Marieholm an islet in Mariestad, was the residence of Duke Charles who in 1583 founded the city and later became King Karl IX of Sweden. The city Mariestad and this islet, is named after his wife Marie of Pfalz. Since Marieholm has been the home of the County Governor up until 1935 when owned by the state. The recent residence building is from 1733 build of wood and later (1853) got a second floor and a stone face was added:

Anniversary Royal Residence in Sweden #1

It was in this beautiful building we had our 10 year Anniversary for the Homeowners’ Association (abbrev. HOA) which is formed and governed by our Norwegian homeowners. HOA is a legal entity created for the purpose of developing, managing and selling a development of homes. Most homeowners’ associations, like ours – and quite common in Scandinavia – are non-profit corporations and ours is named ‘Insekten’ (eng. The Insect). So when in posts, I often refer to our ‘vacation home’, it’s an apartment-condominium in this little Norwegian settlement in the middle of Sweden :-)

BRF Insekten in Mariestad Sweden
Marieholm Residence:
Then back to this Manor and the party. I went crazy with my Nikon camera before the dinner and can’t resist giving you a round trip inside:

Insekten’s 10 year Anniversary party:
Of course it is a bit unusual to have a Norwegian HOA in the middle of Sweden, but that is a much longer story to take at another time! It’s all part of the fun. Our association is very well recognised by the city’s locals and representatives from the Municipality as well as the Manager of Tourism who were among our honoured guests. A three course dinner for 85 was served in the second floor ball room:
Anniversary Royal Residence in Sweden #3

The local culinary school was responsible for the dinner menu, and we had the honour of a whole crew of fine young Swedish ladies and gentlemen preparing and serving our meal. They did an excellent job I must say! So with the table set, let the party begin and the dinner be served:

Anniversary Royal Residence in Sweden #4
Starter: sea food sampler. Notice the royal emblem on the china and silver.
Anniversary Royal Residence in Sweden #5
Main course: calf medallions with Potatoes William
Anniversary Royal Residence in Sweden #6
Dessert: Chocolate mousse with raspberry sauce.
Anniversary Royal Residence in Sweden #7
Happy Norwegians partying with fellow Swedish
Anniversary Royal Residence in Sweden #8
A lot of speeches – one from RennyBA too of course :-)

Then we had a blast of a party downstairs and where dancing the whole night through. Those who would like to see all of the party pics, click here – at your own risk :lol:

The accommodations were of royal standard to be sure, complete with antique furniture, crystal chandeliers and hand painted decorations on the ceilings. We felt truly blessed to be allowed to borrow this special building, as not everyone is given access – it is only loaned out on very special occasions. This is an example of the good relationship our community has with its Swedish hosts and that they appreciate this Scandinavian brotherhood as much as we do. So let me offer a toast to our home away from home, Mariestad. You will always have a special place in our hearts. Hope my regular readers also enjoy the royal treatment!

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  1. Hi Renny….this looks fabulous….and I know you had a great time!

    Wonderful post once again…and i always feel like I’m with you….except without the effects of the alcohol and the good food….LOL

    Love, Jess

  2. How much fun! And wow, were you guys treated royally. Love the colors in the photos.

  3. I agree with Jessica… always fun to be in your company !

  4. Wow! Such an extravagant affair!

  5. Thank you for the tour through the history of the building. It definitely had a royal atmosphere and it was nice to learn the origins of the residence. A lovely reminder of an unforgettable evening!

  6. wow Interesting story and like i’ve said in your flick. that stunning yellow house is fabulous! You captured it well Renny. Have a great weekend :)

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  8. What beautiful surroundings, and the food looks wonderful! It’s good that you have such a good relationship with your Swedish neighbors/hosts.

    Have a great remainder of your weekend, Renny. :-)

    Love and hugs,


  9. Wow! What a fabulous place…and the royal insignia on the china ans silverware…ooohaaah…I’m impressed.

    It looks as if you all had a wonderful time. Thanks for sharing us your delicious looking dinner.

  10. Beautiful party & residence! I’m sure you had the best time!

    I feel right at home there, we have many similar buildings in Sweden. Manors, Residences or some even called Castles even if they’re a bit on the small side.

