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Mini Cruise on Oslo Fjord in Norway

By ship from the City Hall to the new Opera House, then to Bygdøy Island with Maritime and Viking museum gives an adventures cruise on the Oslo Fjord. A hop on – hop off tour with a double masts motor vessel “Jumfruen” (Eng. Virgin) (build 1917) leaves the harbour at the City Hall every 90 min. from 9:45AM to 15:45PM. That means you can cruise a whole day and at the same time enjoy cultural buildings, museums, beaches on the islands on the fjord with breath taken scenery – all in one day. That’s what my wife DianeCA (click to read her report!) and I did some weekends ago and of course we gladly take you along:

Mini Cruise Oslo Fjord in Norway #1
DianeCA and RennyBA at “Jomfruen” on the Oslo Fjord.

Let the cruise begin from Oslo harbour:
Mini Cruise Oslo Fjord in Norway #3 Mini Cruise Oslo Fjord in Norway #2
Left: The boat gangplank – Right: 90 years old boat “Jumfruen”
Mini Cruise Oslo Fjord in Norway #4
Oslo City Hall
Mini Cruise Oslo Fjord in Norway #5 Mini Cruise Oslo Fjord in Norway #6
Left: Passing Akershus Fortress – Right: The view of the city from the fjord.

The New Oslo Opera House:
First stop is the largest single cultural-political initiative in contemporary Norway. It’s an extraordinary building that rises directly from beneath the fjord – like an iceberg. The white marble clad roofs cape forms a large public space in the landscape of the city and the fjord. I’ve made lots of posts from this building: the only Opera House where you can walk on the roof. Here is a couple for you to click and enjoy: ‘Oslo Opera House recreational Culture for the People’ and ‘New Oslo Opera House in Norway’.
Mini Cruise Oslo Fjord in Norway #8 Mini Cruise Oslo Fjord in Norway #7

The islands on the Oslo Fjord:
10 minutes from pulsating urban city life; the boat takes you to the nicest island countryside. Bring your bathing suit in the summer time to enjoy a nice swim in the fjord to experience the recreational contrast:
Mini Cruise Oslo Fjord in Norway #9
Cruising The Oslo Fjord
Mini Cruise Oslo Fjord in Norway #11 Mini Cruise Oslo Fjord in Norway #10

Bygdøy Island; Maritime and Viking Ship Museum:
After 30 minutes more cruise, the next stop is Bygdøy Island:
Mini Cruise Oslo Fjord in Norway #12
Harbour at the Fram Museum; the boat Roald Amundsen used for the South Pole expedition in 1911.

Thousands of years of culture and history is to be explored at Bygday in a walking distance, e.g. : The Maritime Museum, Kon-Tiki Museum, The Viking Ship Museum, and The Museum of Cultural History.

The end of the cruise:
In 30 minutes from the last stop at Bygdøy, you are back at the harbour by the City hall. There you can:
Mini Cruise Oslo Fjord in Norway #13 Mini Cruise Oslo Fjord in Norway #14
Buy fresh steamed shrimp at the fish market or dine at many of the restaurants at Aker Brygge.

Oslo Blog Gathering 2010:

visitOSLOThis is an example of how you can enjoy a 90 minutes cruise at Oslo Fjord or hop off at some or the stops to explore and make it a whole day cultural and relaxing adventure. Not only is Oslo a compact city, but you can enjoy a cruise or hike in the mountain, just from the city’s doorstep. Participants in next years Oslo Blog Gathering get the Oslo Pass with free travel on all public transport, free admission to museums and sights – even 15% on this Mini Cruise! Go check the Official Gathering site and mark your calendar for a trip to Norway in August next year!

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  1. What a wonderful little adventure the two of you had, Renny! It sounds and looks like so much fun! Beautiful pictures, my friend. Have a great weekend! xxoo

  2. What a beautiful day it was. I just love sailing and I remember this day so well. Thanks for reawakening the good moments we had on our mini cruise. Next time I hope it is a bit warmer…it will be in August, you know!

  3. I have been to many countries and continents, but the beauty of the clear sky and the colours in Oslo is nothing but unique.
    With the Sea, Islands, Forest, Hills and the 1300th century fortress that divides the city. It’s exceptional.
    And of top of that: There is no other cities in Europe with more live concerts. Who could believe that.
    It lot’s of secrets in Oslo.

