Plans for the Oslo Blog Gathering in August are really taking shape now. First Hotel Millennium – the HUB of the gathering – invited us to hold our plan meeting last night at their hotel. We wanted to get the assistants together and brainstorm on how to make this gathering the adventure of a lifetime. To set the mood, our charming hosts at First Hotel Millennium, the Sales manager and her staff, set up a warm and welcoming tapas dinner. The atmosphere was relaxing and personal, and of course the food was delicious.

Oslo Blog Gathering Planning Kickoff #1
To the left; The Sales Manager – at the end of the table: First Hotel chain’s city manager – and the rest planning gang.

We began with a little information of what is planned so far, followed by a guided tour of the hotel and all agreed; The First Hotel Millennium is a perfect resort, HUB and meeting place for the gathering; the service is outstanding, the rooms are excellent and there will even be a gathering information stand in the reception. Even more, it’s situated in the heart of Oslo, close to the main street Karl Johan and all sources of public transportation.

Let me then share some highlights from our plan meeting and brainstorming last night:

visitOslo’s massive contribution:

visitOSLOvisitOslothe city’s tourist marketing and service institution, is a key contributor to this gathering. Their Convention Director joined us and shared her knowledge and experience. She emphasized how much information the participants could find on their website beforehand to prepare and make sure each and everyone gets what they want from their stay. A good example is their Oslo’s top 10 attractions. To give all the gathering assistants a head start, she even distributed the Oslo Pass to everyone so that we all could try it out and prepare as local hosts.

The Oslo Pass:

Oslo PassOslo is a compact city and most attractions, museums, woods, mountains and the fjord are available by foot or public transportation within 30 minutes of the city center. The Oslo Pass – included in the gathering’s program fee! – gives you free entry to more than 30 museums and attractions, free travel on all public transport, free entry to outdoor swimming pools, free guided walking tours, and special offers in restaurants, shops, and entertainment.

The Local Hosts:

OsloBG local hostsThe response has been overwhelming: Blog friends from all over the world say they will meet up, plus: Expats and other Norwegian bloggers want to enrich the gathering by volunteering as local hosts. So instead of making a fixed program and guided tours that everyone has to follow, participants can chose their favourite spots and the local hosts will invite you to join them in different routes.
Here is the link to these wonderful OsloBG assistants and local hosts – go visit them and read about how it is to live in Norway from an Expat’s perspectives:
Nothern NatteringsA Canadian in NorwayAn Alien in Copenhagen (One year in Norway)Return to NorwayAmerican in NorwayWandering the WorldIrish Nomad in NorwayMy Grand Adventure Part II + TorAa from Norway.

Booking is open:

OsloBG BookingDon’t hesitate, meet up with bloggers from around the world in Oslo. The booking is open and the first 50 participants will even be invited to meet the Mayor of Oslo at the City Hall. The program fee is mandatory (including the Oslo Pass, the guided tour; Highlights of Oslo, joining the local hosts choice of the day as well as the casual gatherings in the long summer nights evenings). Accommodation is optional and of course we recommend First Hotel Millennium for a favourable price! Click to book now!


  1. Renny you have worked so hard on this project – it looks like an excellent program and will certainly bring memories to last a lifetime to all the participants. The Oslo Pass is an outstanding value and I am sure will include more than we can see. It will be an exciting gathering!

  2. I am really looking forward to showing our guests around this wonderful city of ours. I am eager to meet everyone and make lots of new friends! A once in a lifetime experience!!

  3. It already sounds wonderful, Renny. I can tell everyone is so excited and eager for August to arrive and put all these plans into motion.

    Happy weekend! :-)

    Love and hugs,


  4. Too bad I can’t attend! Looks indeed like a wonderful event.
    But one day…I am sure we will meet !

    Keep us updated about the event in your blog !

  5. the table so small .. i like that

  6. It really was a blast to meet the people from the hotel and the rest of the OsloBG assistents the other evening.
    The food and beverages was indeed superb.
    The conversation went on as we all had known each other since childhood.
    I’m really looking forward to this unique event.
    As 3rd generation citizen of Oslo I will of course assist and help all the participants

  7. Whoa! Looks like things are going on well. Thanks for organizing and planning this international blog gathering.

    Trying to figure my flight route from Singapore. I will check out the links.

  8. You are really doing this in the grand, conference style – it can’t fail!

  9. It looks like a great and successful event.

    Thank you Renny for your thoughts and prayers. I will visit again to read your other posts.

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  11. Top job as always captain… great meeting the wife and Toraa.

