Meeting The Queer Chef on a hot summer day in Oslo Norway

Blogging and Social Media is all about connecting with people – all over the world. As a network evangelist, of course I love to meet up with my friends too and had the privilege to meet Charles (The Queer Chef) and his fiancé Odd in Oslo this week. The have been separated for more than the year since the Directorate of Immigration sent him back to the Philippines to apply for a permanent stay. So this was a happy reunion and there was even more to celebrate; they are going to get married!

On their way back to where they live in Bergen, from visiting Odd’s parents and family (living an hour drive south of Oslo), we spend an afternoon and evening together. It was a hot, sunny summer day as the weather has been great for more than a week now; around 30C (86F) and above 20C (68F) at night. Adding to that, you might say it was a perfect reunion atmosphere, since the sun does not set before 11PM :-) Of course I gladly take you with and had my Nokia N82 at hand to capture some highlight to share with you.

My regular readers know that I’ve had a lot of post from the capital of Norway, so instead of going into details, I provide you with earlier posts.

Aker Brygge:
It’s a former shipyard area in Oslo harbour, right next to the City Hall and across from Akerhus Fortress. For more details, read my post: Show off your tan at Aker Brygge in Oslo.
Today the docks are said to have the greatest number of outdoor seats in Norway and we sat down for a nice meal (click all pics to bigify & enjoy):

Summer day in Oslo Norway #3 Summer day in Oslo Norway #4
Left: Eating seafood salad. Right: Their wedding present from Diane and me.

The New Oslo Opera House:
It’s the largest single cultural-political initiative in contemporary Norway and the only Opera House where you can walk on the roof. For more details, read my post: New Oslo Opera House in Norway.
Since they had not had a closer look at this magnificent building, I gladly showed them around:
Summer day in Oslo Norway #6 Summer day in Oslo Norway #5
Left: The Opera. Right: The three of us – the nice girl who shot the photo was obviously shaky :-)

Karl Johan street:
Oslo’s parade street or avenue is always lively on a hot summer day like this and with lots of tourists. It’s in the heart of the city and if you walk it up and down a couple of times (takes 15 minutes), and use it as an anchor, you never get lost in down town Oslo. Along the way, here are some of the highlights and my previous posts for further details:

Grand Hotel where you can enjoy Jazz Brunch Café every Sunday:
Summer day in Oslo Norway #1

The Parliament by Karl Johan Street:
Summer night in Oslo Norway #1

The Fountain in front of the Parliament:
Summer night in Oslo Norway #2

The fountain at the National Theatre station:
Summer night in Oslo Norway #4

The back side of the National Theatre:
Summer night in Oslo Norway #3

Notice that the last four pics are taken around 9PM and the sun is still shining brightly. I would say it makes perfect atmosphere for a bloggers meeting, don’t you think. Would you like to be next for a free guided tour on a sunny night in Oslo?

Thanks for spending this day with me Charles and Odd and happy marriage! All of you: Click to visit his blog and send your greetings!