    Thanks for this wonderful visit in the Viking Capital – Oslo

  4. The visit was wonderful, Renny! I could believe I was there, in Oslo on the viking boat with you and Diane! The landscape is so fantastic! Sounds the opera is a boat on the sea!

  5. What a wonderful Cruise, Renny….It looks like it is already very cold there now….Brrrrrr.
    What a beautiful way to see this charming beautiful city. I have seen quite a gew pictures of The Opera House and it is FANTASTIC!.
    Thanks for this lovely tour, Renny….

    And a little birdie told me you have a Birthday coming….
    A VERY VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, My Dear! I hope you have a lovely day and an even better year…!

  6. It really looks stunning. Thank you for sharing the lovely photos. I really hope I can make it next August. Really, really, really. Will post logo on my blog now.

  7. I surely would love cruising especially if it is via an old boat…

    I’m pretty sure there’s no better experience other than cruising a whole day and at the same time enjoy cultural buildings, museums, beaches on the islands with breath taken scenery. That must be a wow!

    Nice set of photos too…

  8. A wonderful post again with spectacular pretty pictures. It looks like it was already cooler too…just a little bit for a Norwegian,… right? :)

    Thanks for sharing.

  9. Oslo looks fascinating – what a superb cruise.
    And the contemporary Opera House – what a magnificent building!! Would love to see it.
    aka Bay Area Tendrils Garden Travel
    p.s. I have not yet been north of Amsterdam ;~(

  10. You two look like natural on the boat!

    The only time I visited fjord was in New Zealand, int he Southern Island where the Milford Sound is quite famous. It was beautiful…

  11. WOW! I love your pictures Renny, awesome! And it sounds like a dream come true going away on a wonderful sea adventure with your wife. Thanks so much for sharing! :)

  12. It is beautiful but it does look a bit cold! Let’s face it, we have to gear yup for our winter during the dreary month of Nov. No snow in sight here for at least 2 weeks.

  13. This looks fabulous. What wonderful pictures, scenery…would love to tour there. Must put Norway on the list of places to go. My hubby would love the ship. We have a small sailboat, so that would be cool. Beautiful wood on the ship.

    It sure looks cold though, burrrrrrrrr. What’s the best time to visit Norway?

    I see in a comment someone wishing you Happy Birthday, so let me add my wishes as well.

    Thanks for the visit, hope to see you again soon and often.

  14. Sorry for what appears to be a duplication; but did venture to your page with the info about the gathering; but couldn’t see a place to leave a comment. It sounds wonderful, truly. I have met some folks in person after getting to know them on line and it is great fun, so your idea sounds great. Hubby and I already have several trips and reservations made for the upcoming year 2010, so it’s doubtful we could swing another; but oh it is tempting.

    I will continue to check on your arrangements though, and many thanks for the invite.


  15. Depending on budget consider a trip on the Hurtigruten, say trondheim – Bergen as part of your tour. You could work your way up the coast using public transport and then take that as the return.

    You’re of course welcome to Norway to explore and have mention some good spot. Let me however emphasize that the OsloPass only covers Oslo and the local aria around.

  16. Amazing! My family and I are planning our first visit to Oslo and your stories get me more excited by the day!! My father is Norweigan and we couldn’t be more happy to visit Olso for the first time together this upcoming July 2010 and really find our roots! Thanks for all the great tips!

  17. An other option is to search, when I entered Minicruise I got several results with offers, but as I searched within the Netherlands, the links I got were not useful for you.

  18. What fun! I would be popping off at the shrimp stall and would get lost eating them until I popped! lol!
    I look forward to my cruise!

  19. What fun! I would be popping off at the shrimp stall and would get lost eating them until I popped! lol!
    I look forward to my cruise!

  20. I’m THAI. I will visit OSLO in April 2011. I book THON SPECTRUM HOTEL. I need to know as follow:
    1. How far from the hotel? Can I walk.?
    2. How many people can get on the ship? Me and My friends are 8 persons.
    3. How much for the ticket?
    Thank you very much in advance.

    1. 1: Yea, you can walk (about 10 – 15 minutes)
      2: At least 20 or 30, so 8 are no problem.
      3: NOK 275,- and then you may hop on and off – the whole day if you like.

      Here is a link to their pdf program file for more details.

      Tell me if you like to meet up with me when you are in Oslo!

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