Social Golf Club Host at Mariestad in Sweden

Golf is a social game and for me as a Network Evangelist, a great way to connect with other golfers. Today I had a unique opportunity to explore that part of the game as my wife, DianeCA, and I were recruited as hosts at our home club in Mariestad, Sweden.
Since I am a Norwegian, maybe I should explain: Our vacation home is in Mariestad on the shores of Northern Europe’s biggest lake: Vänern. We spend a lot of our free time here, especially in the summer months. That is why we have chosen to be members here instead of in Norway.

Recruited Golf Club Host:
I like the system; every member is recruited to hosts one weekend (4 hours on Saturday or Sunday) about once every 3 years. This makes it a bit cheaper to run the club and gives us an opportunity once in a while to focus on service and get to meet and greet other members and guest players. So for me this enhances the social side of the game and it’s always a good start to the course, to meet new hosts each weekends:

Golf Club Host in Mariestad Sweden #1

Welcoming golfers and giving them a good start at first tee. This couple was Danish, so it was quite an international experience. We had no problem understanding each other and they often visit Norwegian ski resorts in the winter time :-) .

Golf Host’s obligations and advantages:
First of all, the duty is to give the players a good golf experience. Then you see to that the flights starts at the right time – that they have the required equipment (green fork and rule book etc.) – know the local rules and have paid the green fee. The fee for one round is €30, but free for full members (one year membership is €360).

There are other obligations and advantages too of course. Let me explain with some photos (I had my Nokia N82 at hand of course):
Golf Club Host in Mariestad Sweden #2

Checking and emptying the garbage at the outdoor containers; well I look at it as an advantage, as I got to drive a golf cart. You see in Scandinavia, only handicapped are allowed to use golf cars. I like that too, as it gives us more exercise, it’s much more social to walk and talk and it gives you a better understanding of distance in the game.

Let’s go one with the duties + +:
Golf Club Host in Mariestad Sweden #3
Tidy and clean up a bit at the rest table and club café.

Golf Club Host in Mariestad Sweden #5
Free snack at the club café; that’s what I call real advantage :-)

Golf Club Host in Mariestad Sweden #6

Recognitions from the friendly receptionist, Elisabeth (sorry, the photographer had a shaky hand when taking this shot :-) ). That’s an advantage too, as you get the best service if you give and extra helping hand. So this is just like Networking in itself: A Givers Gain – the more you give, the more you receive.

That’s why I like this recruiting host system and as you may have noticed; we had a jolly good time!

Golf Club Host in Mariestad Sweden #4

I don’t think I’d be a very good caddy – I talk too much and am more into the social part than the technique of the game itself. But: if anyone needs a host; we are available, for any games – as long as we get a free snack and I can drive a golf cart :lol: .

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