Oslo Blog Gathering in August 2010 is going to be a blast! The response from all over the world is overwhelming and slowly bits and pieces in the program are beginning to take form. Even more: Expats bloggers in Norway have started to volunteer for improving the program and assisting at the gathering. I met five of them in Oslo some days ago – yea, even a couple are from a different city! Like I’ve told you before: Blogging Connecting People and I’m proud to introduce The Oslo Gathering’s Assistants:

Oslo Blog Gathering Assistans groupThe Oslo Blog Gathering Plan & Assistant Group

These guys are amazingly enthusiastic about the gathering idea – you should click and visit each and one of them:
Corinne at “Northern Natterings
Caroline at “Return to Norway
BeaverBoosh at “A Canadian in Norway
Tressa at “American in Norway” and
Cecilia at “An Alien in Copenhagen – One year in Norway

Program improvement – local guides:
We all agreed that the program should be build around the Oslo Pass (included in the Program Fee: provides free travel on all public transport, free admission to museums and sights). That means that every participant can choose for themselves what they’d like to explore in Oslo. However, no one needs to walk alone: These expats (+ TorAa and DianeCA) will pick their different spot of the day and those who wish to be guided by a local may follow them. I hereby announce them as The Oslo Gathering Assistants. All this will be announced at the Official Program Site in due time.

Enjoying the long summer nights:

Long summer nights in OsloIn Oslo, the sun doesn’t go down before 9:30PM in August, so there are good reasons to be outdoors – in the Norwegian spirit :-) We will therefore arrange gatherings in the evening at places like Vigeland Sculpture Park where we can meet up and share our adventures of the day – and even discuss what to explore the next day in an informal social atmosphere.

Event at Facebook:

Oslo Blog Gathering Facebook EventTo promote the Oslo Blog Gathering, I have created an event at Facebook. To get an idea of how many would like to or at least consider joining us; this is the place to indicate your position. Go check it out and please invite all your blogger FB friends. You’re also welcome to write on the wall and share your expectations and suggestions, as well as what you are looking forward to explore in Oslo. It’s a great place to get in the spirit for a fun filled trip to Oslo in 2010.


  1. Sorry that I was busy the night of the meeting! I am looking forward to meeting the assistants and getting to know other bloggers in Norway! Good job!

  2. This is so cool…… :)

  3. I’m also sorry I couldn’t make it to the planning meeting—looks like a fun and productive time was had by all. Thanks to all of you—especially you, Renny!—for your hard work in getting Oslo Blog Gathering up and off the ground. It’s going to be a wonderful event!

  4. Cool! Sounds interesting. I bet you guys will enjoy that event…Thanks for the comment. It means so much to me…

  5. You had a great time there
    I can see that ;)
    Unique post !!

  6. This is so cool…………sounds like an interesting event!!!!

  7. Nice to know your nice assistants! Can’t wait to know all of them! My wishes for summer gathering : vigiland park, Oslo opéra, the grand hotel, aBBQ with sausages in the norvegian nature, the museums and the experiment on a viking boat along the fjords! And of course tasting the norvegian food and swimming at the beach!

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  9. Oh oh, I know can out a face on these great blogger! It wasn’t hard to spot beaverboosh :lol:

  10. This will be a wonderful event, no wonder with so many kind helpers, oh..sorry…assistants :)

    I wish I could be there too….

  11. What an exciting event – your much better at social networking then I. I like hiding behind my alias to much. However if I was more social it does look like fun and all the yummy norwegian food!

  12. looks like you are going to be so well prepared and the gathering will obviously be the event of the year… :)
    I’m very excited for all of you :)
    have a great week Renny :)

  13. Such a great response. Awesome assistants!

    Reminds me of Santa and his little helpers…. *giggles*

    So, this will be as great as Xmas. Yep, we’ll be like kids at xmas… ha ha…

  14. Renny, thanks for a great planning evening, we bitches are on deck and ready to serve! I will do some thinking about getting Renny and Bitches to headline the opening night, could be a bit tricky but try, again. BB!

  15. It sounds like you may have a new career, Renny! :D

  16. Hello,
    its great to be online again. Your blog is great, you do such a wonderful job at posting. I’ve been busy trying to catch up with email, christmas and everything.

  17. You give this the professional touch – I’m sure it will go very well.

  18. Renny, Renny, Renny…

    You never cease to surprise me! What a superb idea!! And the organiser group looks so cool!! I am sure it will be a big hit! :D

    I will visit the FB page and check things out there! I do not want to miss a thing!


  19. We are going to have a wonderful time! Have we decided the next planning meeting? : )

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  21. I am trying to collect stories for a final project and would love to gather stories from a forum or blog so people can post freely but I don’t know how to go about that…

  22. Sounds like it will be a blast … I wish I could join you but I’ll be there in spirit.

  23. I’m looking forward to attending! :) I promise not to look around to get to know Oslo until August. :p

  24. wow this can be a lot of fun! will search you in FB..take care Renny!

  25. you seems to enjoy meeting each other! have a great day from Germany!

  26. Oh wow, it’s going to be absolutely fabulous, Renny. Whar a lot of time and trouble you’re going to, but it will be most appreciated by all who attend…including me.

  27. The gathering there at the table…how cool. Sure looks like everyone is having a great time. I’m envious for those that got to meet up.


  28. Whoa! Looks like your gathering is progressing very well. The program looks better each time I check. Hope I can make it to the gathering. :)

  29. I’m very excited eventhough I still have to look up our family sched for next year.My decision will be made after Christmas that’s for sure ;)

    I’m putting up the link on my sidebar now :)

  30. Congrats on being my First Commenter for my recent post. :)

  31. As a reader for your blog, I do welcome your gathering assistants with love and peace for all of you :)

  32. Have a lovely weekend

    Anya :)
    Kareltje -^.^=

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  34. What a great planning team for next years most important blog-event. Please invite me to the next planning session.
    (we will of course have our own in Mariestad in 2 weeks from now).
    Oslo is a city plentyful of diversity and surprises, we that lives here, often do not realize. Only the fact there is more live concerts here than in all the other Nordic Capitals together, is a surprise.

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