Fireworks play a major role in many Norwegian New Years Eve celebrations and that goes for the rest of Scandinavia as well. It’s common to buy your own and fire them from our yards to ring in the New Year. One reason is that December is too cold to expect people to crowd into the city to wait for the local fireworks, so it is more convenient for each person to hold festivities in their own yard. Since I’ve experienced it my whole life, I would add; it’s much more fun too :-)

We’ve been at our vacation home in Mariestad, Sweden since the second day of Christmas and today we had the yearly firework expedition. Here is a pic from the town square:

Buy your own New Years Fireworks #6
Mariestad town square today; wintery with lots of snow and -7C (19F)

One of the kiosks has a huge stand for this special occasion – with all kinds of fireworks in every price range:
Buy your own New Years Fireworks #1

The kiosk owner has known us for years, and knows that I want his guidance for this year’s best offer. He has a TV video system to show and demonstrate the effects:
Buy your own New Years Fireworks #3 Buy your own New Years Fireworks #2
Left: TV to demonstrate – Mid right: The owner with the remote control.

I normally buy a case which is set up to go off automatically in order once the wick is lit. I am most interested in how long the display will last as well how spectacular and colourful it is. I ended up with one called “Bandit” for 400 SEK (75$ or 50€). Btw: The most expensive was more than double that:
Buy your own New Years Fireworks #4
Left: Kiosk owner – Middle: A Bandit – Right: another bandit :lol:

So now the only thing left is to make a solid launch place in the snow for the case and wait for this years last day at 11:59:59 PM! Before that we’ll have a seafood feast: shrimps, crabs, crayfish and lobster with champagne. Yes we know how to celebrate and welcome the New Year in Scandinavia – its part of the celebration of the return of the sun too you know!
The weather forecast: -10C (14F) and a bit cloudy; It’s going to be spectacular don’t you think :-) I might even shoot a film of it, so stay tuned for an amateur firework’s adventure!
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I invite you to share you’re New Year tradition in your comments!