Oslo Blog Gathering 2010 Preview

Oslo Blog Gathering, August 11th to 15th, invites all to explore the city and Norway’s history, culture and traditions. It’ll be a compact guided adventure invited by RennyBA’s Terella, to give everyone in Blogsphere a chance to see some of the attractions presented on this blog over the last five years. After the first day’s guided tour: Highlights of Oslo, you’ll learn how to navigate, use the public transportation and chose your favourite attractions such as museums, historical buildings, shopping, boat trips or hiking in the woods.

Program preview:

Oslo Blog Gathering 2010visitOslo is a key contributor to this Gathering. Sharing their knowledge and experience has been an important input for composing the program. Thanks to them we get the guided tour: Highlights of Oslo and even the Oslo Pass which give free travel on all public transport, free admission to museums and sights. Passengers from Oslo Gardemoen airport will also get a free ticket to the city by the Express train. I recommend a visit to their site and get acquainted with Oslo; what they have to offer and what you would like to do, e.g.: Top 10 suggestions

Blogging Connecting People:

RennyBAAs an active networker I enjoy using Social Media and blogging extensively. Through this I have met a lot of nice people online which I am curious about, and very much would like to meet personally. That is the reason behind this project – no other – I am not sponsored by any tourist group or agency, or any of the local hotels for that matter. So it’s not a commercial venture for me and I do not earn anything on the participation. I only wish to sett opp arrangements so that as many as possible are able to join us.

The Official Program site:
This post is a pre announcement and of course there will be more details about the program as well as accommodations and booking. For more details, in time as they are certified, this site will always be updated: Oslo Blog Gathering 2010.