Celebrating the New Years Eve in Scandinavia is traditionally a blast of a feast. At the darkest and often the coldest time of the year these sets the scene for enthusiasm and cheer and welcome a new year.

Preparing the evening’s celebration starts days before and the most exciting is to buy the fireworks. Shooting up your own is much more fun and you’re welcome to read the story in my last post: . Then of course shopping what’s needed for our traditional seafood dinner; Shrimp, lobster (and sometimes crawfish) served with champagne. You’re all welcome to join us shopping and then sit inn:

Buy your own New Years Fireworks #4 New Year Dinner 2009 #1

In my last post I promised a vid of the fireworks and since I posted one from last year; my wife (DianaCA) and I wanted to give you something extra this year – enjoy:

From both of us to all of you: Happy New Year or Godt Nytt År (in Norwegian)!

Resolutions or Goals for 2010:
My resolutions are vague – at my age: I’ve been there and done that :-) However, I have a crystal clear Goal; to meet up with as many of my blog friends as possible at The Oslo Blog Gathering in August. Plans for this adventure are moving along and again in a couple of weeks, I’ll meet the group of Expats in Norway who’ll assist in making it once in a life time of experience!
Here is the badge with links to all you need to know – thanks for all who have pasted in their blog already!


  1. Happy New Year, Renny! All the best for 2010 for you and yours! Love, Tink

  2. what a great celebration my friend. hope to meet u too. Happy New Year to you and to your family :-)

  3. Happy New Year
    to you and your family :-)
    Enjoy 2010
    Keep blogging …….


  4. What a great video. I’d love to come over for dinner when you have lobster and shrimp like that, yummy!

  5. Hey Renny! I came for the seafood, is dat lobster I see?? I have been on a diet since early Dec and all I wanna do right now is enjoy a yummy seafood dinner…Happy 2010 to you! Here’s to a wonderful New Year and greater moments! :)

  6. Looks like you had a fab celebration! Love the food. Happy new year to both of you!

  7. Happy New Year Renny and Diane..question… Can I participate in the blogfest, even though I am just a follower. Would be happy to contribute in any way I can let me know if there is something I could do as a local, so to speak…

    • Of course you can participate – that would have been real nice!

      You see, my main goal is to bring as many as possible together to experience Oslo over those three days. I gladly expand the category blogger to other social media like Facebook and of course I will like to see the participants sharing their adventures on those media.
      Besides; you’re an expat and that is an important asset as you can share you’re experience on how it was to come to Norway and how it is to live here with all of those who comes from other parts of the world!

  8. I have not seen a dinner table like that since, well ….. NEVER!

    Really nice celebration at your place Renny ;-)

  9. First: HAPPY NEW YEAR to both of you! The food looks delicious and the firework was (almost) professional. :)

    Fireworks are always fun!

  10. happy new year my friend

  11. aww, happy new year to you! :D well i’d love to support the event but i’m halfway across the globe, and most of my readers are malaysians! lol.

    and what a sweet video you made! that’s some real fine dining at home alright!

  12. New Years resolutions are easy for me. I just take last years list and make a new copy. It works for me.


  14. Thanks for a great 12 months of blogs, I am always looking to see what you have been up to – and I am always enjoying all your posts. Happy 2010. Angela

  15. I stayed up this year for the first time in years, Renny! Astrid and I were at a party here at our senior complex and were there till 1a. And yes, outside all the fireworks were taking place, which I watched from inside. Just like our Jyly 4th celebrations! :) Gelukkig Nieuwjaar to you both!

  16. Godt nytt år Renny! Jeg gleder med Oslo Blog Gathering 2010! P.S. Still making our way through the lobster and champagne!

  17. There were lots of people setting of fireworks in Germany where I was. Seems like a slightly dangerous combination of drunk people and explosives, but was fun nonetheless!

  18. Happy New Year to you and Diane. I hope that 2010 will bring happiness, health and prosperity to all!

  19. Happy 2010 to you Renny! hope you’ll have a blast one, and more juicy tales to share! ;)

  20. Happy new years, Renny! We BBQed steak that night.

  21. I looked at your pretty snow pictures on Christmas day – it must have been so special. Your New Year meal looked very appetizing: lobster and caviar on cream cheese? Yummy, super yummy. Have a great 2010!

  22. Thank you! And a great new year to you both!

  23. Wow, that looks like a most impressive feast. I have yet to go to Norway but plan on it, perhaps this summer.

    Just discovered this blog. Best of luck in 2010 and I’ll be following.

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  25. I got hungry just looking at the food – and I have just finished breakfast! :-)

    Happy New Year to both of you!

  26. Hello Renny!
    Happy New year!
    I send you my greetings by e-mail. I don’t know if you’ve recieved it.
    See the sidebar of my Blog with the links for the Oslo Blog Gathering.
    A great Year of 2010 to you and Dianne!

  27. Bonne année 2010!

    Wishing you and Diane all the best. Like you, no big resolution… I don’t keep them anyway! :lol:

  28. Happy New Year to you and Diane! I wish you both a year of adventures.

  29. maybe too late , but i want to say happy new year …
    I am your regular reader , i am also your facebook friend


  30. Happy New Year again Renny! I enjoyed watching this video over at facebook! The seafood spread looked yummy!

    Here’s to a wonderful new year, cheers!!

  31. Yum, lobster! Believe it or not, crawfish grow wild in our road ditches, rivers and streams here. We can gather them pretty much year round with a crawfish rake if the water isn’t frozen, which it is right now.

    It’s frigid here for Arkansas right now! We’re to have a couple of inches of snow tonight and tomorrow and the lows will dip below 0 Fahrenheit and highs in the single digits. More like your weather!

    Happy New Year again, dear Renny. ;-)

    Love and hugs,


  32. same to you my dear ! i hope you will get little bit enjoy this day.

  33. what a fun video. thanks so much for sharing the yummy food and exciting fireworks! belated happy new year to you and diane!

  34. yeah right fun video

  35. Great start to a new year!
    Thanks for doing the hard work for the blog gathering. I hope there will be more bloggers coming.

  36. Have a wonderful year 2010, Renny and Diane!

  37. nice video it inspire me to make such video

  38. Happy New Year and what a Great Fireworks.

    PS. You know why I’m late.
    Must be brief, you know

  39. Great display. May you and Diane have a wonderful 2010.

  40. nice video sir … youtube is the best place for such video

  41. I’m interested in the northern lights but if winter is a bad time of year to go then I’d be happy to go at another time. I’m just wondering what things there are to do at different times of year…

  42. How much seafood does America consume in a year compared to Japan?

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