Birthday Party at RennyBA’s Terella

Networking is a givers gain. Social Media and especially blogging takes that into a new and even global dimension. For me, sharing about Norway and the Nordic countries; our culture, traditions and habits is a good example. During almost five years of blogging, I’ve made a lot of friends all over the globe and their responses to my posts have taught me a lot. It is through the interaction of my reader’s comments and emails that I really expand my horizons and learn more about myself, others, and my own country.

I have also made a lot of new contacts through blogging and social media who over time become more than contact, they do become friends. Even now at the very start of my birthday, I already have received numerous well wishes from friends who remember me. It really shows what I mean when I am saying blogging connecting people… because it is something more than an electronic media; it is the people behind the screens and the keyboards, their thoughts, their heart, and their ideas which really make blogging worthwhile.

So since this is my birthday lets not get to serious. I know it’s not normal to announce it this way, but hey – since this is my blog – I do it my way:

RennyBA 2 Month
A blogger is born :lol:

If you would like to know my birthday wish: It is to see you at the Oslo Blog Gathering in 2010 (click the banner to read the official program site):

Oslo Blog Gathering 2010