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Flea Market and Summer Fair in Mariestad and Lyrestad Sweden

There is something for everybody in Mariestad Municipality, including the Göta Canal and several charming villages in the area. It’s situated on Lake Vänern (the third largest lake in Europe) and is visited by many tourists each summer – some in their boats touring the lake and canal, others enjoying the many fine camp grounds or other accommodations. Here you will find annual festivals, Circuses, exhibitions, concerts, and activities.

Mariestad’s annual Flea Market:
Once a year they invite everyone to visit the town flea market where you can get rid of your unused items or maybe find a treasure at a bargain price. I was there, with my Nokia mobile phone at hand, and gladly invite you along for the fun:

Mariestad Flea Market #1

Flea Market at Mariestad’s Traffic free shopping street.

Mariestad Flea Market #2
Get rid of your shoes or find a bargain :-)
Mariestad Flea Market #3 Mariestad Flea Market #4

Lyrestad Summer Fair:
Lyrestad is one of several small charming villages in the area around our vacation home. It includes one of the locks of Göta Canal and therefore attracts a lot of boat tourists in the summer time. Once a year they hold a Summer Fair with an auction, lotteries, concert with local musicians and various stands. Lets have a look at this charming place first, then go to the concert and finally, check out the various attractions and stands:
Lyrestad Summer Fair #1
The village of Lyrestad on a Göta Canal lock.

Lyrestad Summer Fair #2 Lyrestad Summer Fair #3
Concert by the mini golf course.

Lyrestad Summer Fair #5
Bouncing on the moonwalk for the kids.

Lyrestad Summer Fair #4 Lyrestad Summer Fair #6
Throw to win a Troll – or – Darts to defend your honour!

Lyrestad Summer Fair #7 Lyrestad Summer Fair #8
Blacksmith with nice handcrafts – or – Apple cider, honey and jelly from a local preserver.

It’s nice to go there and experience the event, to mingle and talk with the locals in a friendly, summer atmosphere and relaxing adventure. To me it’s recreational and helps me forget all the stress from work and our daily urban lives. Are you with me – do you get the feeling – or is there something else that gets you into the summer vacation mood?

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  1. This looks like a lot of fun. We don’t have the equivalent in Tulsa although we have several weekly Farmer’s markets where crafts are sold. There are also several Flea Markets where people can set up a table a peddle whatever they have, but they don’t have the carnival atmosphere of your Summer air. Great photos.

  2. I see that I have to visit Sweden again – 100 SEK for a pair of shoes is tempting, just to name one thing.

    PS Thank you for the comment – I’ll see if I can’t find anything suitable for next week too.

  3. Wow, thank you for sharing! What a beautiful locale.

    I appreciate your visit (via Shionge) and hope you visit again soon – I know I will! Hi from the US.

  4. what fun! i think i would be spending the most time at the last two spots. i love handmade ironware and the cider and honey..mmmmm

  5. Oh, I love Street Fairs, Renny….and this one looks quite wonderful. And that Picturesque Village is sooooo Charming. It looks very very inviting on that Gota Canal…..
    This is a WONDERFUL way to get away from your woes and stresses….And the pictures reflect that completely Renny….Thanks for this terrific Summer Visit!

  6. Hi Renny, we visited Paris last month, and one thing I really enjoyed was how the streets in Montmartre were closed to traffic on Sunday. What a perfect way to enjoy the day, strolling around the shops on foot with the whole road open to pedestrians.
    The flea market idea is even better – you could save up your stuff all year and then join the vendors. Thanks for sharing!

  7. I love flea markets and street stalls, Renny. Oh, I so wish I was there! It looks so inviting and a lot of fun. Thank you for showing us but I still wish I’d been there…

  8. I just love the look of those stores and stalls. Very colourful!

    Btw, regarding with your problem on a certain link on Google Friend Connect, I cannot seem to fix it since it works with Blogger blogs only as I’ve found out when I had a chance to fix a blog using a Blogger and at the same time using that widget as well. No wonder it directs you to a 404 page in your blog.

  9. the sky is beautiful, kids are having fun, men are playing, girls are shopping (by the way, are those shoes for 100$, lol ) and grandparents are having fun too. I say, I want to be there :)

  10. Sounds a peace place where you can enjoy the life during holiday! I love the red houses and the landscape around! Anaïs enjoyed coming back to finland and recover the north nature. I can understand Scandinavia is a marvelous place just admiring all your pictures.

  11. Yes, flea markets can be really interesting. Nostalgic too, if one finds old things making you remembering old memories…

    Pssst: Claudie & Pierre is going to spoil us! Just have a read at her blog!

  12. Looks like my idea of a good time! I do enjoy a flea market, and it looks like the weather was perfect for it. :-)

    Happy weekend, Renny and Diane.

    Love and hugs,


  13. Hi,
    This is a very lovely place to live in. I have never heard of those places, but they really worth to see.

    btw, thank you for your kind comment. (and excuse my bad english)

  14. Hello my friend, am so sorry for not visiting your for a while. I guess you where im busy at. Aside from flickr, my full attention is on my hubby’s agility test. he doesn’t want me staying in the pc for a long.

    well anyways, i hope there’s a flea market near our place. I know there’s a flea market in illinois but that would take a long long drive.

    Happy new week to u!

  15. You don’t have to cook this but it is good fair food! Lemon sticks. Take the lemons and roll them to loosen the juices. Cut the top off of the lemon, take a knife and twist the center then put a peppermint stick in the center.

  16. Love the locks, like in Ottawa!

    Flea markets, and any market actually, are a lot of fun. Great way to meet other people and to enjoy the outdoors.

  17. Hi Renny or Terella ( I don’t know…)!

    Do you remember of me? I received your comment in my blog and you can translate pages in Altavista Babelfish (click a flag in my blog…).
    This post is wonderful and all things what you also write. Although my language is Portuguese, I try to write some things in English. It would like to know more subjects on the Norway as habits, way of living of people and landscapes. Your blog always has new features and it leaves me very happy. You have ORKUT? I would like to know more on the Norway. I have many photos here of Brazil and my city that is Rio de Janeiro too. Congratulations for blog and thanks for your reply.

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