Holmenkollen Ski Jump arena in Oslo is Norway’s most visited tourist attractions and has been the centre of Norwegian ski sports for more than 100 years. The first ski event took place in January 1892 with a hill record of 21.5 meters. Since then, there have been 18 reconstructions. It was for the Winter Olympics in 1952 that the ski jumping hill got a modern look and during the last two years it has gone through a significant facelift; rebuilt and upgraded to host the 2011 Nordic World ski Championships:
New Oslo Holmenkollen ski jump in Norway #1 New Oslo Holmenkollen ski jump in Norway #3

The most spectacular about the new Holmenkollen, is the jump tower. The silhouette of the new tower has a sharp and simple cut. The profile follows the jumper’s descent and is offset to create necessary wind protection:
New Oslo Holmenkollen ski jump in Norway #4 New Oslo Holmenkollen ski jump in Norway #5

Today was the official opening and Norway’s best woman ski jumper was given the honour to be the first. Norwegians think it’s a shame that women aren’t treated equally to men in participating in the Olympics and World Championship so to prove their support, our Anette Sagen was the first out:
New Oslo Holmenkollen ski jump in Norway #6 New Oslo Holmenkollen ski jump in Norway #8
I know it’s hard to spot, but the Norwegian Eagle is flying here -click to enlarge!

Would you like to try to fly yourself in the New Holmenkollen – to feel free like a bird and experience a ski jump (with no risk) – just for the fun of it? VisitOslo has made it possible for you so click and give yourself a thrill money can’t buy!

Like I said; Holmenkollen Mountain is Norway’s most visited tourist attractions and no wonder. It proves Oslo’s advantage of being the world’s most compact capital with the city, the fjord and this mountain only 20 minutes with public transportation from down town. From there, like today, you have a breath taking view of the city and the fjord with its tempting islands:
Oslo Holmenkollen mountain in Norway #1 Oslo Holmenkollen mountain in Norway #2
This afternoon before the ski jump – sunset around 6PM – it called for a photo session!
Oslo Holmenkollen mountain in Norway #3 Oslo Holmenkollen mountain in Norway #4

At the Oslo Blog Gathering in August this year, you are invited to meet up with bloggers from all over the world! Then you can experience and explore this beauty of nature in and around Oslo. The only difference, is that in August there will be nice and warm summer, no snow and even more: The sun won’t go down till after 9PM so a late romantic sunset is readily available. Go check the OsloBG official Program Site and book to get on board!


  1. Honestly, I always wanted to try to ski jump…

    Btw, I hope the photo page works fine or as what you wanted. I am still trying to find a fix to realign your sidebar there. For now I just had to disable it, but I hope it doesn’t bother you.

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  3. I’ve been in many countries arounde this tiny Globe,
    but as you write:
    It’s something very special with Oslo.
    Within 20 minutes public transportations we can have 3 seasons. (Not 4 – cause of Spring and Fall)

    The Official opening of the renovated Holmenkollen Ski jump must have been very worth seeing live.
    And thanks for sharing this event with the blogger world.

    I really hope to see many of our common boggerfreinds from at least 4 Continents up there in August 2010.

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  5. Cool ski jump for sure. I’d like to see that for real. I don’t ski though.

    Have a terrific day. Big hug to you and Diane. :)

  6. Letizia Marziali

    Last September, when I visited Oslo, I didn’t have the chance to see Holmenkollen and this was a real shame…Hope to see it in a wonderful late evening light on a summer day, some day^_^Klem!!!!!!

  7. I’m feel sorry for you in missing it. I hope you can have a chance sooner for this exciting adventure

  8. Lovely shots and sunset colours. But that jump looks terrifying!

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  10. Isn’t womens ski jump a bit like womens hockey? As in, the group of women competing at a professional level is so small and restricted (by nation) that the level of competition for the Olympics or other world events just isn’t there. At least, that’s what I’ve heard. It’s a situation where you’re a bit stuck between a rock and a hard place–not enough competitors at champion level to compete in the Olympics, but without it, you don’t get a lot of exposure to interest more girls in the sport. Which is sad, because those chicks are BRAVE.

    • Of course you have some good points there Corinne, but then again: How can they improve the level if they are prohibit on competing? In other sports where the women have competed for a long time (figure skating, golf, tennis or even football – not to mention handball), they are doing fine.

  11. OMG, Renny. That ski-jump game is addicting. You should have warned us! :D I have seen your old Holmenkollen ski-jump and have fond memories of it. The new one will be totally awesome!

  12. Ski jumping looks like the most fun yet terrifying thing in the world. Wish there was a beginners version just to try out :)

  13. Hey Renny,

    What a magnificent architectural master-piece! You are right: that jump tower is gorgeous. It is so sublime and sexy – I love it.

    Women are still lashed with lack of equality (we have come a long way, it is true; but we still have a lot more to accomplish: as long as there is one single woman doing the same job as a man and earning less than him, the battle isn’t over) *nodding*.


  14. We visited Oslo in the summer. Your pictures are amazing I guess a winter visit is in order.

  15. That’s cool ski jump and that jump tower is beautiful!

  16. The ski jump looks great!

    Amazing sunset pictures! Such colours!

  17. Beautiful post! Thanks!

  18. Imposing structure… I would be scared to death if I had to ski jump there…
    So sad I can’t attend the blog meet ! :-(

  19. Hello
    Again I enjoyed the detailed description about ski jumping. I live in a warm place and the snow around is really soothing for my burning eyes.I loved your earlier post too about boys and girls playing in snow. Through your description and photos let me enjoy your country. see you.

  20. “Flying” is the word — my my, fearless!

    Ski jumping is an amazing discipline. I have so much respect for these athletes…!

    Are you sad the Olympics are over? Norway did very well, I think the world admire your athletes’ skills.

    I’m not that sad it’s over now; The exciting is that it happens just for 2 weeks every four year you know. That’s what makes it unique.
    Thanks for the compliments on the Norwegian athletes’ – the Canadian did very well too (their best Winter Olympics ever!).

  21. I think I’ll stay on the ground – as always ;-)

  22. Completely terrifying – I am afraid of heights and don’t even ski.

    I’m very good at apres ski though… :-)

    Great photos, Renny, as usual.

  23. What spectacular photos – I especially like the second and fourth ones down on the right.

  24. Looks majestic – and scary to me! Yikes!

  25. Sorry for not being around that much, but hubby still isn’t well from that stubborn stomach bug, meaning that I have had to do everything and with my bad back and brain, it goes sloooooow! *giggles*

  26. what is it ? never see anything of the kind before :)

  27. It was placed in a 36-degree angle. The entire steel structure, consisting of eight steel structures weighs 1030 tons. The steel comes from Finland but the different structures were prepared in Poland. The assembly of the windshield will begin next.

  28. What beautiful pics. Exciting times to come!!! Sorry, just in more of a reading rather than writing mood lately.

  29. Hey, let me know if you are going to be there on Sunday, we can catch up for a coffee! BB

  30. I can’t believe this! Of course women should be allowed jump. I can’t think of any reason they shouldn’t.

  31. This quite cool, I really like it.And I really like your blog and i really appreciate the excellent quality content you are posting here.

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