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A guided tour in Oslo with Dion Hinchcliffe

Since Dion Hinchcliffe, an Enterprise & Web 2.0 and a blog Guru is in Oslo, we gave him a guided tour. Dion is invited by The Norwegian Computer Society (NCS) and Bouvet (Consultant Company) as a key note speaker on our conference about “Collaboration and Innovation; the Wiki Way). It was Åsmund Mæhle (a EUCIP Professional Business Analyst) at Bouvet – a colleague in NCS and the conference’s program comity – who suggested this tour since he is a regular reader of my blog and red a lot of my Oslo posts. I was thrilled about the idea of course, as I love to show highlights from the capital of Norway to new visitors and I gladly share the trip with you:

The New Oslo Opera House:

Oslo Opera House #2First stop was the opera house; The construction – designed by the acknowledged Norwegian architectural firm Snøhetta – is the largest single cultural-political initiative in contemporary Norway. It took five years to build and the cost was about 500 million Euros. The result is an extraordinary building that rises directly from beneath the fjord. Founded by the government, the idea was to bring opera and ballet to the people and it’s the only opera house where you can walk on the roof.

You’re welcome to read my earlier posts for further details: Recreational Culture for the People and New Oslo Opera House in Norway.

When we was there a fitness centre had an open invitation program on the roof:

Guiding Dion Hinchcliffe in Oslo #2
Left: Dione – Right: Åsmund

Vigeland Sculpture Park:
As a part of The Frogner Park it covers 80 acres (320,000 m2) and features 212 bronze and granite sculptures created by Gustav Vigeland. He personally sculpted every figure out of clay and individual craftsmen were contracted to fabricate the pieces into what they are today. He describes peoples natural feelings in every detail as they coddles together in varies life time situations. So alive, yet in bronze, they are expressively inspiring the soul of mankind:
Guiding Dion Hinchcliffe in Oslo #1
Dion, Renny and Åsmund at the Angry Boy statue.

This statue is the most photographed object by tourists in Norway – also check out the header of my blog :-) It says you can have stimulating conversations on a golf curse. I would say Vigeland Parks invites in the same kind of atmosphere and we all had a jolly good time – getting to know Dion – while walking around.

Your welcome to read my earlier post from this park for further details: Vigeland Park – not quite as erotic as you might think.

Frogneseteren Restaurant:
On top of Holmenkollen (Oslo’s Beverly Hills) 435 meter (1427 feet) above sea level and 20 min from the city center, you find this wonderful viewpoint of the city and Oslo Fjord. It’s a timber building (log cabin) from 1891 with a romantic touch and bond with a fireplace in several of the rooms. I’m sorry the weather wasn’t cooperating – rain and fog – but here you get a glance of us and the building:

Guiding Dion Hinchcliffe in Oslo #4

At that time we where accompanied by some more from the program comity and colleagues of Åsmund from Bouvet. The menu in the restaurant is based on traditional Norwegian cuisine and we had a jolly good time – discussing Social Media, Web 2.0 and next-gen business at the table:
Guiding Dion Hinchcliffe in Oslo #3

Dion was eager to try Norwegian food, so here is what we had (sorry I forgot to take a pic of the main course before I had a bite or too :lol: ):
Guiding Dion Hinchcliffe in Oslo #5 Guiding Dion Hinchcliffe in Oslo #5
Left – main course: Roasted Moose – Right – dessert: Cloud berries.

You’re welcome to see more from Oslo’s hills and the famous ski jump on my earlier post: Holmenkollen, a cultural high point in Oslo.

So who is next for a round trip in Oslo with me? As a network evangelist: I’m always up for more. If I manage to organize a Blog Gathering in August next year: Would you like to come?

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  1. Wow – the restaurant is so beautiful. And the time together looks amazing.

    Of course I am always up for a visit but after talking to the financial advisor, I might have to think differently… ET can you go.. UM….

    I would love to show up but I think that a trip still isn’t in the works for me. Of course if I could drive there, well that would be a different story…

    Great photos of course. Yeah web 2.0.

  2. And another fun adventure. Thanks for letting me come along. The food looks yummy too. Glad all had a great time.

    Have a terrific day. Big hug to you and Diane. :)

  3. It must be fun to exchange views in such a nice place…
    I love that statue of the angry boy…. he seems as naughty as our Manneke Piss in Brussels ;-)

  4. The Opera House is magnificent! I looked at quite a few of your pictures and the inside Lobby is stunning! You always give us so much to see of Oslo and surrounding areas in your posts…I thank you fior that, Renny, because it gives me such a wonderful view of your country and that city, which I have never been to and no doubt never will because I can no longer travel due to Health Issues! Bravo, Renny…BRAVO!

  5. Renny,

    Thanks for a terrific day, a warm welcome to Norway, and a great tour of what your delightful city of Oslo offers those who know where to look. Your knowledge, insight, and humanistic sketches of what we saw on Sunday will remain with me for a long time.

    As you know, I also took a great many pictures which I’ll post to my Flickr account when I return to the United States.

    I will stay in touch and look forward to many great conversations online.



  6. Hello,

    Can you please tell how to make sure that when you hover the mouse on a specific word (s), pop up a certain pattern (not another page, namely a small image as a hint), and disappears when the cursor to the test goes.

    How to make a tooltip text in the picture for example, I know. But as the opposite – I do not know … Internet is not found, or in English. do not understand.

    Thanks in advance.

    Офисная, Регистрация и Спрос на. Недвижимость Испании

  7. Some of my favorite spots in Oslo. Love the fitness thing on the Opera House. Now that’s what you call a multi-purpose building. Yes to the Blog gathering next year – IF I’m still here.

  8. That´s awesome Renny! I like how they have fitness programs on top of the roof. I havent been to Holmenkollen but I told Odd that one day we should take a trip up there to wine and dine.

  9. hello again Renny
    I’ve had problems signing in …eek
    I’ll try again :0
    stunning photos..
    I want to visit your opera house!!!!
    and that hot dog looks delish!!!

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