Blogging and Social Media is all about connecting with people – all over the world. As a network evangelist, of course I love to meet up with my friends too and had the privilege to meet Charles (The Queer Chef) and his fiancé Odd in Oslo this week. The have been separated for more than the year since the Directorate of Immigration sent him back to the Philippines to apply for a permanent stay. So this was a happy reunion and there was even more to celebrate; they are going to get married!

On their way back to where they live in Bergen, from visiting Odd’s parents and family (living an hour drive south of Oslo), we spend an afternoon and evening together. It was a hot, sunny summer day as the weather has been great for more than a week now; around 30C (86F) and above 20C (68F) at night. Adding to that, you might say it was a perfect reunion atmosphere, since the sun does not set before 11PM :-) Of course I gladly take you with and had my Nokia N82 at hand to capture some highlight to share with you.

My regular readers know that I’ve had a lot of post from the capital of Norway, so instead of going into details, I provide you with earlier posts.

Aker Brygge:
It’s a former shipyard area in Oslo harbour, right next to the City Hall and across from Akerhus Fortress. For more details, read my post: Show off your tan at Aker Brygge in Oslo.
Today the docks are said to have the greatest number of outdoor seats in Norway and we sat down for a nice meal (click all pics to bigify & enjoy):

Summer day in Oslo Norway #3 Summer day in Oslo Norway #4
Left: Eating seafood salad. Right: Their wedding present from Diane and me.

The New Oslo Opera House:
It’s the largest single cultural-political initiative in contemporary Norway and the only Opera House where you can walk on the roof. For more details, read my post: New Oslo Opera House in Norway.
Since they had not had a closer look at this magnificent building, I gladly showed them around:
Summer day in Oslo Norway #6 Summer day in Oslo Norway #5
Left: The Opera. Right: The three of us – the nice girl who shot the photo was obviously shaky :-)

Karl Johan street:
Oslo’s parade street or avenue is always lively on a hot summer day like this and with lots of tourists. It’s in the heart of the city and if you walk it up and down a couple of times (takes 15 minutes), and use it as an anchor, you never get lost in down town Oslo. Along the way, here are some of the highlights and my previous posts for further details:

Grand Hotel where you can enjoy Jazz Brunch Café every Sunday:
Summer day in Oslo Norway #1

The Parliament by Karl Johan Street:
Summer night in Oslo Norway #1

The Fountain in front of the Parliament:
Summer night in Oslo Norway #2

The fountain at the National Theatre station:
Summer night in Oslo Norway #4

The back side of the National Theatre:
Summer night in Oslo Norway #3

Notice that the last four pics are taken around 9PM and the sun is still shining brightly. I would say it makes perfect atmosphere for a bloggers meeting, don’t you think. Would you like to be next for a free guided tour on a sunny night in Oslo?

Thanks for spending this day with me Charles and Odd and happy marriage! All of you: Click to visit his blog and send your greetings!


  1. Ohhh I want to be in Oslo now!!!
    Im in love con Norway and my housband say Ok ,no problem
    Thanks for the pictures and for your fantastic blog.
    Hugs Renny

  2. Excellent photos Renny! And congratulations to the happy couple.

  3. Hyggelig å se at det er sommer i Oslo også! Samt at du understreker hvor langt nord Norge egentlig er. Livat ser det ut for å være også.

  4. Wow – it is so amazing! And that is wonderful that you got to meet up with the guys. I can’t believe they were separated for so long, so hard but it’s great that you were there to wish them well for their future with a great gift too!

    Great photos!

  5. First I want to wish Charles and Odd all the best. I am happy Charles is finally back. The photos are wonderful, and I am happy you guys had such a good time!!

  6. Thank you very very much Renny for the lovely tour and of course the lovely gift that you and Diane gave us! I will post our day in Oslo later once I am back home in Bergen

  7. Hey, congrats on the great blog.
    I’ve always been fascinated with the Scandinavia, the blog’s only added to that.keep up the good work.

  8. Yeah! Renny,I hope I can have chance to visit Norway and meet you in Oslo soon! How wonderful that you have such long day time! I love summer days of Europe, Not as the city I am living, it’s already 35C but 95% humidity!

    I also want sent my best wish to Charles and Odd! I think they will remember their Oslo day forever.

  9. Sorry Renny, I got the email about your invition from Youtube. But I can’t visit Youtube, Blogspot,Flickr and many many sites for now, There are all blocked to us.

    Maybe you also notice that I am not use Stumbleupon for long time, It’s too slow to visit for me these days. :(

    But I will back as soon as I can!

    Have a Wonderful new week!

  10. Congratulations to Charles and Odd. You know true love will win out, eventually. They look so happy, but then who couldn’t be in such a lovely spot like Oslo!

  11. wow!charles is back in norway and they got married??another wow for that!congratulations to both of them!!its so nice of yyou Renny to show them around and to give them a present.charles and odd are very lucky to find each other.

