RennyBA guiding Facebook friends in Oslo Norway

Oslo city is bounded by the Central Station (Oslo S) to the east, the Royal Palace to the west and the seafront by The City Hall to the south. It’s a compact area and easily walkable! Karl Johan; the mostly pedestrian main street connecting Oslo S and the Palace is the artery of downtown Oslo and takes only 20 minutes to walk through. So when I meet someone new in town, I always walk them through Karl Johan and advise them to remember the name. Getting acquainting with this main street, you never get lost in Oslo, or you can ask everyone for it to get back on track :-)

Social Media connecting People:
As a network evangelist, I have a lot of connections also out of Norway. My regular readers know I have met some of them, especially blog friends. A few weeks ago, a Facebook friend of mine in Canada recommended a fellow citizen to contact me since he was visiting Oslo. We hooked up on Facebook and started to plan for our meeting. He and another friend of his came by train from Stockholm in the afternoon and I met them at Oslo S upon arrival. So I took them on a guided tour and gladly take you along to some of the highlights, referring to my earlier posts:

The New Oslo Opera House:
It’s only a minute walk from the Central Station and you don’t need to like Opera to enjoy this extraordinary building that rises directly from beneath the fjord and the only Opera where you can walk on the roof. Shaped as a glacier or a ship, the amazing building seems to float by the inlet Bjørvika, giving a stunning impression. I’ve posted a lot about it with pictures before (e.g. The largest single cultural-political initiative in contemporary Norway) – here I am together with my guests:

Guiding Facebook friends in Oslo Norway #1
Pradeep Nair, Shaun Toolsie and RennyBA at the Opera House.

The Karl Johan Street:
The main pedestrian street has plenty of quality shops (click to read: Oslo – Shopping with a charming atmosphere), as well as some monumental buildings where in particular the Parliament-Palace axis has a certain Parisian grandeur. The same with Grand Hotel (click to read: Jazz Brunch at Grand Café in Oslo), where the Nobel Peace Prize winner stay as well as the National Museum and the former Oslo University.

Aker Brygge:
Is the coastal area located south, at the City Hall, 5 minutes walk from Karl Johan. It’s a former shipyard area in Oslo harbour, across from Akerhus Fortress. In 1982 work started on demolishing the former shipyards and workshops of Norway’s largest shipbuilding yard. It’s now been converted into a shopping and nightlife centre, pulsing with life – there are outdoor restaurants and bars almost everywhere (click to read: Show off your tan at Aker Brygge in Oslo).
After a couple of hours walk through the city – Yea, I know I said just 20 minutes, but it takes some more time with me constantly stopping, showing and talking about the buildings and the city’s history :lol: – we where all exhausted and hungry. We ended up at one of the many restaurants at Aker Brygge with outdoor serving and had some seafood pasta delight:
Guiding Facebook friends in Oslo Norway #2

My beloved American wife DianeCA joined us half way through Karl Johan so during dinner, there were a lot of questions answered about how it was adjusting to living in Norway :-)

Oslo Blog Gathering 2010:

visitOSLOThis is an example of what you can experience if joining our gathering in August next year – it won’t take you long to get acquainted with Oslo. Included in the program fee, you get the Oslo Pass with free travel on all public transport (easily available on Karl Johan) and free admission to museums and sights. During three days, you will be able to explore the Oslo Fjord, The Maritime and Viking Museum, Vigeland Sculpture Park, The Botanical Garden as well as hiking in the woods at Holmenkollen Ski Jump and Mountain – and many, many more options. Check out the gatherings officially program site and start planning to meet bloggers from all over the world – booking will soon be available!