Bloggers from Norway visit Ribeauville in Alsace France

Ribeauville located close to the Alps in North France in the region Alsace, is an amazing little village amongst green grassy hills with beautiful nature. We were stunned by its charm and beauty! Some say; ‘Alsace is a party.. . ‘ and when you visit Ribeauvillé, you understand the full meaning of the sentence. Here the ancient walls, the streets, the old houses and their wood beams are always decorated just waiting for the first note of music:

Ribeauville in Alsace France #2

Ribeauvillé has a long history first mentioned under “Ratbaldovillare” in an official document circa 768 AD. It meant “Villa of Ratbold”, in old German “Ratbold” signified “the boldest man of the counsel”. Property of the Dukes of Alsace, the Counts of Eguisheim, the Emperor of Germany and the Bishop of Basel, it was the Counts of Ribeaupierre who were the last lords of the town before the French revolution.

We visited this charming city as part of our trip by car – together with TorAa and Anna – from the adventurous Blog Gathering at Claudie and Pierre in Ollioules, South France (see links to my posts from the gathering at the end of this post!).

Ribeauvillé is an improbably beautiful village, uncharacteristically neat and tidy, the stuff of which fairy tales are made: higgledy-piggledy, half-timbered houses alight in summer with cascading geraniums and petunias; richly decorated wrought iron inn signs; great wooden doors from beneath which waft insistent, irresistible smells of onion tart, freshly baked bread, new wine and old barrels. No wonder, I went crazy with the camera (my Nikon Coolpix). Click to see all the photos in details at my Flickr account:

My regular readers know I consider food and wine an important part of exploring a region’s culture. Here is our splendid dinner at the Hotel au Lion:
Ribeauville in Alsace France #17
Main course: Cog au vin d´Alsace et spaetzle and of course; wine de la castle!
Ribeauville in Alsace France #16 Ribeauville in Alsace France #18
Left, starter: Escargots “Maison” – Right, dessert: Münsterkäse

This will be the last post from our adventurous trip through Europe after the loveliest Blog Gathering at the charming hosts Claudie and Pierre in Provence. To me it has been wonderful to recall and memories these special experience and share them with you. Hope you have enjoyed it too and here are links to the previous posts:

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