Winter Olympics in Norway is culture, traditions and even good habits – just like the theme of my blog. In Vancouver, Canada there was a blast of a medal party today, so excuse me for being a bit patriotic, but not to blog (brag :lol: ) about it would be a shame.

Tora Berger Emil Hegle Svendsen
Left: Tora Berger & Right: Emil Hegle Svendsen – both gold medal! (Photo: ScanPix)

My regular readers know I’ve said it before: Norwegians are born with skies on – read one of my posts about it: Ski Museum Proves: Norwegians are born with skis on. For a nation with not more that 4.9 mill inhabitants, it’s not bad to be on the all time top list of medals in the Winter Olympics. Here is the statistics before it started in Vancouver:

Norway: 280 – US: 216 – SovietUnion: 194 – Austria: 185 – Germany: 158 – Finland: 151 – Canada: 119 – Sweden: 118 – Switzerland: 118 – German Dem Republic: 110 – Italy: 101.

Before Vancouver games, Norway had totally 98 gold medals! Today, both for women (Tora Berger) and men (Emil Hegle Svendsen) in Biathlon, we won gold – and even more; a sliver medal (Ole Einar Bjørndalen) too :-)

Update: Up to date medals’ table:

The best Winter Game ever for Norway was at Lillehammer in 1994: Best nation with 26 medals – so you can tell, we have way to go :lol:
I know I’m crazy about winter sports, so bare with me this kind of untraditional post. How about you: Do you follow the Winter Olympics in Canada and what is you’re favourite sport?


  1. I’m sure Norway’s medal count will increase as the games continue. It wouldn’t surprise me if they take the lead and finish with the most before the games are over. :-)

  2. Congrats on the gold! :-)

  3. Be proud. We don’t have television and never follow sports so we just don’t seem to care what the USA is doing. That’s a shame isn’t it? No, it’s not. Just have fun.

    Big hug to you and Diane. :)

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  5. I agree, when it comes to skiing, Norway is excellent! Good job guys :-)

  6. Every time I see a Norwegian in this Vancouver Olympics, Renny, I smile, thinking of both you and Tor. You can be very proud of your medal history. I had no idea about the all-time record. YAAAAY for Norway!

  7. Good for you!
    You’re much better than Finns…oh boy…

  8. The Olympics have been very exciting!

  9. I’m longing for winter here!! Way to go, Norway! I’m rooting for France (yes I know, I’m a francophile) though I didn’t watch the Winter Olympics. ;)

  10. My dear friend,
    we (i.e. Norwegian Athlets) won Gold Medal #101 yesterday in the History of the Winter Olympic Games.

    Have you linked the Vancouver logo to my blog?

    Thanks for you’re correction! Of course, since we got two yesterday, we now have 101! This post is updater.
    No, I have not linked you – yet!

  11. I like to watch the winter games, the down sky and the ice skating. I get stressed with the ice skating though always afraid they will fall, but I like the colors, the music and the gracefulness of it plus the technique of course.

  12. I am rooting for Norway too, but don’t tell anyone – K ??

  13. I was really thrilled that our country is doing great in Vancouver especially that it started a bit slow, but now medals are like manna falling from heaven!

    Finally, I have internet at our new place now. Btw, do you want me to update your wp?

  14. Their bodies are so flexible and agile and I love they literally glide through the snow :)

  15. I really enjoyed seeing Marit finally win gold not once but twice. I am so happy for her because I know she really works hard. I am sorry that it didn’t go as well for the guys today…but the games aren’t over yet.

  16. do you watch olympics ? no russian in top ten list

  17. Congratulations to Norway, and to all the countries performing so well. And finally, Great Britain gets a gold after 30 years of waiting! :) :)

  18. I love all the Indoor Skating events…..It is all so Beautiful….I do watch some other events, too…But these are my very favorites!
    I know Norway will be garnering more medals before this Olympics is over…..CONGRATULATIONS on all of Norways “wins”…..Gold, Silver and Bronze!

  19. Hoho… Sweden is way below Norway….
    Will make no comments or my lady will kick me our home. And right now it’s too cold outside!

  20. You do not have to place 1st, 2nd, or 3rd though. Theoretically you could place forth or fifth or even lower and still make it if the qualifying skaters were too young to go…

  21. Renny,
    kan du svare Petunia på hennes spørsmål her:

    ps. Vi er dritsure på en jury som ikke holder egne regler, ref hopp kombinert, og tilsvarende forbauset over at media ikke løper etter og henger ut juryen på samme måte som de gjorde med Petter Nortug

    Lørdag blir det navne-seremoni i Oslo Rådhus, så da kommer det etterhvert noe fra den sølle bygning og begivenhet.

    To kattunger avlevert i går. Blogget det.

    Ha en flott helg
    T and A

  22. Congrats to Norway! I’m expecting more medals for your country!

  23. It’s really hard to say. Whenever there is a large fascist government competing in the Olympics they always throw a lot of importance into winning medals. Almost maniacal pursuit that comes from the central government..

  24. Congratulations! Yes, it’s extremely well done considering you’ve got syuch a tiny population. Just like I use to say about Sweden too: it’s fantastic that we even are among the top, considering how mall our countries are!

  25. Winter Olympics, since that its a tropical country. But I’ve heard we are going to make our debut in the 2010 Winter Olympics. Has the Philippines joined the Winter Olympics before?

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