The Knight Templar Arn in Medieval World

Medieval World is a theme park of the Middle Ages, build around the Holy Lands of Templar Arn, situated at Götene in Sweden. In full scale it takes you directly into the medieval adventures and Arn’s daily life. After the recordings of the Arn films (The Knight Templar), the Municipality bought the scenes for a park, where you travel back to a vivid historical setting with knights and jesters, jousting and archery, medieval food and crafts:

Medieval World of Knight Templar Arn #3

The Knight Templar (Crusades trilogy) is a series of books about the fictional character of Arn Magnusson, written by Jan Guillou, Sweden. Arn was born in 1150 and at the age of 5, he had an accident and was believed to be saved thanks to his mother’s prayers to Saint Bernard of Clairvaux and sent to a monastery where he spent the next twelve years of his life.

He met brother Guilbert, a former Knight Templar, who instructed him in the use of the sword and the art of medieval war in the Holy Lands. The Prior of the convent, Father Henri, told Arn to witness for himself the outside world, and only after that would he be able to take the eternal vows of poverty, chastity and obedience. Arn did so, but fell into the terrible sin of having sexual intercourse with two sisters before marriage. One of these women, Katarina, gave this fact away, and he was doomed to spend 20 years in the Holy Lands, as a Knight Templar.

Medieval World of Knight Templar Arn #6

What I liked the most about this park was the involvement and participation; it felt like being in the Medieval World and taking part in the daily life. We where there a whole day and I had my Nokia N82 at hand, so I can invite you along:
Medieval World of Knight Templar Arn #14 Medieval World of Knight Templar Arn #13
Left: Make your sword & shield – Right: Eating at the open hearth
Medieval World of Knight Templar Arn #19 Medieval World of Knight Templar Arn #20
Left: Throw the axe – Right: bow & arrow

You may see all the pics at my Flickr account – here is a collection:

There were Medivial adventures all around – even music from that time. Mr. Detlev Briese and his fellow troubadours in Rommelpot let me record this with my mobile phone:

The entire family, plus one extra boy, was along for the trip and it was a great hit with everyone. We all really enjoyed the opportunity to try medieval weapons like shooting the bow and arrow and axe throwing! We could go in the houses and pick up and examine all the artefacts, we could also try on the clothes – everything was open to try out. We also practiced walking on stilts and we ate some old time candies. I think having an active adventure with the kids gives a special feeling to the day, and sharing history with them is the top of the cream! Hope you enjoy it too!