I often say; Blogging and Social Media Connecting People. For my wife DianeCA and I, the coming days will be a great example as we are going to a blog gathering in South France. Years ago, I met Claudie at Commedia’s Land in the Blogsphere and now we are invited to visit her and her husband.

I’ve travelled quite a lot around Europe, but never in this area, so as always when going to new places, I’ve checked on the net to learn something about the place:

Located 5 kilometres inland, Ollioules is near the lovely beaches of the Provençal coast such as: Bandol, Six-Fours and Sanary is only 7 kilometres from Toulon. Right at the edge of the canyons made famous by Gaspard de Besse, the medieval village has retained its charm and authenticity. Its porticoes streets, flowered balconies and well restored buildings exude this atmosphere of geniuses. Ollioules is also an interesting archaeological site. It seems that there are always treasures just waiting to be found.

Here is the map to put our journey in a geographical prospective:

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We are going to Marseilles by plane to meet TorAa and his wife Anna from Norway. Mr. and Mrs. Lifecruiser from Sweden will join us there and then we are off to Claudie and her husband.

Notice the rout on the map! When leaving Claudie’s, we will go by car together with Thor and Anna through Europe back to Oslo, Norway.

I will bring my puter, but believe me; I will focus on the adventures, stay in the present and first of all enjoy the visit and the company of these wonderful blogger friends. So stay tuned, but don’t expect too many posts and excuse me for not visit and commenting on yours – until we are back. However, bloggers are always up for surprises, so check out Claudie, Mrs. Lifecruiser, DianeCA and TorAa for a glimpse of our adventures during our blog gathering!


  1. Sounds like a fun trip! Enjoy!

  2. How fun. Don’t blog during this trip…Enjoy every moment. You can catch us all up when you return to Norway. Just saying.

    Big hugs to you and Diane, TorAA and Anna and to Mr. and Mrs. Lifecruiser. :)

  3. with that gathering it is bound to be a lively time. do enjoy!

  4. Have fun – we look forward to the lovely photos (hint……)

  5. No that is my kind of trip! Can’t wait to hear more of the reports and see the photos.

  6. How fun! If I was living near you, i would join you too!
    Have fun and take more photos! :)

  7. Sending hellos to Papa TorAa and Anna, Mr and Mrs Lifecruiser and Claudie! :)

  8. I’d love to go to a blog gathering. I’ve only met a couple of fellow bloggers and I love getting to meet the flesh and blood version.

  9. What a wonderful time you’re all going to have. Looking forward to hearing about it, when you get time. Have fun!

  10. Have fun, fun, fun!!

  11. How wonderful. I’d love to meet some of my blogging friends. Maybe we should organise a European get together next year!

  12. nice article….it have good info…

  13. You are here, Renny in Ollioules!!! Incredible!!!! When virtuel becomes reality! Concretisation! since end of 2006 !I am on the blogosphere and I speak with you all fast all the day!!!! It was a challenge, we do it!!!!

  14. it’s nice to see fellow bloggers in the flesh…i have a project exploration going and if it pushes hrough I may be able to visit Sweden…i can cross over to Norway. it’s still a dream but i hope it comes true. it’s not easy and cheap to get there from my own pocket :P

  15. I wich to you a very nice trip. Don’t forget to share the photos of your trip.

  16. oooohhhhhh! nice! enjoy!!!

  17. @All: Just want you all to know we’re having a splendid time at Claudie and Pierre. Lovely food and drinks as well as a time full of adventures. We just want to enjoy every single moment in the company with this wonderful people, so you’ll just have to wait for a fully report :-)

  18. Hey Renny,

    I am back! :D

    Oh my God…you will love it!!! France is one of my favourite countries to travel and live in (I have lived there), so I know that you will simply adore it!

    Ok, I just read your comment to all and I can see that you are having loads of fun, which is great :D!

    I wish you and Diane and the rest of the gang a happy adventure :D!


  19. That is such a grand adventure, Renny! You will have many memories to share with us when you return. Traveling mercies!

  20. I wish I was in France, participating as well!

  21. Wow. It’s always great to meet fellow bloggers, and I’m sure you’ll have a great time in the south of France. Hope you take many pictures and share them soon. Look forward to hearing about your trip. Have a great time :)

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  23. Sounds adventurous already Renny and yes I bet you guys are going to have a good time and we can’t wait for sure :)

    Have fun folks!!

  24. I hope you and Diane are having a great time. I look forward to reading about your new adventures!

  25. My dear Friend, when we are back home from a Vacation out of a Dream Book, well, I do think you have more than one post to write during the weeks to come;-))

    I”m really looking forward to all your posts and also Dianes;_))

  26. long road!!!!
    have fun :)

  27. too bad, you did not insert any picture on this post,except the map

  28. You are enjoying yourself too much to give us an update of your gathering. :P

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  30. too bad no picture in this articles :)

  31. Sorry for my bad english. Intresting title. It attracted me to read the complete post. Thanks

  32. Fabulously just posting this comment to show that I visit your blog daily.

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