Johnny Logan in Oslo at St Patricks Day Parade

The St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Oslo, arranged by The Norwegian Irish Society, has become a big event. St. Patrick died on 17 March (c. 387 – 493), after being Christianized Ireland. The day is celebrated all over the world where you find Irishmen – Oslo in Norway included of course – in a parade the Saturday before. This year’s Grand Marshal was Johnny Logan, who also performed at the end of the parade. Here you see him walking with the Ambassador of Ireland, Gerald F. Ansbro:
St Patricks Day Parade in Oslo 2010 #5

Before the parade started, I had a nice chat with the Ambassador about Norwegians established some of Ireland’s most important towns and cities (in 800-900). In Dublin, one of the world’s largest Viking museums, and both Cork and Waterford were founded by the Vikings So the Ambassador and I agreed to that The Viking era was undoubtedly the beginning of cultural exchange and trade between the two countries. Situated on the fringes of Europe with small populations and long coastlines, Ireland and Norway share many features. Moreover, both countries have developed from being poor agrarian nations to become among the richest and most modern societies in the world today. Both countries are also well known for their strong engagement in peace and reconciliation activities worldwide and for promoting UN’s role as a cornerstone for an international legal order and worldwide security system.

Enough history – lets get back to the parade last Saturday, where I went crazy with my new Canon G11 camera (click to bigify and enjoy!):
St Patricks Day Parade in Oslo 2010 #1 St Patricks Day Parade in Oslo 2010 #3
From Oslo Central Station up Karl Johan, the city’s main street.
St Patricks Day Parade in Oslo 2010 #9 St Patricks Day Parade in Oslo 2010 #8

To set the right mood and an Irish atmosphere, like every other year, The Oslo Caledonian Pipe Band was playing and I shot this vid while walking among them – enjoy:

Another performance in the parade came from the girls in The Sound Irish Dance Factory and I made a movie – admit they are cute:

After the parade, there was speeches held and Jonny Logan gave a mini concert:
St Patricks Day Parade in Oslo 2010 #15 St Patricks Day Parade in Oslo 2010 #16
Speeches, performers and spectators – all in the Irish spirit!
St Patricks Day Parade in Oslo 2010 #7 St Patricks Day Parade in Oslo 2010 #12

The Parade in Oslo is attractive and even people travel from Ireland to support and participate in this event. Some think the parade in Dublin has become too big and also there might be other things attracting – like to meet Mr. Logan or some real Vikings:
At St Patricks Day Parade in Oslo 2010

Tonight my wife and I will meet up with some Irish friends at The Dubliner Folk Pub in Oslo. Some from the supporting team of the Oslo Blog Gathering will be there too – so stay tuned! Here are my posts from my last two years parades in Oslo:

Happy St. Patricks Day Parade in Oslo Norway
St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Oslo, Norway

How about you, wherever you are in the world: Do you see a parade or celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in any ways?