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Playful girls and boys in snowy Norway

Girls and boys playing in the snow in Norway is no sensation of course – rather a habit :-) The Winter Olympics in Vancouver proves it gives result. We enjoy being outdoors in the snow with the cold, fresh and crisp air. It makes you feel alive, surrounded by the beauty of the nature. We’ve had the greatest, good old winter this season: around -10C (10F), lots of snow and quite a lot of sunshine. Today was a snowy day and even more the reason to be outdoors:
Playful girls in snowy Norway #1
We’ve had winter vacation this week and a little visitor is staying with us while her Mom takes a break. Today she could chose from all the options; swimming at the indoor pool, going to the movies, going to the library or a trip into the neighbouring village but she was determined: her choice, play in the snow! Sometimes we adults try to plan too much, the simplest is often best. No objections from my wife DianeCA and I so we dressed for the weather and went out in the yard – and I grabbed my cam to share with you:
Playful girls in snowy Norway #2 Playful girls in snowy Norway #3
Playful girls in Snowy Norway :-)
Playful girls in snowy Norway #4 Playful girls in snowy Norway #5

After a couple of feet of snow last night, calls for shovelling and since I had the cam:
Playful girls in snowy Norway #6

Still as a photographer, I tried to capture the snowy atmosphere in the neighbourhood:
Snowy day in Norway #1 Snowy day in Norway #2
Left: Dogs dressed appropriate too – Right: Snowy fairytale
Snowy day in Norway #4 Snowy day in Norway #3

This play and fun in the snow always takes me down the memory lane; I loved making snow forts and having a friendly snowball battle with my friends – I loved skating and of course skiing – but most of all, I loved ski jumping:
RennyBA Ski Jump
Me after a ski jump at 5 years of ages – Yes, I fell, but who cares after a personal record of 10 meter (33 feet) :-)

Extra: This might explain why the Norwegians do so well in the Vancouver Winter Olympics – here is an up to date medals’ table:

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  1. Isn’t it amazing how much snow has not been around in Vancouver! Yes it finally started snowing towards the end of the games. And it very exciting to see Canada up there despite a few disappointments along the way.

    Lovely photos, just not like Victoria right now. Do you use snow tires with spikes in them for most of the year? I’m guess yes, but this is from someone who has never lived in a snowy region, so I don’t have any idea.

    1. It may not have been the best winter weather, but the courses have been well prepared!
      Norway have had it’s ups and downs too :-)

      Most use winter tires without spikes which is more environment friendly. But hay: Not most of the year! only in the winter half (Nov to April),

  2. It’s so nice when I can cheer for the USA, Canada and Norway and Germany too! I love to watch good sports and good Sportsmanship!
    It snowed all day here. Pretty and I will have movies that I took on Dackel Princess tomorrow.

  3. You were a cut five-year-old!

    I agree with you: the simplest things are often the best… and playing in the snow is just magical – for kids of all ages!

  4. Lucky 13… one more to go today at the hockey! We were sreaming Marit across the finish line last night… a bit disappointing but 3 golds, 1 silver and 1 bronze… hun er dronning av 2010 OL! Hils to D!

  5. Your girls had a really good time in the snow yesterday, even if our little friend did do a belly flop on top of me! Snow is the perfect playground for children, and they really love it. Especially days like yesterday when it wasn’t so cold. And I do so much agree you were quite the handsome 5 year old, but then again that doesn’t surprise ME!

  6. I think of you and Tor everytime there’s a Norwegian on the flat screen in any event, Renny. You can certainly be proud of your country. I am for you. :D And I love all your images of the snow. It really has been a good winter all over the place!

  7. You look cute as a young skier! I must admit you guys at extremely skilled at skiing, I admire that. All that snow… no wonder!

  8. Amazing how as children we love the snow. Even though we have had relatively little of the stuff (5 inches at most here in Newcastle) wellies and sledges have sold out as all the little ‘uns make the most of it.

  9. I miss snow so much and these photos make me feel better. Like Vancouver, our neighbor to the north, we’ve had a balmy winter. I, too, loved watching the Olympics and I’m going to miss them now that they are over.

  10. Your photos of snow in neighbourhood and ski jumping means specials things that we, brazilians, don’t have here…I love our beaches but your snow is very amazing for us!

  11. First of all,congratulations to Norwegians!! Great job guys! You gathered lots of medals eh? haha!

    and yeah…the snow!!! nice photos,so encouraging to love the winter and appreciate what it brings,yes,I now realize that…in fact,i started to learn skiing!hurray!! :))

    but really,its sooo hot in the other side of the globe,and yet your end and mine are still freezing…snowing…though,my place cant beat your snow!!

  12. My dear friend, this post brought me right back to my childhood.
    When Summers allways were Sunny and Bright
    Winters were Winters with Snow and Ice and activities in the Bright Blue Winter Days.
    My childhood was a paradise and the 4 seasons were allways perfect.
    At least, that’s what I do remember;)))

    Thanks for bringing me back to sweet “memories” of the time that will never return.

  13. Wonderful winter weather. I think Canada did pretty well at the Olympics inspite of the missing snow ;) Congrats to Norway! And it looks like you are training some of the future athletes:) I do miss the snow – it’s a balmy 15C where I live in Canada. I grew up in Switzerland with snow up “to the brim”. I loved going to school by sled – we had such a blast.

  14. When you look at the size of the USA, Canada and Norway you can realize what an achievement it was for Norway to obtain so many medals. I know some will say it is because of the snow, but I think it is also because of training and the talent of your athletes – there is a lot of snow in Siberia too you know… So, congratulations for a superb show of excellence at the Olympics!

  15. I gotta tell ya, since I’m from Florida, USA no thanks to all that snow. Too cold for me. But the pictures are too cute. The kids always like playing the best, don’t they?

  16. well us Americans have won allot beauty pageants i think america pretty vein so people put allot into there looks. also look at sports cars we can t even race them in america but yet people still by them…

  17. Yep, kids and snow are almost the same as kids and water! they can play for hours and hours… and sometimes even we grownups too…. *giggles*

  18. Playing in the snow must be so much fun. It’s sooo hot here now, I wish you could send some of that snow here. :)

    It’s nice to see a photo of you when you were a young boy. Wow, ski jumping … impressive!

  19. I’M so glad to see the snowy Norway in the net its very fantastic.I cherish the baeuty of nature.

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