RennyBA live on Qik

With Qik, you share online with everyone what’s going on anywhere and everywhere. It’s an application installed in my Nokia N82 and I’m normally connected via WLAN.

This is an ongoing experiment, so when I’m on, your welcome to follow me wherever I goes and whatever I do:

Please join the fun: Tell us your thoughts and ideas in a comment if you see this live. I love to hear from you!

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  1. Hello Renny, Diane and TorAa!

    Lucky, I just logged-in at FB. :)

    I’m watching you live right now. I actually would like to do this in my site for quite some time now. Wanted to blog live with video streaming while going around Weggis and Switzerland especially when riding a steam boat on Lake Lucerne. But I was worried about it.

    Then a couple of weeks ago after reading what happened to the British sailing couple, I am not sure anymore about live streaming. They were abducted while sailing from Seychelles to Tanzania, not in Europe. But even if we say that Europe is safe, we can still never be sure. :)

    Despite that, I really find this as a great experiment. I just hope that I will have the courage to do this as planned. :)

    Anyway, have to leave your blog now.

    Good luck!

  2. Oh my that is wonderful Renny. I loved it. I couldn’t stay on too long because I am on satellite and it’s live feed. But, thank you for inviting me….the song you guys are singing is lovely!!


  3. Sorry I missed the show, Renny. I was away from the computer when your message came through. Maybe I can join the party next time. :-)

    Happy weekend!

    Love and hugs,


  4. Hey you 3 in Sweden:) Looks like you are having a great time together! Big hug from Ingelin and Metin Leander

  5. Hello
    I’m from Portugal and I love Norway.
    I’ve been there for a week in 1999 and I intend to return.
    I’m a high-school teacher and I had in Lisbon a norwegian girl as a pupil in my Phylosophy classes. She was my first foreign student in 1980; her name is Tina Busk. I looked for her, but I couldn’t find her in Oslo.
    Greetings to yor blog. I loved it!

  6. I checked the profile of that person (?) Could be a spambot, because he is always answering with the same redirection to Google. I already reported this, it’s not helpful at all…

  7. Well they both have their pros and cons. Flying is safer and may get you there quicker but it will be harder to find transportation out of the resorts and parks. Although driving is less safe and takes longer, you get to see the amazing country sides and it’s a good experience.

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