  12. Hello Renny!! It´s a pleaure to read your blog. I always say that you´re the best embassador of Norway.
    I like everything about your country. The first vacation my son went to Norway and there took his firts steps in Holmenkollen. Renny thanks for near Norway. I hope to go this year . If I give you a hug in person.
    Takk venn
    Maria from Spain

  13. glad to hear they are back together and you all could enjoy a nice time together. :)

  14. Indeed Renny; blogging + Social Media is about connecting people worldwide. I think you’re happy for the sunny days/nights in Oslo right now and neddless to mention how amazing the shots are.

    The places, people and architecture are always amazing for me so thanks so much for sharing this with us!

  15. Well,
    I’ve noticed, also what have brought your attention when looking at the photos – young man – still young I see *giggles*.

    I wish I could have joined, but I was occupied with 3 women and 3 Cats this weekend. One pregnant Cat and a ditto woman.

    Great report from Oslo with unique persons.

  16. Excellent photos Renny! :) .Congratulations to Charles,indeed blogging and Social Media is about connecting people worldwide.Wishing you well

  17. Beautiful photos. I especially love the National Theatre, and the fountain in front of it. Simply gorgeous :)

  18. Every time I look as you blog I’m wondering why I haven’t gone to Norway yet!

  19. i just love old buildings and architecture. i wonder if i can set foot on your own land but at least i saw them on thru your pictures

  20. Nice, it makes feel earning extra hours with the sun shining at 9PM. Always great to meet face to face with those connected on internet. I’m doing social media as well, and quite enjoy seeing real person and extend the communication.
    Travel through the eyes of a local

  21. The next gay marriage may be Astrid and me in the Netherlands, hopefully before the end of 2009. One day WE will come to visit you in your wonderful city!

  22. awww, great pics, renny! i miss chase already. say hi to me for him, pls! :D

    did you lose weight?

  23. what?! chase is already there?? i haven’t even met him.

    re free lunch.. i really hope i can claim it already :)

  24. After 9 PM !!! Would like to see that! I enjoy the meeting you had with Charles and Odd! Since I read The Queer Chef blog since so much time and know how it was long for him waiting his comeback at home with Odd!
    I recognize the different places on pictures you tell about before in your older post!!!

  25. congratulations to the reunited couple Renny …
    and how lovely that you and Diane were there for them too :) fabulous photos…. :)

  26. I love that…9 pm and the sun is still shining brightly. We don’t have the long summer days like that here. Daylight at 4 am at the height of summer and dark at 7.30 pm. But we have warm weather for 9 months of the year, so we are compensated.

  27. Hi Renny,

    Happy Union to Charles and Odd: may happiness and love dwell in their home, and may God bless their union :D!
    Even though I do not know them, I am extremely happy for love is something that we must wish to everybody!

    My, my, my…beautiful city! As you know I was supposed to go there this year, but unfortunately I will not be able (but I promise that when I go, I will contact you – for you must show me around).

    Thanks for sharing this with us, Renny :D!


  28. Amazing pics!!! Such a wonderful time with friends! That’s super! :)

  29. What lovely photos and great bonding session too, yes I will pop by to send my well wishes and wish I was there Renny.

  30. Well always nice ffod, I love your articles, I am suddenly hunger :) hmm

  31. It is interesting to see the other world through your photos.

  32. Renny,
    thanks for the pictorial tour of Oslo.
    It is a long time, perhaps too long since my last real-life visit.
    Thanks for visiting and commenting my latest blog item.
    God sommer,

  33. Hi Renny,

    hope to meet you too there in Oslo!! :)
    hugs from spain!

  34. I hopefully moving to Norway soon, near Oslo. But can anyone tell me what it’s like? I’m a bit worried about the weather (I’m from the UK) but then some people tell me summers are hotter but winters colder…is that right? or are there really months in darkness? If so how do you cope..or do you just get used to it?

    • What Norway is like? Well, that’s mostly what my blog is all about :-)
      It can be hot in summer, but not all the time. Cold in winter is no problem if you know how to dress right.
      The sun is up for 19 hours at summer solstice and for 5 hours at winter solstice in Oslo. You get used to it.

  35. Congratulations to the happy couple. Wishing them more blissful years.

    Thanks for sharing these lovely sites.

  36. well, nice picture but I believe should embed a video, more interesting right ? the place so clean so tidy what a beautiful life you are ling now :) thank you

  37. beautiful landscape and beautiful sky :) did you take the picture with nokia N82 sir ? well nice gadget right ?

  38. It must be hard to be apart for a year. Now they are finally back together! And there will be a wedding! How lovely!
    Congrats to the couple!

  39. I’m a sophomore at a university in the United States and would like to study Tagalog, Visaya, or any other dialect in the Philippines this summer.

  40. Does anyone know of a college/university in the Philippines that admits foreign students for short-term classes? Do they even have courses that extend from July-August?

  41. Please everyone i need your help im doing a project on Norway and i need discriptive details on what its like during the summer and during the winter (DUE IN 2 DAYS

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