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Gutenberg House Art Gallery and Graphic Museum in Mariestad

Gutenberg House in Mariestad contains both an art gallery and a graphic museum. Built in late 1700s as a warehouse, this is the only remaining of the numerous wooden buildings that previously lined the harbour. It’s therefore a valuable element of the old part of Mariestad in Sweden and well worth a visit:

Gutenberg House Art Gallery and Graphic Museum in Mariestad #1Gutenberg House Art Gallery and Graphic Museum in Mariestad #2

What attracts me first was The Graphic Museum and of course the connection in name with Johannes Gensfleisch zur Laden zum Gutenberg (1398 – 1468), the German goldsmith and printer who is credited with being the first European to use movable type printing and the global inventor of the mechanical printing press. Among the specific contribution to printing which are attributed to Gutenberg is the invention of a process for mass-producing movable type. The press at the museum is from the 1900s, but I guess you get the hang of it:
Gutenberg House Graphic Museum #1 Gutenberg House Graphic Museum #2

The other attraction is The Art Gallery located on the second floor: A perfect place for art exhibitions of all kinds in an old wooden house. I guess from these photos, you get an idea of that too:
Gutenberg House Art Gallery #1 Gutenberg House Art Gallery #2

Here you’ll find a comprehensive selection of artwork, sculptures, jewellery, textiles, etc. from exhibiting artists in Mariestad and the local area.

This old building and the surrounding properties have more to offer as well – especially if you care to pay The Back Gardens a visit. A nice, quiet, personal and artistic atmosphere:
Gutenberg House back gardens in Mariestad #1 Gutenberg House back gardens in Mariestad #2

If you take a look at the details of the groupings you’ll understand why I went crazy with my Nokia mobile phone camera:
Gutenberg House back gardens in Mariestad #3 Gutenberg House back gardens in Mariestad #4

To me it’s like going back a century in time – like a recreational journey where time stands still and you’ll find candy for the eye everywhere. To me for sure it was another quality time adventure with my wife at our vacation home town in Sweden. You’re welcome to read about this trip and see it all from her prospective on DianeCA’s own blog.

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  1. I was a printer most of my life… believe it or not but I still saw those machines (the one in your picture) in use when I started my career… guess it makes me a bit antique too… ;-)

  2. More I read you and Diane more I think Mariestad is a nice and quiet place were you can live in harmony with art, culture and nature. I am preparing my last article with the pictures Jérôme gave to me! It should be soon ready.

  3. My first time to see vintage printing machine in my life.Although,husband is into mechanical calculators,he collects them. We have 8 so far.I love the shots as usual.BTW,these colored houses in sweden are now hit here in DE. I see,newly built houses here in those colours and style around in my area.I can’t blame them. It’s beautiful! :)

  4. it’s just wonderful. I don;t know what I enjoy the most. Renny you have a candy store here for this little Northern Euro descendant.

    And the printing press was invented and designed by a man from Germany even. That’s something I should have known but didn’t.

    Renny, my father’s original ancestral name was Stroudsberg!! It got shortened during the migration and assimilation period to Stroud.

    Oh this is glorious!! I just love how you have captured the rustic, the modern, the quaint and lovely homes. You have presented us with a delicious plate that is for sure.

    Thank you for taking the time to share this with us!
    Happy week!!:-)

  5. So awesome…Renny I have been lurking….and just wanted you to know I always appreciate your visits to my blog.

    Lots of love and Happy new week.


  6. have a great and blessed week ahead! I also would like to exchange links with you..let me know if it is fine for you. thanks in advance!

  7. I love how quaint it all is. And I would be interested in the printing press, they have always facinated me!

    I would love to have tea in that garden too!!
    Thank you for sharing this with all of us!!

    Take care,

  8. First of all, thank you for your comment on my blog. The Filipinos are grateful for the generosity of the Norwegians. God bless.

    That’s a lovely building. The press museum is interesting. It’s nice to see old machines kept in good condition. I wonder if they still work.

    The garden looks like a cozy place.

  9. very interesting.
    Did you know, in the 1960’ies I worked for a Trade Magazine,
    and the technology our Printhouse then used was, yes, the same as Guthenberg, for Titles and ingresses.
    Maschines were only used for typing text – and you know what they used: Lead.
    Many Typographics died from Cancer – they did not know how lead damp poisend their workrooms.
    And when the Printhouses introduced new technology, they went on strike. To preserve the old, life endangering technology.
    Sad to think about these Days.
    After all Gutenbergs inventions have without doubt have had a tremendous impact the modern societes.

    I think you should invite us to this Museum in early December;-))

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