Dreaming of a White Christmas? In Norway it’s quite normal and lots of glorious white snow arrived last night just in time for Christmas in Oslo. When waking up this morning, the landscape was Christmas card perfect and I knew I had the inspiration for my annual Christmas post with greetings to all my friends in Blogsphere; My gift to you this year is a photo hunt in the neighbourhood with my Nikon compact cam – hope you’ll enjoy the trip:

White Christmas in Oslo Norway #1
Wooden house, gate and roundpole fence; typical Norwegian.
White Christmas in Oslo Norway #2 White Christmas in Oslo Norway #3
More wooden houses – some more Christmas decorated than the other.

Walking around, breathing the fresh air after new fallen snow the scenery got me into the Christmas or Yule spirit as we say it in Norway. I got the same good old, childish anticipation: The family gathering, the food and of course the gifts :-) and it’s going to happen tonight – You see in Norway, it all happens on Christmas Eve! So still in the childish mood, but also a bit adult; I was going through the menu for dinner: We’ll have Lute Fisk (made from dried cod prepared with lye) which we bake in the oven before serving. See my post about how we make it and eat it by clicking here!

With that in mind, I shot some more White Christmas pics:
White Christmas in Oslo Norway #4
Snow Man; another wonderful and exciting memory from my childhood.

The reason why we have Lutefisk at Christmas Eve, is that we go to my parents house for Yule Brunch or Smorgasbord tomorrow and get all the rest of Norwegian Christmas food: Pork Ribs, meat cakes (or balls), ham, smoked salmon, herrings, roll of lamb, pressed pork and much more. You find it all in my post: Norwegian Christmas Day Smorgasbord.

With that in mind, I shot some more pics:
White Christmas in Oslo Norway #6

I met this man who lives at the local retirement home. He was out for a short trip feeding the birds with breadcrumbs and we had a talk. He did this every day we have snow as the birds then have difficulties finding food. I thought it was very sweet of him and asked if I could take a pic – yes of course, he said :-)

Talking about food for the birds at Yuletide: At the entrance way to our house, you’ll see:
White Christmas in Oslo Norway #8
“Julenek”; Wheat offerings to the birds.

Julenek is another Old Norwegian Christmas tradition: It begins in late autumn at harvest time. This wheat was attached to poles, making perches for the birds. A large circle of snow is cleared away beneath each perch. This provides a place for the birds to dance, which allows them to work up their appetites between meals. Just before sunset on Christmas Eve, the head of the household checks on the wheat in the yard. If a lot of sparrows are seen dining, it is suppose to indicate a good year for growing crops.

So with this little trip including a bit of our Yule history and traditions, I hope I got you into Christmas mood too. From all of me to all of you;

Merry Christmas or God Jul, as we say it in Norway!


  1. I thoroughly enjoyed your Christmas post, dear Renny! Such beautiful photos of the snow and commentary on your Yule traditions.

    God Yule, dear friend, and many blessings for the New Year.

    Love and hugs,


  2. Beautiful! God Jul to you and yours!

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  4. Oh now these photos are so beautiful. Really enjoyed your post as well. And isn’t that what Christmas is about… Helping out, especially those little birds! :) I think you met a very sweet man on your walk/chat.

  5. It’s so beautiful there. Wishing you and your family love and joy this Christmas. May the spirit of Christmas bring warmth to your hearts. God bless.

  6. What beautiful pictures! I love your traditions and the beautiful houses and snow. And what a really nice man to go out and feed the birds!

    God Jul to you and Diane and family. :-)

  7. Merry Christmas Renny. It has been a nice year blogging with you.

  8. Merry Christmas to you and your wife!

  9. I hope you have an awesome day with your family. So happy to have your acquaintance, dear RennyBA!

  10. What a nice post, Renny! You have indeed a white Christmas. I wish to see one again…. maybe next year.

    I wish you merry Christmas days! God Jul!

  11. You have a lot more snow than us … we have none.

    Happy Christmas!

  12. Merry Christmas
    and a Happy & Healthy 2010
    for you and your whole family :-)
    Enjoy your Holidays…

    Kareltje =^.^=
    Anya :-)

  13. merry christmas to yo uand diane and your family, renny. the julenek is a sweet tradition and the new thing i learned this time around. how lovely.

  14. Merry Christmas to you too! now that’s a lot of snow around, i’ve never seen any snow in my life before from growing up in Malaysia :D

    Happy holidays, and have a great year ahead! :D

  15. Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones, you did get some heavy snow and I do love your pictures.

