WW is a casual or informal meme in BlogSphere and here is my contribution on my first attempt:

Wordless Wednesday on RennyBA’s Terella #1
Found at the grocery store when buying ingredients for our veggie soup.

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Wordless Wednesday


  1. Looks like it had an identity crisis and though it was ginseng. We bought a tomato the other day with a “nose.” I peeled off a couple of stickers and repositioned the to give it eyes :) Happy WW

  2. Good heavens, words fail me…

  3. Must have been grown in a hot house cause she sure was a hottie!

  4. I don’t participate, but the picture should tell it all here ;-)

  5. Well, what can I say, we girls need two legs – one for each glass of Champagne! *giggles*

  6. Welcome to WW, Renny!
    That’s a sexy vegie! :D

  7. Hello from Brazil! I love your site :)

  8. That is one creepy carrot! Very cool shot though, Renny! I bet the soup was yummy!

  9. And of course you had to buy it. I’ll bet it didn’t end up in the soup. I’m guessing you are still inspecting it on a regular basis. Just saying.

    Have a terrific day. Big hug to you and Diane. :)

  10. I saw a carrot like that at a bar a couple years ago … we dressed it up for Halloween. Yes, there was liquor involved :)

  11. I accepted your challenge and posted a Wordless Wednesday photo. After looking at what was posted there I have to observe that it is some trash, some treasure. There are so many that all I could do was sample a dozen or so. I like the idea though.

  12. lovely first entry!

  13. That looks like a carrot wanting to be a tooth!

  14. Soilmates – joined at the hip!

  15. A walking carrot! That could have been grown in the Experimental Farm :lol:

    Did you get my email?

  16. hahahaha, i love it. it looks like dancing carrot pants!

  17. woo-hoo…I like this one….you don’t need words at all to this one! You even don’t have to know if this carrot is now male or female…LOL…

    Sue’s Daily Photography

  18. hahaha looks like it wants to walk!!!

  19. Twin Carrots, They are fantastic;-)

  20. Too precious & unique to eat them Renny :D

  21. a uniuqe carrot picture, where did you get it ?

  22. I think there is something funny going on in the vegetable department of your store, hmmmmm ………….. very strange ……….

    Love and Blessings,

  23. You should win a prize for your first attempt, Renny! :D

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