    I just love all of them! I never get tired of seeing them. I grew up just beside one of them and we had our wedding party in one of them too. Lovely memories.

    Do you know who was the architect of this one? I would not be surprised if it is someone very well known, since it was the King IX’s residence.

    The architect of what the building looks today (with the added 2nd floor, was Johan Fredrik Åbom.

  11. Thanks for the interesting post :)

  12. The place settings and the three dinner courses are just wonderful – a feast for the eyes as well as for the other senses. Altogether a beautiful setting for a great celebration.

  13. Amazing looking place (and crazy yummy looking food). I’m from Norwegian stock (American) and can’t wait to visit someday!

  14. Yum! They treated you very well.

  15. Hey Renny :D!

    Beautiful house!! And we can tell by your face that you had a blast!

    Thanks for having shared it with us and have a super week ahead :D!


  16. Wow! That´s really fancy! What a beautiful house and of course what a grand party too! The food looks great as well. Yum!

  17. The building is beautiful. Looks like everyone had a wonderful time there. I enjoy history alot.

    Please swing by for a visit, the welcome mats always out

  18. What a wonderful evening! And your own little Norwegian community in the middle of Sweden – I want to hear that story! I also want a bite of that dessert ;)

  19. Great place indeed to celebrate an HOA, it looks like a building worthy of royalty

  20. No doubt you had a very pleasant time in this Royal settings. Beautiful and the food looks really heavenly.

    And of course, it had to be the local beer.

    Great post

  21. First a apology my dear friend for being so long getting over here for a visit.

    I know you are aware of the health crisis we are currently experiencing in our family and the saga is still continuing, leaving us all in a state of limbo.

    Now on to comment about this wonderful post. At first I misread and thought it was your wedding anniversary!! Wow both Walter and I were very impressed with that!!

    Then I reread and discovered it was for your local HOA! Congratulations on the anniversary!

    I remember our days while living in Dallas and involved in the building industries we too were members of our NHBA.

    The parties were wonderful and very extravagant but nothing as refined as this. Ours had old bath tubs filled with bottles of wine, frozen margarita machines, beer kegs everywhere, and yes naturally, as it was Texas, a chili cook off!

    This looks simply marvelous! I am 3/4 German you know so I always love seeing your pictures of historical places, that are in fact, a part of my ancestral heritage.

    This is simply marvelous Renny. But, then again your shares are always fantastic and very informative.

    Thank you for hanging in there with me through these times. You are a true and dear friend!!

  22. Whats this I see in the second to the last photo? they are all Budweiser fans…lol, love the photographs !!!

    On the contrary mee; It’s beer from a local brewery from the city of Mariestad :-)
    Glad you liked the pics !!!

  23. We call this living high on the hog, Renny. :D

  24. What a beautiful place Renny. If you did not travel to the vacation home, is it left empty?

    Can someone visiting Sweden rent this place while you are still in Norway.

    I am in love with this place and thank you for a lovely tour ;D

    Yes, while we’re not there, our apartment is empty.
    I normally don’t let anybody rent it, but good friends may borrow it – e.g. to the couple who in exchange let us have their apartment in Budapest.
    Are you interested? ;D

  25. What a place!

    You must have felt like a king – looks like they fed you like the royal family at least :lol:

  26. Hi Renny. First of all, thank you very much for your words of sympathy. I appreciate it.

    That looks like a wonderful anniversary celebration. Such lovely and elegant settings.

  27. You party animal you!! Really looks stunning Renny – thanks for the lovely photos :)

  28. Now that’s very classy!! fantastic building, gourmet dinner and I love the elegant china and silverware!

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  30. Hi Renny!

    I liked the details of the house and the golden plate that was on the table. Very diferent in Brazil…

  31. What a BEAUTIFUL site-such a treat when you can’t go yourself-wonderful photos!! Thanks so much , Francis

  32. I feel right at home there, we have many similar buildings in Sweden. Manors, Residences or some even called Castles even if they’re a bit on the small side.I just love all of them! I never get tired of seeing them.

  33. I normally don’t let anybody rent it, but good friends may borrow it – e.g. to the couple who in exchange let us have their apartment in Budapest.
    Are you interested?

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