Love Hate Food from Norway and RennyBA Achievement

Food is an important ingredients when blogging about Norway and the Nordic countries; our traditions, culture and habits. I’ve tried my best to share about what and how we eat, but it’s not always easy to know what interesting, difference or even special compare to others around the world.

Diane catching a codFortunately, I’m married to an American whom I met on the net and she came to live with me 10 years ago. We have a lot in common – the affection for food is one of them. We love to plan – buy the ingredients (or even catch it like in the pic to the left) – prepare and make it in our own kitchen. That’s half of the fun if you ask me – but then again I’m a Norwegian and I hate fast-food.

It has been a joyful challenge to share and mix our food traditions and I’ve learned or been much more aware of what is typical Scandinavian food during these years. Seeing it through her eyes has enriches my culinary adventures and now I’ve got the chance to share it in the nutshell. DianeCA was challenged by Zhu with a ‘Things I Love/Hate about Food in my country’ -meme.

Let me reveal some from Diane’s post as an appetizer:
The cuisine is pretty basic and easy to prepare. There are of course some things I am not too crazy about, like liver, or something called ‘blood-pudding’ believe me it’s not a dessert.
Another food which is Norwegian and I love is Brunost, or brown goat cheese. This cheese is unlike any other kind of goat cheese I have tasted, it is not strong like Chévre, it’s usually mild and sweet.
Lastly what I like best about eating here is HOW we eat. We sit together. One does not eat standing and does not leave the table before the others are finished, also at work, at school, and in day-care.

You really should click and read Diane’s post and please leave a comment to show how much you appreciate her efforts to reveal Norwegian food -traditions and -culture!

The “Feel Good” Contest:
I’m very glad Diane was challenged on that meme. Even more; since Zhu shortly after throws another challenge, I could not resist taking the opportunity – while at it:
To participate, blog about your biggest achievement and don’t be shy to brag: after all, this is the “feel good” contest! Link back to this post and don’t forget to let me know about it by leaving a comment.

I could of course post about my working career, my travels as well as all the followers on my blog, my Twitter or connection at LinkedIn, Flickr or Facebook. However I take it you’ve guessed already; It has to be the happiness of having Diane in my life. Not only is she a wonderful wife, a great Mom and appreciated co-worker, a talented blogger, but she also enriches my life, have opened my eyes in many aspects and helped me learned a lot about myself as well as Norway and the Nordic countries.

So Zhu, here is my contribution – this is what makes me ‘Fell Good’! – You might like to play too and win something very special :-)