Life with a twist at Ice Bar Oslo

ICEBAR Oslo by ICEHOTEL gives an experience that will chill you to your bones.
For Oslo Blog Gathering at Norway Travel Fair #7It’s made of large blocks of ice from the Torne River in Jukkasjärvi, Finland Sweden (thanks Mrs. Lifecruiser, for the correction!) which helps to give the bar its uniqueness and special expressions. Total bar area is a total of 500 square meters, making it the world’s largest Icebar by ICEHOTEL. It’s built of nearly 60 tons of ice, and the “cold” part of the bar is 100 square meters. Inside the bar it is – 5 ° C all year long, and thanks to energy-efficient LED-light bulbs the ice doesn’t melt even with lots of indoor lighting. The light goes in numerous tones of blue and green, reminiscent of the aurora when it hit the crystal clear ice.

I haven’t been there myself – YET – but I got a good impression of the spectacular interior at the Norway Travel Fair 2010 where they had quite an impressive and authentic stand:

For Oslo Blog Gathering at Norway Travel Fair #5
Stine serving ice cold drinks at Norway Travel Fair 2010.
For Oslo Blog Gathering at Norway Travel Fair #6

Planning for the Oslo Blog Gathering, of course I had a special talk with their Booking Manager, Stine (serving drinks in ice glasses in the pics) and explained about OsloBG. She was excited to hear about bloggers from all over the world meeting up in Oslo this August and of course would love to see a group of us at her bar during the gathering.

She explained that guests arrive in this ice area in groups of 60 and are in the ice bar for 45 minutes at a time. Before and after the stay in the cold section, guests can enjoy good food and drink in a “warm” part of the complex. The ice bar provides special clothing to keep you warm in the bar, so you do not have to pack a parka if you will be joining us in August.

DianeCA and I will most likely be making it part of our agenda at OsloBG (click to read the official program site) after enjoying the long summer night in a park, and those who are interested can join us for a unique experience! What do you think, sound like fun?