Playful girls and boys in snowy Norway

Girls and boys playing in the snow in Norway is no sensation of course – rather a habit :-) The Winter Olympics in Vancouver proves it gives result. We enjoy being outdoors in the snow with the cold, fresh and crisp air. It makes you feel alive, surrounded by the beauty of the nature. We’ve had the greatest, good old winter this season: around -10C (10F), lots of snow and quite a lot of sunshine. Today was a snowy day and even more the reason to be outdoors:
Playful girls in snowy Norway #1
We’ve had winter vacation this week and a little visitor is staying with us while her Mom takes a break. Today she could chose from all the options; swimming at the indoor pool, going to the movies, going to the library or a trip into the neighbouring village but she was determined: her choice, play in the snow! Sometimes we adults try to plan too much, the simplest is often best. No objections from my wife DianeCA and I so we dressed for the weather and went out in the yard – and I grabbed my cam to share with you:
Playful girls in snowy Norway #2 Playful girls in snowy Norway #3
Playful girls in Snowy Norway :-)
Playful girls in snowy Norway #4 Playful girls in snowy Norway #5

After a couple of feet of snow last night, calls for shovelling and since I had the cam:
Playful girls in snowy Norway #6

Still as a photographer, I tried to capture the snowy atmosphere in the neighbourhood:
Snowy day in Norway #1 Snowy day in Norway #2
Left: Dogs dressed appropriate too – Right: Snowy fairytale
Snowy day in Norway #4 Snowy day in Norway #3

This play and fun in the snow always takes me down the memory lane; I loved making snow forts and having a friendly snowball battle with my friends – I loved skating and of course skiing – but most of all, I loved ski jumping:
RennyBA Ski Jump
Me after a ski jump at 5 years of ages – Yes, I fell, but who cares after a personal record of 10 meter (33 feet) :-)

Extra: This might explain why the Norwegians do so well in the Vancouver Winter Olympics – here is an up to date medals’ table: