Outdoor recreation on Oslo Fjord islands

From the harbour of the capital of Norway, The Oslo Fjord, you find the most popular recreation area. The fjord is a long gem, 100 km between Færder lighthouse to Oslo, and it is encircled by the country’s most densely populated area. In the summer the fjord comes to life and my wife DianeCA and I often go to our favourite little island for a swim, some tanning and sometimes a little picnic. With my Nokia N82 at hand, I captured one of this quality times with my wife this summer and you’re welcome to join our BBQ feast:

Outdoor recreation on Oslo Fjords islands #1
Grilled chicken with salad and dressing.

This island, Kalvøya (Calf Island) is just 20 minutes from Oslo center by public transportation. Even in this densely populated area in Norway (Oslo: 0.5 mil.), you can find your own, quiet little spot along the fjord to enjoy the tranquillity and fresh air. You’ll also find beaches – sometimes a bit overcrowded to my taste – or less crowded like the nude beach ;-). Her we found our own little bathing spot and after a relaxing swim, my wife packed out the food for a BBQ and I was the chef:
Outdoor recreation on Oslo Fjords islands #2

Norwegians have a close relationship with boating, and this is evident in the Oslo fjord. In the summer there are boats of all sizes on the fjord, and it is possible to go kayaking, canoeing, fishing, and sailing if you wish to enjoy the outdoors! This is the view from our cook out that day – to me this is by all means; recreational:
Outdoor recreation on Oslo Fjords islands #3

There is a flourishing animal life on this island with a lot of birds, some more intrusive than others. Here are some seagulls enjoying some of our leftovers:
Outdoor recreation on Oslo Fjords islands #4

I just love to be out in the nature, not only in the summer time, but in all four seasons. It’s a way to charge your batteries, to find inspiration and get away from the stressful, urban life. In Oslo, it’s just outside your doorstep you know. As I’ve reported before, this island is recreational in all seasons – have a look:
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