  16. It looks so very Beautiful there Renny…Very Very Christmasy, with all the gorgeous white snow pushing the limbs of trees down with the weight of it….LOVE that Snowman and the sweet man that feeds the Birds and your “wheat” Goody for the Birds, too.
    I hope your Christmas is a lovely one…It sounds like it is filled with great food, sweet family and friends and fantastic presents too!
    Merry Merry Christmas to you and tours, my dear Renny and Diane.

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  18. God jul to you and Diane, et al, Renny! It is such a joy to share Christmas greetings with you.

  19. Hi Renny! Thanks for the photos, it’s exciting to open your blog and see a bit of Norway. My dear Norway. For me my blog is a window that allows me to be close to your wonderful country.
    I hope you have Merry Christmas.

  20. Sounds very similar to a Swedish Christmas which I experienced yesterday (24th) albeit in Lubeck Germany. Lots of great food for sure, it’s a fun tradition :)

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  22. Beautiful! And yes, even though I’m used to snow, I still find it pretty (when it’s not a 30 cm dump from the sky!).

    Merry Christmas to you and Diane! I was reading about her achievements at the women shelter. True Xmas spirit!

  23. Niiiice christmassy photos. We have a lot of snow here too and even if it were melting a bit last night, it’s cold again and snowing.

    ♥ God Jul ♥ or rather: good continuing of the xmas holidays :-)

  24. What lovely White Christmas photos, Renny. Have a wonderful Christmas with your family.

    It’s hot, humid and wet here….quite a contrast.

  25. Merry Christmas to Renny, Diane and all your readers!

    It’s awesome to wake up to such beautiful scenes on Christmas Day.

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  27. What beautiful pictures Renny! Snow scenes are so perfect. I love hearing about your traditions – this year I’m learning some new ones in our gradually extending family.

    I hope you have been having a really wonderful time – I’m sure you have.

  28. I hope you, Diane and the family had a merry Christmas celebration! The snow made our Christmases extra magical this year, didn’t it? :)

  29. WHITE CHRISTMAS!!!! Now you make me envious. :( It’s so beautiful there… So, so magical and all! ;)

    Merry Christmas to you and family!

  30. Oh the pictures are just beautiful. I love the traditions you have in your country and the food is just amazing. Thanks for sharing.

    I hope you had a wonderful Christmas or Yule and many more.

    Love and Blessings,

  31. Renny,
    it’s so beautiful around here
    white christmas
    Like the dream from our childhood of a
    real christmas.
    Remember, new skies and skates as C-Mas presents and
    on X-Mas day going out with all our friens in the neighbourhood, playng in the Snow…..

    Hope you have a great time in Mariestad.

    btw. We have snow here, and hope you will find (LOL) your entrence door when you arrive back early next year.

    We might take a Harry on Tuesday. Family late Lunch on Wednesday here. Cats turning our Home up down. Haha. They are great.

    T and A

  32. I’m so glad you got snow for Christmas! It just doesn’t feel like it without snow. I loved your pictures and the idea of the wheat to feed birds. Wonder if I could make one here? The old man is sweet and it gives him something meaningful to do each day. We are having a 2nd Christmas turkey dinner today at our place, but just for 10 people. I love the smell of turkey a lot better than fish!!!! :) Enjoy your holiday with family and friends.

  33. Great photos, Renny, thanks! We were hoping for a white Christmas as we had last year, but no such luck–they are a rarity here.

  34. Beatiful post Renny … and dinner sounds GREAT! I will even try the Lute Fisk ;-)

  35. “beautiful” … I can never leave a comment without a typo!

    ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  36. Nice to see that you are coping well with the snow.. Very nice advertising for Norway. :-)

    PS I really liked that motorized wheelchair!

  37. What a beautiful white Christmas, snowy white wonderful snow…the perfect picture for Christmas, thanks for sharing your amazing photographs, and thanks for dropping by, happy New Year !!!

  38. I was really happy you took that trip and got some good pictures to show how lovely our little town is covered in snow. Glad Kyle got to go along for the trip too. I am looking forward to more craziness when you get your new camera!! hint hint!

  39. Such a lot of snow! We had a tiny amount (by comparison) last week, but it’d all melted by Christmas morning.

    Great photos, thanks for sharing with us! Hope you’re enjoying the holiday season :-)

  40. A belated Merry Christmas as I have now returned to the warmth and my lap top :) I hope you had a lovely day!

  41. does the man really ride the scooter

  42. too late but happy new year :)

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