Ollioules is located South France in the region Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, 7 km northwest of the naval port of Toulon. Beautifully set in fantastic natural scenery at the foot of the big mountain Le Gros Cerveau, this highly privileged location close to the sea but still a little away from the hectic coast life makes it an ideal holiday resort. It’s a charming medieval village with well-restored houses, streets with arcades and flowery balconies.

Ollioules in France Provence #2

Ollioules (population of about 12,000) is renowned for its flowers and the town is, actually, called la reine des fleurs (the queen of the flowers). The name, Ollioules, comes from the Roman word, Oliolis, which signifies olives which have been cultivated in this area for thousands of years.

We where lucky enough to be invited by Claudie and Pierre, who opened their home for a Blog Gathering for almost a week. We had the adventure of a life time. In my last post; ‘Building friendships at Blog Gathering in South France’, you’ll read about how wonderful we were taken care of. In this post, I’ll take you along for some of our adventures in Ollioules:

Jazz Concert at the town square:
Jazz at Ollioules in France Provence #2

We had a lovely evening listening to a very good jazz band which included some local musicians. It felt like everyone was there in a cosy and family friendly atmosphere. Typical for a small town like this, where ‘everyone’ knows each other, is proud of their city and support local activities like this. Yeah; even the children had fun and danced all around:
Jazz at Ollioules in France Provence #1

Ollioules by night:
At 11:30PM, after the concert, we walked around and I had my Nokia N82 at hand, trying to capture the atmosphere. Though the lighting was a bit difficult, I do hope you get the idea of why Claudie and Pierre are proud of Ollioules and how easy you can fall in love in this town:
Ollioules in France Provence #3 Ollioules in France Provence #
By night in the most charming town at Provence at full moon.

Local Art Exhibition:
Some days later, another adventure in Ollioules – everyone was there and one felt the same charming and friendly atmosphere – The exhibition with local artists (Claudie’s sister was one of them!):
Art Exhibition at Ollioules in France Provence #2 Art Exhibition at Ollioules in France Provence #1
Left: Mayor, Robert Beneventi opened – Right: Food and drinks was served outside.

At the beach:
Located 5 kilometres inland, Ollioules is near the lovely beaches of the Provençal coast such as: Bandol, Six-Fours and Sanary is only 7 kilometres from Toulon. Twice we were at Bandol and this was my first swim in the Mediterranean:
Mediterranean Beach in France Provence #1 Mediterranean Beach in France Provence #2
Left: Entering the beach – Right: RennyBA scuba diving :-)

Like I sad in my last post; it’s impossible to fully describe in words how wonderful this time at our Blog Gathering was. Reading between the lines and watching the pics, hopefully gives you a clue.

TorAa and his wife as well as Mr. & Mrs. Lifecruiser and my wife DianeCA was there too, you might like to click to read some in their perspectives. I have a lot more to share from this adventures trip, so stay tuned – here is link to the other post:

1: Building friendships at Blog Gathering in South France


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  2. Oh Renny, what a wonderful spot for a Blog Event! It looks so wonderful and serene. And the Jazz concert could only have been wonderful, as I love Jazz music!

  3. Renny what a blessing!! This looks just marvelous. Oh I can just imagine how very fun it was.

    My youngest is blessed to be able to travel like this as she is married to a DR.

    But, for us, I am afraid it will forever remain a dream. I had great plans to travel with our photography when Walter retired.

    But, unless a miracle happens I am afraid most of out travels will be very limited.

    I am so very very happy for you and your family. Thanks for always sharing your wonderful adventures with us. I live my international dreams vicariously through your blog!!

    Please, please keep it up!
    Happy week,

  4. Such a beautiful place….love it!

    I envy you Renny!

    Have an awesome week
    Love, Jess

  5. Renny, I wish we could make a reply – in real life.

    Beautiful Photos from a very charming area and wonderful memories.

  6. Southern France looks like a sunny paradise… I’d love to be there in the sun, sea, and sand! Looks fun!

  7. Oh, the beach… *love* *love* *love*

    It’s really fun for me to read about your French trip.

  8. That must have been so much fun! The pictures are very good, especially the ones taken in the evening.

  9. Queen of Flowers, what a great name for a city.
    It was fun to read abou tyour fun trip :D
    PS: The beach is be-yo-tee-ful

  10. Renny, you adorable man…thanks for tracking me down and bringing me back to your festive blog! Nothing like Provence in the summertime, and to have the whole gang together celebrating must have felt a little bit like Heaven on Earth!

  11. WOW …PLease invite to the next one !! Brilliant !!

  12. I’m green with envy, I’ve enver been to that part of France and am now very tempted.

  13. Wow Renny! The place is festive! I bet there’s lots of delicious food coupled with good friends. I am certainly envious. LOL!

  14. This place is really festive. I am tempted by your experience.

  15. What a wonderful place! Thanks for sharing.

  16. You are a such wonderful photographe! I really like the picture at the Jazz concert taken from the back!!! Yes I remember our walk in the night through the middle age streets! It was a magical moment in a quiet warm night under the moon! And the exhibition with our Mayor…!
    the pictures of the beach are wonderful!I was there two days ago with mask and tuba and met big fishes around!!!

  17. I can tell that this experience for you and Tor (with wives!) was awesome. You’ll never forget the summer of 2009! :)

  18. Hey Renny,

    Aah, France always offers this kind of celebratory event in Summer – I remember that, when I lived there, I used to go and attend some of these events (it is delightful).

    Ollioules seems gorgeous! I like the narrow streets (so typically Latin European) and the houses too. Provence is very beautiful!

    You had a wonderful time, I can tell :D!
    Thanks for sharing it with us and now I am off to read your previous post!


  19. so glad it was such a lovely time for you and diane.

  20. What a memorable and unique gathering!! in a most beautiful setting …

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  23. It is really nice place of good entertainment. ……………..

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