Happy White Christmas from Oslo Norway

Dreaming of a White Christmas? In Norway it’s quite normal and lots of glorious white snow arrived last night just in time for Christmas in Oslo. When waking up this morning, the landscape was Christmas card perfect and I knew I had the inspiration for my annual Christmas post with greetings to all my friends in Blogsphere; My gift to you this year is a photo hunt in the neighbourhood with my Nikon compact cam – hope you’ll enjoy the trip:

White Christmas in Oslo Norway #1
Wooden house, gate and roundpole fence; typical Norwegian.
White Christmas in Oslo Norway #2 White Christmas in Oslo Norway #3
More wooden houses – some more Christmas decorated than the other.

Walking around, breathing the fresh air after new fallen snow the scenery got me into the Christmas or Yule spirit as we say it in Norway. I got the same good old, childish anticipation: The family gathering, the food and of course the gifts :-) and it’s going to happen tonight – You see in Norway, it all happens on Christmas Eve! So still in the childish mood, but also a bit adult; I was going through the menu for dinner: We’ll have Lute Fisk (made from dried cod prepared with lye) which we bake in the oven before serving. See my post about how we make it and eat it by clicking here!

With that in mind, I shot some more White Christmas pics:
White Christmas in Oslo Norway #4
Snow Man; another wonderful and exciting memory from my childhood.

The reason why we have Lutefisk at Christmas Eve, is that we go to my parents house for Yule Brunch or Smorgasbord tomorrow and get all the rest of Norwegian Christmas food: Pork Ribs, meat cakes (or balls), ham, smoked salmon, herrings, roll of lamb, pressed pork and much more. You find it all in my post: Norwegian Christmas Day Smorgasbord.

With that in mind, I shot some more pics:
White Christmas in Oslo Norway #6

I met this man who lives at the local retirement home. He was out for a short trip feeding the birds with breadcrumbs and we had a talk. He did this every day we have snow as the birds then have difficulties finding food. I thought it was very sweet of him and asked if I could take a pic – yes of course, he said :-)

Talking about food for the birds at Yuletide: At the entrance way to our house, you’ll see:
White Christmas in Oslo Norway #8
“Julenek”; Wheat offerings to the birds.

Julenek is another Old Norwegian Christmas tradition: It begins in late autumn at harvest time. This wheat was attached to poles, making perches for the birds. A large circle of snow is cleared away beneath each perch. This provides a place for the birds to dance, which allows them to work up their appetites between meals. Just before sunset on Christmas Eve, the head of the household checks on the wheat in the yard. If a lot of sparrows are seen dining, it is suppose to indicate a good year for growing crops.

So with this little trip including a bit of our Yule history and traditions, I hope I got you into Christmas mood too. From all of me to all of you;

Merry Christmas or God Jul, as we say it in Norway!