Scandinavian fall season at Göta Canal in Sweden

Autumn in Scandinavia offers colourful scenery – a proof of the significant four seasons. Photo hunting for the natural golden beauty of fall, I had another quality time with my wife in the local area around in our vacation home in Mariestad, Sweden. I had my Nokia N82 mobile phone at hand of course, and gladly share some of the fall beauty with you. In the spirit of my blog, let’s learn something from this sight seeing too:

The Göta Canal:
Build between 1810 and 1832 to facilitate the transport of good for export; it’s one of the largest civil engineering projects ever undertaken in Sweden. Its stretches from Mem at the east coast to Sjötorp on Lake Vanern:

Fall at Göta Canal in Sweden #2 Fall at Göta Canal in Sweden #1

The canal has a length of 190 kilometres and a total of 58 locks of this distance, 87 kilometres are man made and in combination with the Trolhätta canal, the Göta Canal connects Stockholm with Gôteborg. A total of 58,000 soldiers took part in its construction:
Fall at Göta Canal in Sweden #4 Fall at Göta Canal in Sweden #3

Throughout the 19th century the canal continued to be a very important transport route for both goods and passengers. Today it is one of Sweden’s best known tourist attractions and has been named the Swedish construction of the millennium.

Lyrestad harbour store house:
The harbour storehouse dates from the time when Lyrestad was an important transhipping centre. It is said that it was build of demolition timber from the canal labourers barracks at Norrkvarn. It was not unusual to reuse timber from the barracks which were no longer required after the canal was completed:
Fall at Göta Canal in Sweden #6
Lyrestad harbour storehouse in fall.
Fall at Göta Canal in Sweden #7 Fall at Göta Canal in Sweden #8

Lake Vänern:
The largest lake in Sweden and the third largest lake in Europe, located in the provinces of Västergötland, Dalsland, and Värmland. It covers an area of 5,655 km², located at 44 m above sea level and is on average 27 m deep and the maximum depth is 106 m. Basically all common fresh water fish are found in Lake Vänern. Our vacation home town, Mariestad, is call the Pearl of Lake Vänern – here is one of the reasons why:
Fall at Lake Vänern in Sweden #2 Fall at Lake Vänern in Sweden #4
Ekudden beach at Lake Vänern in Fall
Fall at Lake Vänern in Sweden #1 Fall at Lake Vänern in Sweden #3

I feel a special attachment to this last beach on Vänern. Today we were discussing how we have had all our loved ones at this beach, throughout all the seasons of the year. We have walked on the ice in winter, taken early spring picnics, swimming in the middle of summer and enjoy the fiery colour of fall. Season after season year after year we come back to this spot for peace and tranquillity. That is what enjoying the four seasons and the nature is all about, the possibility of embracing it all in the company of the people you most enjoy being with.

I told you this was a quality time together with my wife. Go and see the results from DianeCA’s photo hunt!