From frozen Paradise to hot summer beaches in Oslo Norway

Even in Norway, the summer time can be hot. We’ve had 30C (86F) and more with sunny weather the last couple of weeks in the Oslo area. Even more: around 25C at night and that’s what we call it Tropical Summer :-) That’s not bad for a place located at 60 degrees north, which puts it roughly on the same latitude as Anchorage in Alaska, or the middle of Hudson Bay in Canada. The main reason for our relatively warm climate is The Gulf Stream which transports warm water and air from the Mexican Gulf, and makes the Norwegian climate much warmer than at similar latitudes elsewhere in the world. Adding to that, since it’s around summer solstice, the sun is up from around 3:45AM to 10:45PM -19 hours.

If you then have in mind that the sun is up only for 5 hours in mid winter and the temperature is around -10C, I guess you understand why Norwegians are crazy about taking advantage of this sunny, warm weather. So I take this opportunity again to show you a bit of our significant four seasons and why we love to be outdoors – out in the nature – all year around. Let me start with a season contrast at the very same spot on our favourite island, just 20 minutes from the city along the Oslo fjord (click all pics to bigify and enjoy):

Hot summer at the beach in Oslo Norway #4
By the beach at Kalvøya (Calf island) in the Oslo fjord, July 2009.

My regular readers may recall the very same spot from my post last winter (Snowy Frozen Paradise in Sunny Oslo Norway). I think it is as beautiful, but of course totally different scenery:
Snowy Winter Day in Norway #2
Kalvøya in February 2009.

I know you are convinced, but let me give you another example and start with winter this time:
Winter at a beach in Oslo Norway
Sunny beach day in March 2006.

Hot summer at the beach in Oslo Norway #5
The same beach in July 2009.

Walking around on this island with plenty of beaches and places for recreation, I had my Nokia N82 mobile phone handy to shoot some examples for this post. Even more; I had my blog business card and when I showed one and explained the reasons for my photo hunt, some were more than willing to show how they got an extra thrill on a sunny day like this:
Hot summer at the beach in Oslo Norway #6 Hot summer at the beach in Oslo Norway #7
Left: Bridge jumping. Right: Cliff Jumping. Water temperature: 23C (73F)

Let me end this significant change in seasons and weather report from one of the beaches at Kalvøya island starting in the winter time and then to summer time:
Winter Sunset on Calf Island in Norway #5
A beach at Kalvøya in January at sunset 4PM.

Hot summer at the beach in Oslo Norway #1
Same beach in July at 2PM.

Some ask if there is topless tanning in Norway and there is, but it’s not considered a big deal. I saw some around, but most of them who don’t like tan lines, are on the nude beach 5 minutes walk from the one above. I was there for a swim, but respectfully left my mobile phone cam where I put my clothes and I can tell you, it was a wonderful way to cool down on a hot summer day like this :lol: