Blog Gathering in Provence France visits Le Castelle

Le Castellet is a charming little village perched above the plains of the départements Var in Provence, France. Arriving on the little road from La Cadiére-d’Azur you get a good view of Le Castellet, as the road across the countryside and vineyards pretty much circles the village before finally climbing up to the center.

Le Castellet in Provence France #2

It was a fortified medieval town, once belonging to the Baux and King René, ruled by the Lords and Bishops of Marseille and later by the Lords of Castillon. The “center” is at the top of the village, contrary to many Provencal villages where it’s on the slope and the top has only a lonely old church or castle. The narrow streets are cobblestone and the houses are old – nicely decorated with flowers. The chateau was last rebuilt in the 15th century, and has an imposing defensive feel about it.

As guests of the wonderful hosts on our Blog Gathering; Claudie and Pierre, my wife DianeCA and I had the privilege of spending a day walking around these medieval surroundings. I took a lot of photos as always and this time I’ll share them all from my Flickr account this way (enjoy!)

Le Castellet is also a surprisingly active village with various shops, art/antiques and handcrafts as well as lively business at the restaurants. We had our lunch at one of them, trying out the famous French Crêpe or pancake cuisine. As a Norwegian, I had mine in the French ‘Fruits de Mer’ way (English; Seafood) of course:
Le Castellet in Provence France #18

This is my third post from our unforgettable Blog Gathering at Claudie and Pierre’s. Being guided around of a local makes all the difference; e.g. we met a friend of Claudie, a Danish lady at her interior decoration boutique. Kind of exciting to have a Scandinavian meeting in this charming village :-)

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