    Hey, golf girl left a note on my blog saying she would try to make it, I will of course organise a bloggers mixed social stabelford round for the Gathering Cup!!!

    I will also focus on expat / NO bloggers for the Saturday finalie!

    Vi snakkes!


  12. Hey Renny, we definely should consider a golf social (if anyone in addition to you, Diane and me golf)! BB

  13. Sounds fun… such a shame that it is just when schools start…

    Although you say this is a Blog Gathering – it sounds more like a tourist gathering to get to know Oslo? Are there are specific blog activities or speeches about writing?

    I do like Oslo and it’s been far too long since I’ve been there! So I’m tempted, very tempted…

    • Thanks for asking as other might wondering the same:

      It’s an invitation to those who read my blog and were interested in experiencing what I write about. So it’s meant as a social gathering and therefore different from a seminar or a conference. There are no planned speakers or official agenda in relation to social media but I am sure there will be lots of discussions about it since the majority of participants are bloggers. I do hope you will still find it interesting and join us as well!!

  14. Looks like you had a great planning meeting that was a lot of fun. Still so tempted…

  15. So sorry I missed it Renny… our entire family has had the flu this past week. I hope I am forgiven & will be allowed to come to the next get together… Sounds like things are going to be awesome!

  16. Looks like everyone is having a grand time. With ya in spirit from Ohio.


  17. Sounds like you guys have everything under control.

  18. I absolutely love the time and effort you all are outting into this incredible experience, Renny. You will never forget it…as will no one else. I have a feeling we will be in Oslo at some point this year, even if it’s not at that precise time. The thing we both can attest to is that Oslo is one of the wonderful cities of the world. We will love seeing it again one day, together!

  19. Renny,
    I was very sorry I missed the meeting until I saw this; always glad to have missed a photo opportunity ;) With the price of hairdressers in Oslo, everyday is a bad hair day for me.
    In case you didn’t see my tweets, FB status and blog comment – gosh I sound better connected than I am – my daughter’s tummy ached turned out to be appendicitis and she had surgery Fri evening. All I can say is, if any visitors to the Blog Gathering in August are unfortunate enough to fall ill, they couldn’t do it in a better place than Norway. I can highly recommend a trip to a Norwegian Health Service facility when in need of medical attention ;)

  20. You should be elected mayor after what you are doing to promote the city’s tourism!

  21. Hey Renny,

    I am very impressed by the organisation! It will be great to attend such gathering :D – I already know that there will be another Portuguese blogger there (we spoke through FB).

    Looking good, Renny…looking good!


  22. What a great opportunity to meet fellow travel bloggers in Oslo this August! Unfortunity it’s too far away for me to attend it. Hope it’s going to be a huge success! :)

  23. I thought about you today because now that I am home, it has been raining non stop and I cursed having to go outside at all…

    You know which words of wisdom had me dragging out the knee high rubber boots, raincoat and umbrella!

    Renny, did you know that the best clothes for weather in Goa is No clothes at all? :P

  24. Hello,

    Long time, no hear. What have you been up to lately? I went on your Ryze page and it looked like you had not been there in awhile, then I remembered that you left a website and found you here. I am still in Texas, going to college to be a paralegal and my youngest child is studying to be a engineer, also joined ROTC to become an officer in the United States Air Force, my girl is studying nursing in college. My hubby and I are looking for new jobs since we got laid off. So that is the latest from Texas, write back soon.

  25. Congratulations guys!!You’re all such an inspiration to the Blogosphere!! Keep up the good work and the connection!More power to you all!!

  26. Yay! Will do a post about last meet up. Just got my internet connection back

  27. How wonderful!!!!! I so wish I could be a part of that! Maybe someday! :)

  28. Wow! You are very impressive, Renny. And you are an inspiration to all of us, specially to ME. :)

  29. Thanks for the birthday wishes

    Kareltje =^.^=

  30. It looks like it’s going to be so much fun!

  31. The tables are very small but all in the picture looking very good…..

  32. I’ll miss this meeting – have a conflict. But I’ll stay tuned..

  33. Yes, it will be fantastic! I start to wonder: how many has announced they’re coming that aren’t invited through Facebook…?

    A golf round sounds fantastic to hubby, but will we be able to squeeze that in? I’m hesitating a bit.

    • Most of those who have announced their coming are readers (mostly regular) of my blog. A handful though (mostly friends of friends), have been aware of the OsloBG through Facebook.

      About Golf; Well the idea is that everyone are to chose whatever they want at OsloBG. I can book flights to as many as want if I get to know within reasonable time.

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  35. I love the food table, small .. But I prefer the food

  36. Do you know who designed the theme of this site?

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