Café Tekethopa in Oslo is the old state hospital’s apothecary (pharmacy) from 1872 which was converted to a trendy restaurant in 1997. It’s a three-story mansion, originally with the pharmacy on the first floor and two apartments on the two above. Today it also houses Restaurant Ylajali and Bar Babylon in the courtyard (click all pics to enlarge and enjoy!):
Pub Tekehtopa or Cafe Apothecary in Oslo #1 Pub Tekehtopa or Cafe Apothecary in Oslo #2

The name Tekethopa comes from the Norwegian word for pharmacy/apothecary which is Apotheket. The first years the café was called Apotheket until the cities pharmacies objected and said that it might confuse people.

Pub Tekehtopa or Cafe Apothecary in Oslo #3Therefore they just twisted the Norwegian word for it, it is simply spelled backwards. In the left photo, you see their logo etched in the window from the inside and it should explain it all :-)

Most of the walls, floor and ceiling are original and retain the stucco, plaster ornamentation, with large windows that let in much light. They have matched the interior with the old style – quite cosy I would say. I was there for Sunday lunch with my wife DianeCA (her favourite Café) some weeks ago, and gladly take you along:

Pub Tekehtopa or Cafe Apothecary in Oslo #7 Pub Tekehtopa or Cafe Apothecary in Oslo #8
From the charming and cosy interior.
Pub Tekehtopa or Cafe Apothecary in Oslo #10 Pub Tekehtopa or Cafe Apothecary in Oslo #9

To capture the atmosphere and remind you of that you are in an old pharmacy, they have e.g. restored the original ceiling paintings and kept some equipment in glass cases:
Pub Tekehtopa or Cafe Apothecary in Oslo #13 Pub Tekehtopa or Cafe Apothecary in Oslo #14

The service and food is both nice and here are some examples from the menu which my wife and I had:
Pub Tekehtopa or Cafe Apothecary in Oslo #12 Pub Tekehtopa or Cafe Apothecary in Oslo #11
Left: Chèvre salad with honey, mustard and cashew – Right: Chili marinaded shrimp salad

This is just an example of many cafés or restaurants in old buildings renovated and decorated to take care of and preserve the original architecture. Instead of tearing down these beautiful old buildings Oslo is interested in taking care of the history, culture and traditions. This also makes Oslo a lovely city as many areas are well maintained from the era they were built. That’s also an example of what you can experience together with bloggers from all over the world, if you meet up with us at the Oslo Blog Gathering in August (click to see the official program site!).


  1. Like you and diane I am particulary sensible to renovated buildings opened to people after a reconvertion!!! And particulary restaurants where you can appreciate really the atmosphere of the place and in the same time tasting delicious drinks or, and cooking!!!

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  3. I like to see old buildings converted to new purposes. Tulsa is beginning to do that more and more.

  4. I love it when they restore old buildings.

  5. I really like this place, Renny. :)

  6. Hi, Renny!

    Oh, it’s great to have Terella back on line! I’m happy about it!

    I’m going to restore the link gor the Oslo Blog Gathering.

    I like very much to see ancient buildings restored and also to transform those beautifull spaces into meeting points for beautifull people! :- )

  7. I think I’ll do a visit to the Tekethopa one of this days!

  8. Old buildings are always so interesting, as you know we have many here in Stockholm too. I can see why Diane like that café, it looks cozy and like very yummy salads!!!

  9. Having worked in Pharmacy for many years & loving the way it used to be many years ago, this is a wonderful example of keeping a way past, and making it meaningful for now. Thanks Renny !!

  10. It looks so new and well maintained I must say :D

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  12. What an impressive building and to think of its previous uses. I bet the atmosphere is wonderful.

  13. What a lovely place! The food looks great (but then, with you, I don’t expect less :lol:) but I mostly love the atmosphere. Looks very bright and open… the kind of place I’d take a book and stop running for a while to enjoy life.

  14. It’s nice when owners try to preserve original architecture of beautiful places.

  15. this salad looks so yummy!

  16. the ambience seems to be great!

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  18. The only real valuable thing is intuition.

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