Bærum’s Works, 30 min. from Oslo city, today offers around 55 shops, craftsmen, workshops, galleries and restaurants. Trade, crafts and history are intertwined and form the basis of activities and cultural experiences such as glass-blowing, blacksmith, galleries, crafts, design, speciality shops, oven museum, Sculpture Park, historic play and a modern trading. I had another quality time there with my wife, photo hunting for the golden beauty of autumn. I gladly take you along and let me set the mood by some pics from the fall running through this industrial historic environment:

Fall in industrial historical environment in Norway #1
Above: RennyBA in the fall :-)
Fall in industrial historical environment in Norway #2 Fall in industrial historical environment in Norway #3

Bærums Verk”, a former industrial company was established in 1610 as iron to produce cannon shells and driven at the king’s expense, a private company from 1624. The Ironworks was in 1874 converted to the foundry with a mechanical workshop. The works also had a saw mill and planking mill, as well as extensive agriculture and forestry:
Fall in industrial historical environment in Norway #4
Industrial historical environment.
Fall in industrial historical environment in Norway #5 Fall in industrial historical environment in Norway #6

Trade and commerce have always been of central importance to Bærums Verk history and this tradition continues today. In 1985, restoration began to revitalize the old buildings into a charming cultural, social and shopping centre. I hate malls, but I love this:
Fall in industrial historical environment in Norway #11 Fall in industrial historical environment in Norway #10

The second stage in this process occurred in 1997 with the refurbishment of the old production locations: The foundry, the furnace and the iron stock. Today, Bærums Verk has become a unique shopping centre in historical surroundings. The picturesque ironworks area survives today as one of the most distinctive features and the vibrant center for commerce, crafts and history:
Fall in industrial historical environment in Norway #13

With its beautiful outdoor areas and its unique buildings, Bærums Verk is an area that is very well suited to exhibit sculptures. Here they promote Norwegian artists and make them available to everyone. I can’t show them all in one post, but while hunting for the golden colour of fall, I found some of its beauty:
Fall in industrial historical environment in Norway #8 Fall in industrial historical environment in Norway #9

My regular readers know I consider food an important part of history and culture and there are a lot of culinary delights to choose from at Bærums Verk as well. They have Norway’s oldest inn preserved; “Værtshuset Bærums Verk” which is protected as a historical monument. However, this time we choose the one and only Dutch Pancake house of Norway. It has been a custom for me to end our quality time reports with the serving and of course I won’t disappoint my regular readers:
Fall in industrial historical environment in Norway #14 Fall in industrial historical environment in Norway #15
Left: “Michelangelo” – pepperoni, onion, cheese, tomato, pepper, oregano and olives.
Right: “Rembrandt” – crisp bacon, blue cheese, chevre, paprika, cheese.

Thanks for joining us on this short fall trip to the lovely Bærums Verk. It seems like it may have been a week or two early to find the peak fall colours, but I hope you enjoyed the history, culture and scenery anyway. So stay tuned for more colourful fall posts.


  1. This is one of the most kept secrets nearby the Capital of Norway.
    For me it’s unbelievable that this exceptional beautiful and historical site still are unknown for even most of the people living nearby.
    May be the reason can be: So many historical places and beauties of natures, and since the past 10 years, so many excellent cafés and restaurants in the close neighbourhood, that the best and closest are overseen?

    I’ve been there a couple of times. But, you know:
    30 miuntes drive – puuhhh, when it’s not to the Family Cabin. How crazy we are, we Norwegians. Spoiled and Pampered – what else to say?
    When we have industrial history, sights, natural wonders like the river falls and top (world) class restaurants just outside our doorstep.

    Excellent post RennyBA.

  2. The changing leaves look lovely!

    I’ll have the first pizza … but no onions or olives, pleez.

  3. It is a very beautiful place! Looks fairly quiet and peaceful too.

    I must admit I know very little about Norway’s history.

  4. This looks like a wonderful place to visit. The photos of the waterfalls are very beautiful, Nd of course the food looks delicious. Thanks for sharing.

  5. As usual – an excellent piece of cultural information! Thank you.

    I got my winter coat today – I might dare to venture ‘North’…..

  6. Fall is my favorite season.
    This view is amazing and the food.. hmmm YUMMY

  7. and all the infos are great. I feel more intelligent already LOL

  8. I must remember to visit this place on my next visit to Oslo! 30 minutes is not far at all – it’ll be a good reason to drive around in the Southern regions of Norway, maybe even to Bergen!

    Thanks for this beautiful post… glad to see the weather is still holding out – can’t wait to see when it changes totally to Fall.

  9. nice photos here Renny..but I guess the last one is the most delicious! your in my blogroll..sorry forgot to mention last time..thanks for adding me!

  10. finally posted my comment…after an hour of not posting it due to some error..have a great weekend..
    hugs and blessings!

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  12. Ah, I’d love that place too! An unbeatable combination of nature, shopping and art! Wonderful.

  13. Wow! There are so many beautiful places in Norway where we can visit. The place would look spectacular in Winter when the water freezes.

  14. The Michelangelo and Rembrandt dishes at the end look to die for!

  15. Hello, thanks for these nice collection……………..

  16. Thank you for bringing those unknown treasures to our attention. I filed it into my travel-wishlist. All pics are wonderful, but that first one is magic :)

  17. Wow… neat and thanks… we are heading your way in a couple of weeks and think we will go visit here. thanks again, angela

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