Dona Nobis Pacem a Blog Blast for Peace

Social Media, such as Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. are connecting people and makes the world smaller. To me as an extensive networker, these are important tools professionally as well as personally to collaborate, find resources, make friends and share knowledge. Some say we should teach the worlds leaders and politicians how to blog. I don’t know if that’s a good idea – I mean at least some of them have made enough of a mess of things already. I would say we, the people, we bloggers should do it: Proving that blogging empowers us to make a better world. Each of ours posts are small steps, but when hundreds – thousands – say millions, move in the same direction; who could stop us? – For the very best course!

That’s why I participate in today’s Dona Nobis Pacem:


It’s Mimi Lenox who hosts this movement and titles it “Dona Nobis Pacem” which is Latin for Grant Us Peace. Click to find The Official Site for BlogBlast For Peace.

Make Blogs – Not Wars:
So what has Peace to do with Blogging? To me it’s simple: Peace: Is something the world achieves by understanding each other in mutual trust and equality. Uncertainties develop scepticism and fear, while knowledge makes sense, openness, acceptance and leads to dialogue. The more we know about each other, the smaller the world becomes. That’s why I say: Make Blogs – Nor Wars, as it breaks down cultural, religious and other barriers.

Oslo Blog Gathering:
You now know how I think about meeting and collaborating in the Blogsphere. Based on my positive experiences of almost five years, it has inspired me to take it to a new diminution; to meet in real life too. So in August 2010, RennyBA’s Terella invites you all to a Blog Gathering in Oslo to expand our friendship, learn more from each other and to give you a personal taste of Norway’s culture, traditions and habits:

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  1. Thank you so much for participating in and promoting BlogBlast for Peace. I, too, believe that understanding each other and embracing our differences help promote peace.

    My post will be up in about three hours and 15 minutes.

  2. This is the first peace post I visit this year!
    I googled “Dona Nobis Pacem blog” and this came up top of the list!
    Wonderful idea for the blog gathering in Oslo. Hmm… I’ll have to think about that!
    Peace, brother!

  3. Hello Renny and thank you for participating in the BlogBlast For Peace.

    Seeing Peace Globes from around the Globe inspires me to believe we can get this done.

  4. Words have power. In blogging, we “meet” people from every corner of the globe… we converse… we learn… we work toward Peace.

  5. Wonderfully written. There’s nothing better than making friends all over the world and get to know each other. And maybe – dona nobis pacem – we even arrive at world-piece. At least we have to give it a chance by spreading positive thoughts.

  6. I think that the more we connect with others and learn about our differences, the more likely it is that we’ll choose peaceful resolutions to problems.

    Peace to you and yours.

  7. Make blogs, not wars is actually a very good slogan. If people were to communicate more, there would be less misunderstandings and cultures would be closer!

  8. Some say we should teach the worlds leaders and politicians how to blog – and many politicians are using this media now for their political campaign. One presidential aspirant here in the Philippines, Senator Manny Villar, is now using Facebook, Friendster, Multiply, and a lot of social networking sites for his political campaign. But I hope it won’t stop there. I hope that blogging can be maintain by these politicians when they already rise in power. Blogging is the quickest communication medium between individuals and communities. If used wisely, blogging cannot only stop wars between countries but also dissolve a countries internal divisiveness…

  9. Great idea. Reading blogs from all over the world has certainly opened my eyes to how much the same people are all over. Peace to you and yours.

  10. I hope you are right, though I must admit that like the sceptic I am I still am a blogger only. Blogging for myself and for those who passes by.

  11. Blogging for peace is a great idea. I really agree with Dodong on this point. However, unless you are really noticed and the media points you out, no politician will be looking here for peace…

  12. “Make Blogs – Nor Wars, as it breaks down cultural, religious and other barriers.” – excellent… and oh so true.

    Frank and I both hope we can make it to the Oslo Blog Gathering. Meeting fellow Cyber Cruisers and Peace Bloggers – how very perfect!

    Peace to you and yours, Renny!

  13. Meeting in real life – how I long to do just that with all of the blog friends I’ve made, literally around the world. We can spread the peace wave around the world. We’re already doing it.

    Peace to you, Renny.

  14. You`re right! Joining social networks makes the world smaller. Blogging opens up one`s mind wherever he/she may be…I think the promotion of make blogs not war will most likely to work here…Peace be with you pal!

  15. Awesome post!
    I love meeting bloggers.We had a small gathering here in Bloggingham for BlogBlast For Peace. It was lovely to put faces with blog personas. And you always feel like old friends once you meet. Good luck with your endeavor.

    Excellent peace post, my friend.

    You are #1561 in the Official Peace Globe Gallery.

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