Writing mostly about Norway; our Culture, Traditions and Habits, it’s an honour to be listed on The Daily Reviewer’s Top 100 Blog category Norway. Here is the official Award:

It was Angelina Mizaki, Selection Committee President at The Daily Reviewer who announced this in a comment on my blog:
Congratulations! Your readers have submitted and voted for your blog at The Daily Reviewer. We compiled an exclusive list of the Top 100 Norway Blogs, and we are glad to let you know that your blog was included!”

Some might call a post about this bragging. To me an Award like this is an inspiration and encouragement to keep on sharing about my daily life in Norway and the Nordic countries as well as my travels around the world.

Blogging Connecting People:
My regular readers have read this saying of mine many times – and further; Brake down cultural, religious and other barriers. Sharing and visiting others in the Blogsphere from all around the world, builds friendships and develops knowledge about others people and their way of living.

Meeting other bloggers:
Further more; Blogging and other Social Media, makes people want to meet their friends made in Blogsphere in person. This summer my wife and I had the privilege of visiting our blog friend Claudie in Provence, France. Next week, I’m going to meet a gentleman from Singapore who travels a lot and became interested in Norway while finding my blog post ‘Fish market in Oslo” through a Google search. This inspires me by showing that blogging is a new channel for tourism. This is part of the reason I’m working on creating a Blog Gathering in Oslo in August next year. So that many of you will have an opportunity to come and experience some of the places you’ve seen in my posts!


  1. Congratulations that you are listed on Top Norway Blogs
    II wish you LUCK :)

  2. Congratulations on your award, Renny! What an honor! ;-)

  3. Wow, good job!

    You are a great ambassador for Norway :-)

  4. Congratulations to you!!!!!! :)

  5. Congratulations Renny! You deserve the award!

  6. WooHoo WTG Renny!! Congratulations my friend!! I for one think you are most deserving. If it were up to me you would not only be in the top 100 you would be #1!!

    As I’ve told you before you are just about my only connection to learn about the Northern European countries. This is very dear to me as I am a descendant of the region.

    Before leaving I will say you were spot on in your interpretations of my water colors. They were painted while we lived in my beloved Maine, which, if I am not mistaken is much like Norway in climate and terrain!!

    I hope you have a fabulous weekend!!

  7. Congratulations! Well deserved – this is not your “everyday” blog-award. Keep it up!

  8. Congratulations! I’m really looking forward to the blog gathering next year! The meeting with/at Claudie were such a success :-)

  9. Congratulations, how wonderful is that! Not something most of us can even aspire to.

  10. Congratulations Renny! All the best for you and your blog in future endeavours.

  11. Renny,

    You are a dedicated person and very good in the things you write. I learn many things here and I want to Blog Gathering in Oslo in August next year. … but I need to plan my time. I can this! Congratulations for the recognition!

  12. Congratulations, my dear friend! You deserve this so much. You have long been an inspiration to me to continue telling the world about New Hampshire, my dackels and my world!

  13. Congrats, Renny! You truly ARE the best! You have truly embraced what Blogging is all about and show this spirit every day. I am glad you were my first commenter ever so many years ago!

    What a great idea trying to organize a blogger fest in Oslo! I would so be there if I didn’t have some health and $$$ limitations! (As well as a husband who has to work!)

  14. Dear RennyBA,
    your blog is fantastic related to facts and stories and daily life in the Nordic Countries.
    You so well deserved this honour. Without doubt.

    And I confirm that blogging connects people – even for eternal friendship – we know that;-)).

    By the way, just look at my PH-entry this Saturday. It’s a proof.

    Have a great Sunday

  15. WOW, congratulations. You totally deserve this one.
    And thank you for sharing the beautiful norvegian culture.

  16. congratulations!
    you totally deserve that award.

    fish market in oslo? i’m envious of the singaporean. coz i will buy fish from that marker (for the tourist discount), then you guys will cook it, remember? when would that happen? haaay…

  17. CONGRATULATIONS RENNY !! You are the best..
    Always its a pleasur reading your blog.

  18. Congrats Renny,

    Let’s party for this


  19. congrats Renny, you deserve it!

  20. is that chicken leg your blow-out!..looks very yummy!

  21. CONGRATULATIONS, Renny. You of all people deserve the award!

  22. Congratulations Renny!!
    You deserve this honour!

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