for photography. Thanks for sharing. Have a good one ;)

  22. Nice stuff indeed! It is really beautiful shots!

  23. stunning photos Renny…
    these photos are such a treasure to view…
    what wonderful memories for you and Diane :)
    and Happy Belated Father’s Day for last weekend too :)

  24. it’s the start of the summer there?! it’s rainy season here already!!!!

    and sunset at 10:30pm?! wow!

  25. one of my big dreams is to go to mid summer…

  26. I always love the comparisons since it gives me significant insights regarding the two different soltices.

    Btw, thanks for the lovely day with us and also the wonderful gift from both you and Diane. TC always!

  27. I just love that comparison photo thing.
    I still wonder if you can ski or at least sled offa that triangle building you showed us a couple of months ago?

    Have a lovely summer, RennyBA!

    Glad you liked it too.
    Oooopps: Sorry I did not clearyfied that – you meant the new Oslo Opera House:
    You could of course, but a bit dangerous to play for kids as its quite staple and the marble stones is hard.

    Wishing you a good one too, Susie!

  28. the beaches look coldddddd… but really stunning sunsets!

  29. I love visiting your website! I was here during the longest day in Norway this year. Some of my fiance’s family tried to explain to me the bonfires and celebrations some people have during midsummer. Seeing your pictures I really need to venture out and get some pictures of the Norwegian sunset. Since I’m from the US when we say sunset we assume the sunlight goes away completely but not during a Norwegian summer. Though I’ve been here in winter too and when the sun goes away it goes. I’ve never seen a night so pitch black. Feel free to stop by my blog that I’ve finally revived from it’s grave. I’m blogging about my adventures in Norway so far. I plan to move here next year. Your blog is featured among my favorites!

  30. people say, human tend to walk faster (compared to warm climate in cold climate is it right? i read it in some literature .

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