Seafood and Fireworks for a Happy New Year from Norway

Celebrating the New Years Eve in Scandinavia is traditionally a blast of a feast. At the darkest and often the coldest time of the year these sets the scene for enthusiasm and cheer and welcome a new year.

Preparing the evening’s celebration starts days before and the most exciting is to buy the fireworks. Shooting up your own is much more fun and you’re welcome to read the story in my last post: . Then of course shopping what’s needed for our traditional seafood dinner; Shrimp, lobster (and sometimes crawfish) served with champagne. You’re all welcome to join us shopping and then sit inn:

Buy your own New Years Fireworks #4 New Year Dinner 2009 #1

In my last post I promised a vid of the fireworks and since I posted one from last year; my wife (DianaCA) and I wanted to give you something extra this year – enjoy:

From both of us to all of you: Happy New Year or Godt Nytt År (in Norwegian)!

Resolutions or Goals for 2010:
My resolutions are vague – at my age: I’ve been there and done that :-) However, I have a crystal clear Goal; to meet up with as many of my blog friends as possible at The Oslo Blog Gathering in August. Plans for this adventure are moving along and again in a couple of weeks, I’ll meet the group of Expats in Norway who’ll assist in making it once in a life time of experience!
Here is the badge with links to all you need to know – thanks for all who have pasted in their blog already!