The Magic of extreme cold and snow at Oslo Fjord

The beauty of nature becomes clear on a sunny winter day. In Oslo, Norway, we’ve had the loveliest weather with fresh, crisp air (-15C to -25C = 5F to -13F) for the last week. With quite a bit of snow as well, the atmosphere and the lightening calls for a photo hunt or two. So my wife (DianeCA) and I have had plenty of quality time this weekend as we love to enjoy the crystal clear scenery and we gladly take you with.

As natural Norwegians, we seek the sea and then of course the area around Oslo Fjord is perfect. On Saturday we were up early and went to our favourite island, Kalvøya and this photo is taken at sunrise a bit after 9AM:

The Magic of extreme cold and snow at Oslo Fjord #1

I’ve mad a lot of posts from this island (From frozen Paradise to hot summer beaches in Oslo Norway) and also demonstrated the significant four seasons. Allow me again to give an example from yesterday and the same place from last summer (I’m sure you’ll sort out the right season :lol: )
The Magic of extreme cold and snow at Oslo Fjord #4 Hot summer at the beach in Oslo Norway #2
I assume you agree there is a significant difference from January to July ;-)

Then we went on of Oslo’s boat harbour from where I’ve posted; Boats in hibernation on winter docks in Norway. There you can read how they keep the water from freezing during winter:
The Magic of extreme cold and snow at Oslo Fjord #22
Notice the icy fog coming from the fjord.

Since pics say more than a thousand words and I have posted it at Flickr, here is a slide show – enjoy:

Then today we went to Bygdøy, the island where you’ll find the Folk Museum, the Viking Museum, the Maritime Museum etc. and of course beaches:
The Magic of extreme cold and snow at Oslo Fjord #11
This pic is taken at 1:30PM – The sun is low in the horizon (sets at 3:30PM)

Here is a slide show from our lovely beach day:

I end up this week’s quality time with my wife at the Oslo Fjord by the Maritime Museum:
The Magic of extreme cold and snow at Oslo Fjord #5
Taken 12:30PM

Another slide show from my Flickr account:

The Scandinavian people know how to enjoy all the four seasons. As I have said many times, there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes. And with a good layering of wool you can be out in -20 degrees Celsius and still not be cold. It is a natural part of life in the north, and you can see this in how the children and the animals are looking forward to going outside to play. The snow was like powder and perfect for having a good time, and the sunshine was warm on our faces even though the temperatures were quite low.

Sometimes in taking my photographs I get a bit carried away – I have to get down where the action is you know. Here is a little vid from my wife (DianeCA) showing the action during our photo hunt:

You should go visit her blog to see Diane’s catch from our adventures!

Many were also out getting sunshine these past two days because here our daylight time is still quite short, and around Christmas we had a lot of snow, and therefore not that much sun, so everyone was charging their batteries. We as creatures of this earth need the sunshine and the fresh air, and even to get used to the cold in order to keep us healthy and happy. I do hope that you have been out enjoying the weather wherever you are as well.