Magic moments of Rainbow and golden Sunset in Scandinavia

The sun creates magical moments. Sunset is one – another is beautiful rainbow; this optical and meteorological phenomenon that causes a spectrum of light to appear in the sky when the sun shines onto droplets of moisture in the Earth’s atmosphere. They take the form of a multicoloured arc, with red on the outer part of the arch and violet on the inner section of the arch. A rainbow spans a continuous spectrum of colours. Traditionally, however, the sequence is quantised.

Enjoying our summer vacation in Mariestad, Sweden brings the opportunity to stop and appreciate nature’s magical moments, and while having a quality time with my wife DianeCA, we experienced this beautiful scenery from the balcony (captured with my Nokia N82 mobile phone):

Rainbow in Scandinavia
I gladly share my trick to remember the colour sequence: Newton’s sevenfold; Red, orange, yellow, Green, Blue, indigo and violet, memorized by mnemonics ‘Roy G. Biv’).
If you like to have a closer look; click the picture to see it at my Flickr and then chose ‘All Sizes’ to bigify.

Rainbows in mythology:
The rainbow has a place in legend owing to its beauty and the historical difficulty in explaining the phenomenon. Since I always want us to learn something from my posts, let me share some of what I’ve found on the net:

In Norse Mythology, a rainbow called the Bifröst Bridge connects the realms of Ásgard and Midgard, homes of the gods and humans, respectively.
The Irish leprechaun’s secret hiding place for his pot of gold is usually said to be at the end of the rainbow.
In Greek mythology, the rainbow was considered to be a path made by a messenger (Iris) between Earth and Heaven.
In Chinese mythology, the rainbow was a slit in the sky sealed by Goddess Nüwa using stones of five different colours.

The Golden Beauty of Sunset:
Another natural phenomenon which brings magic into my life is this golden painted sky at sunset. Walking along Mariestad’s harbour with Diane one evening we experienced another quality time adventure and I had my mobile phone handy of course:
Golden beauty of Sunset #1
The red, orange or in this pic golden hues of the sky are mainly caused by scattering of sunlight by dust particles, soot particles, other solid aerosols, and liquid aerosols in the earth’s atmosphere. Sunset colours are typically more brilliant and more intense than sunrise colours, since there are generally more particles in the evening air than in the morning air. When there are no particulates in the troposphere, such as after a big rain storm, then the remaining less intense reds are explained by Rayleigh Scattering (named after the English physicist Lord Rayleigh) of sunlight by air molecules.

This picture was taken right after a rain fall and notice: at 9:30PM – so even a month after summer solstice, we still enjoy the late sunsets. It was a nice and quiet evening in fresh, crisp air (18C – 65F) – is there anything more recreational?

These magic moments are all around us every day, but we are so often too busy to stop and notice the beauty surrounding us. Maybe if we did this more often in our daily lives we would have better contact with ourselves and better enjoyment of this gift called life.

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  1. Thank you Renny, you always bring a little magic into our lives. I think I prefer the Bifröst Bridge connects the realms of Ásgard and Midgard, homes of the gods and humans, rather then the pot of gold…:)’

  2. I stop and smell the roses each and every day.

    I’m on one of those boats. Can you guess which one? Let’s all take a cruise. Hubby can captain and you me and Diane can chat.

    Have a terrific day. Big hug to you and Diane. :)

  3. Wow,
    beautiful shots my dear friend.

    Hope you found the Gold Pot, so we can stay in luxury on our way back from – you know where;_))

    btw. we are leaving Norway Friday, but I bring my lap-tops

  4. I have not been able to see a rainbow for several decades! I’m seldom in the outdoors. :P

    I’m lucky to see a Norwegian rainbow! Thanks to you! :D

  5. Thank you very much for sharing Kjære Renny!!

    Beautiful blog and photos – to lighten up our day :-)

    Mother Nature is indeed wonderful!!

    Warm Summer networking regards,
    Your fellow Ecademist

  6. It’s been such a long time since I’ve visited your blog Renny! Lovely captures, I especially like to see all those birds in the rainbow photo. Great idea for remembering the colors, too.
    Hope you’re enjoying the summer!
    Christy DeKoning

  7. There’s something about rainbows, isn’t there, Renny, magical arcs that they are. People say that when their pets pass away, they cross over the Rainbow Bridge to their eternity…

    Lovely photos. I love the day after it has been washed clean by rain.

  8. Catching rainbowas are fun, and I’m impressed by this one as you seem to have got it all in one go (I usually have to use panoramas)

    BTW – Indigo isn’t really looked upon as a separate colour these days. It was put in to reach the “magic” number seven.

  9. I love the photos, Renny, especially the sunset.
    We have a saying in England to help us remember the order of the colours of a rainbow, we say ‘Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain’ (it’s about King Richard the III – history and meteorology rolled into one!)

  10. It is a such romantic post, here, Renny! Thanks for sharing your knowledge about this phenomene. I hope you will like the sunset here in South and I hope you will find here such quiet and peace moments as Pierre and me we live in a countryside in the middle of the nature. I prepare ice and Pastis under the tree.

  11. Renny,
    Oh my I am so glad I stopped over. This is simply an incredible post. I don’t have words to describe the magical feeling that came over me.

    I was just getting ready to take a break from a very stressful and busy day. Now I am just so relaxed and calm.

    I guess the myths are true. The rainbows do have magical powers.

    As I am of German descent originally does that me closer to the mythological belief of the Norse? I believe it does.

    Now you have me wondering about my Cherokee heritage and their belief in the power of a rainbow and/or it’s meaning or sign.

    That will be reserved for another day. I am pooped out for the day.

    I so enjoyed my visit. thank you for such a wonderful share. I do so hope the image is large enough to fit your monitor!!

    Peace to you and your lovely wife,

  12. You definitely have it all over there! Nice people, gorgeous nature, the weather (hot and cold!) and now beautiful sunsets and rainbow.

  13. you made me miss my hometown again. back in those days, i always see rainbows even during a hot summer when it will suddenly rain. my hometown’s near a mountain with rainforest weather that’s why.

  14. Beautiful sunset photos. I just love sunsetting. You have just proved again that wonderful photos do not need sophisticated camera. What’s important is the man behind the camera… :)

  15. Years ago, Renny, when I worked in accounts receivable at a computer company, I actually had a customer/company named Roy G Biv. :)

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